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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 86

The Whereabouts of Ryouka


「Ryouka was kidnapped!?」


All of us instinctively bent forwards towards Souta.


「… I think that’s the case.」


Souta answered us with a delicate expression.


「It seems that Ryouka hadn’t returned home since yesterday. Apparently, she called the school herself to say she would be absent. I heard about it from Ando-san a while ago at the school gates.」


「However, why are you saying she was kidnapped by Aimok? When I called her after school yesterday, it didn’t seem like there was anything strange about her…」


「Besides, she didn’t act strangely when we had girl talk with her on the phone last night?」


Yuna added to my words.

All four girls in the group, excluding Souta of course, were in a group call last night, where we talked about our plans for Christmas.


「By any chance, was I being left out…?」


「It’s because it was girl talk, there were many things that can’t be heard by men.」


Such as Ryouka consulting with us about her love for Souta.


「What did you talk about… Well, I guess it’s fine.」


Souta recovered and kept talking.


「Anyways, Ando-san asked me 『Do you know a person named Aimok?』. Then explained that Ryouka herself had said she was okay because she was staying with that person.」


「That Aimok, he’s the leader of the delinquent group. He might also be a person for a different world entirely. How would Ryouka be his acquaintance…?」


Hisui asked Souta.


「It seemed like it was also the first time that Ando-san had heard his name, so it’s unlikely that she’s actually his acquaintance.」


Ryouka treats her butler, Ando-san, like a true older sister, she would always talk to her about everything. Because of that, it’s hard to think that Ando-san wouldn’t know an acquaintance that Ryouka felt comfortable staying overnight with.


「Ando-san seems to have also questioned Ryouka about it, but she didn’t get an answer… To be frank, she was suspicious that Ryouka may have actually been at my place.」


Well, that is certainly a valid suspicion. I have a lot of respect Souta for being able to maintain his reason while always getting invitations from Ryouka.


「Then, why did Ryouka tell her that?」


「Perhaps because she was kidnapped and being watched…?」


Yuna talks about the possibility.


「However, the name Aimok came out in her conversation, and I feel that the way Ryouka spoke over the phone yesterday was too natural…」


「She might have been instructed by the guy to give his name. Maybe they wanted to give the information that they had Ryouka to Sounii without being outright intimidating.」


「… Maybe.」


We all groaned as everyone became lost in thought.


「For the time being, why don’t we try to call her?」


Seeing us like that, Hisui made that suggestion.


「That’s right. Then, I’ll try it.」


As soon as it was said, Souta took out his smartphone and made the call. In addition, the ringing started to resound through the room as he pressed another button. It seems he switched it to speaker phone.


「Y, yes, this is Ryouka! S, Souta-san, how are you!? A, are you free tonight!」


Ryouka answered the phone the same as normal.

… No, this is a Ryouka that is more conscious of Christmas than usual.

The atmosphere of the room relaxed at her voice.


「… Ryouka, are you okay?」


Souta magnificently glanced over Ryouka’s invitation.

I don’t think that Ryouka knows that we’re also listening to her. It seems we heard something that we shouldn’t have.


「Eh? Ah, Yes. I’m alright…?」


「That’s good. However, where are you? You were absent from school… Ando-san was worried about you.」


「Umm, I’m currently at an acquaintance’s house.」


「By any chance, are you at a person named Aimok’s place…?」


「So Souta-san has heard about Aimok-san, do you know him?」


「Ah… A little. Incidentally, what’s the relationship between you and him?」


「Aimok-san is someone who has been working with my father for a long time.」


「Is that so? Ando-san didn’t seem to know him at all…」


Ryouka interrupted Souta’s words of doubt.


「Umm…? That’s strange. Suzune is his acquaintance… Or should be… For a long time, he has been a family friend… Huh? Was it like that…?」




Ryouka must have dropped her phone, as the loud noise of the phone hitting something could be heard.


「What’s wrong, Ryouka. Are you okay!? Ryouka! Ryouka!!」


A shuffling sound could be heard. I wonder if she’s picking up the dropped phone.

Eventually the noise stopped, and what we heard next was the voice of someone other than Ryouka.


「I will continue this conversation.」


A baritone voice reverberated through the club room. The characteristic way of talking was one you would never forget after hearing it.  The owner of the voice was ——




We shuddered at the unexpected appearance of our opponent.


