Shrine Maiden Ch.9

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 9

Magic And Cheats


After eating I went to relax on the sofa while talking to Yuna.


Mom is washing the dishes. I asked if she wanted any help, but was quickly refused.


「By the way onii-chan, I heard that you defeated the Demon Lord while in that other world, how did you fight it?」


「It was with my so-called cheat ability. There was magic in that world, everyone had magical powers.」


「Magic, how nice… So, did onii-chan get magic to pierce the heavens?」


「No, both me and the people of this world don’t appear to have any magical power.」


「…What, then you’re completely useless right?」


「That, it isn’t the case. No matter how talented you are, the magical power of a human is nothing compared to a demon.」


「But, if that’s the case, then how did you fight?」


「In that world there are spirit gods, if one receives their blessing then they can use magical power that goes far beyond the limit of humans. And, the moment you are born in that world the attribute of your magic power is decided, a blessing can only be received from a spirit god of the same attribute as you.」


「I understand! So since onii-chan doesn’t have any attribute you could get a blessing from any of the spirit gods!」


「Exactly. I was summoned by Alicia, who was the shrine maiden of the water spirit god Minstia and was given her blessing. Throughout the journey I collected the blessings of the other spirit gods and eventually defeated the Demon Lord.」


「I see… So as you went to each temple you received a blessing and gradually became stronger.」


「As the person who went through it, I would have rather been strong from the start…」


All of the spirit gods live in very extreme environments.

From a cavern in an active volcano, to the middle of the desert, to a place where snow never melts. Near the end of the journey I had to travel to a castle in the sky by climbing to the top of the world tree and to a deep underground labyrinth that ran under the Demon Lord’s castle, I wish they would think about the hassle for people who are coming to visit.


I never want to do it again.


「So, can you still use your cheat?」


Yuna seemed very excited. Unfortunately, I can’t meet her expectations.


「Because of the world transfer magic, me and Alicia had our blessings cut off from the spirit gods… Therefore, at this point we are just a normal person.」


Whether or not you currently have a blessing is obvious to the person concerned. Although the sensation is hard to explain, one can tell when they are connected to a spirit god.


That’s why, I knew that I no longer had the blessing when I entered this world.


「Well… But, onii-chan is currently Alicia. So wouldn’t you be able to use normal magic?」


「Nn- is that so? What do you think Alicia?」


『I’ve been told that magic comes from the vessel and not the soul. A long time ago a great mage volunteered to transfer his own soul in order to test it… Well, it seems that the truth is still uncertain as he died before he could complete his ambition.』


「In other words, you’re not sure… Well, we can just try it. Is there any good magic that should be usable by the current me?」


『Well then, can you try to use restoration magic on my hair? Since I had to save my magic for the fight with the Demon Lord, I never had a chance to use it and the hair is still slightly damaged.』


Restoration magic was the first magic I learned after receiving the blessing of the spirit god of water, it has the effect of literally restoring small cuts and bruises.


I had always wondered how she managed to maintain such beautiful hair throughout the journey without bathing. I guess that this was the method.


I take the ends of my hair in both hands and hold it forward.


「Alicia-san’s hair is like silver thread and really beautiful… But there are places that are slightly damaged. Onii-chan, don’t you think you should take better care of it?」


It certainly does look damaged when looking closely.


…Ah, there are split ends.


So if magic isn’t usable, how am I supposed to take care of this long hair by myself… Please, let magic be usable.


I keep my hair supported in both my hands and begin to build the magical formula by pouring magic into them.


Magical power is drawn from my body — This is my first time feeling this as I had always used the magical power of a spirit god before, which comes from an external source.




My hands start shining a little and I move them through the damaged hair.


「What is this… Amazing…」


The damage and split ends start to disappear from the hair.


Apparently it was a success.


Hou… I sigh.


As I raised my face, there were two woman staring at me with amazed expressions.


「Onii-chan, what was that!?」


Yuna comes closer while staring at me.


「…What, it was restoration magic.」


「Your hair is shining… It’s also smooth to the touch… What is this!? I can only think about how much time I spend caring for my hair each day!」


While touching my hair, Yuna starts to irrationally complain.


… Hey, don’t start smelling my hair in the confusion.


「Can you also use this magic on other people?」


Yuna stops for a second.


「… Onii-chan, magic is wonderful.」


「It’s sly of you to start begging for it now.」


「Please onii-chan… Because my hair is bad, also use your magic on me.」


… If you go to this extent.


I remember the DVDs she made for me.


「…Ikutari. Can magic also be used to remove the roughness from skin?」


「Probably, it should be possible.」


Mom, since when were you standing behind me. I mean, your smile is scary.


「That, I also wish to ask this of you.」


Even without you pressuring me, I would do that much out of respect for my parents.


I felt like I saw part of the obsession that women have for beauty care.


Women are scary.


Incidentally, when using restoration magic on Yuna’s hair, the color of the hair changed back to its former raven black color and she became a little depressed.


Next, I used my magic on my mom’s hair with the same problem, with her saying, 「Mine is also dyed!」 as it was restored immediately.

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