「Kamishiro Souta. How’s it going, have you reconsidered joining me?」


「Who cares about that! More importantly, what did you do to Ryouka!」


「I haven’t done anything serious. I have no interest in this woman. If you come to the meeting without breaking your promise to me, then I promise, by my name, that this woman will remain safe.」


「… Are you telling the truth?」


「As long as our promise is fulfilled, that is the case.」


「You… If you put a hand on Ryouka. I will never forgive you.」


「Fuun… To be entertained by the raging wolf of Hirako, I’m looking forward to it. Don’t disappoint me.」


「Wash your neck and wait for me.」


「In that case, I’ll be waiting for you at the promised place, you know the time.」


「Wait! … Please let me talk to Ryouka again.」


「… Very well.」


There was a short interval, then Ryouka’s voice could be heard.


「Souta-san, I, I… Why is this…」


It seems that she has broken out of the state she was in before. From the trembling in her voice, it was clear that she now understood her current situation.


「… Ryouka, are you safe?」


「Yes, nothing has been done to me. However, why did I…」


「Sorry, Ryouka. It’s my fault you got involved in this.」


「Souta-san, I’m sorry. Once again, I’ve caused you more trouble…」


「No, this is my responsibility. That guy’s aim is me.」


「No, the only reason Souta-san is involved is because I was targeted before. Therefore…」


「In any case, I will definitely save you. So please wait for me.」


「… I will.」


「The Christmas party, will you go to it with me after this is over?」


「… Yes!」


「Well then, I’ll see you later.」


「Souta-san, sor… No, thank you. Then, I’ll be going.」


There was a sound, then the call was disconnected.

The air was heavy, no one even attempted to speak.


Ryouka is in the enemy’s hands. That fact echoed through my mind.

Although Aimok said that he wouldn’t do anything, there is no basis for believing such a promise.


『… Cognizance manipulation magic.』


It was Alicia’s words that broke the silence. When we had all arrived at the classroom, I had opened telepathy between the club members.


「Are you saying that Ryouka was manipulated by magic? Can magic do such a thing?」


『It’s a magic belonging to the system of darkness. However, I don’t know the details. It’s a magic that is rarely used since the number of users is extremely small.』


「Why? To be able to manipulate a person’s mind, I feel like that could be used in a lot of evil ways…」


『Magic to influence someone’s mind consumes a massive amount of magical power, even if you were proficient with dark magic, it’s not possible to use it without a blessing. In addition, because it is extremely rare to obtain a blessing of darkness, it was almost never studied.』


So it’s a lost magic… The temple of darkness was also deep within the demon’s territory, I wonder if it was being researched there.

Was Aimok a person who worked under the demon king…?


『Moreover, magic that influences the mind is easily prevented with other magic, so there has to be a massive difference in magical power, if not, there won’t be any effect in the first place.』


There are few users of it, the magical power cost is bad, and it’s easy to resist… There is a strong reason why no one ever used it.


『However, for a person in this world who has no magical power, it’s a very dangerous magic. Considering the situation, Ryouka-san may have been under the influence of such magic.』


Based on what we saw earlier, Ryouka had completely misidentified Aimok as a close acquaintance. However, it seems it isn’t an all purpose magic and can be overcome with a trigger.


「Will he be able to influence us when we fight him?」


『He won’t. Since Ikuto-san has resistance to magic and any influence on Souta-san can be eliminated by putting a magic barrier on him.』


「I get it. I’ll ask for your help when the time comes.」




「.. So, Souta. What should we do now?」


「Right now, I’m worried about Ryouka. So I’ll be preparing to fight against Aimok. Hisui and Yuna, you guys should stay at my house. And, Ikutari…」


「Of course I’ll be going with you. If that guy is from a different world, you’ll be needing my power.」


「Yeah… I’ll be relying on you.」


It seemed that Souta was still a little hesitant. He’s probably worried about me, who now has a woman’s body. If we lost, the risk for me, as a woman, is far bigger than that of a man.

However, I’m not going to lose.


「I’ve defeated even a demon king while in the other world, so don’t worry about it and rely on me!」


I declared that as I hit Souta’s back.


I then made a fist and held my arm up towards Souta.

Noticing my intention, he also held up his arm and hit my fist.


… Now, let the raid begin!

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Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
3 years ago

Getting interesting. Thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

3 years ago

“I defeated a demon king, you know”

Yeah, you only had to die to pull it off.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I bet it wasn’t even one where he was injured fighting, he just was an idiot and let his guard down in the end.

3 years ago

I reckon that Aimock dude is the demon king or someone who was close to him, he could’ve tried to get revenge on ikutari or something…. Hmmmmm

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Then why aim at Souta? or kidnap Ryouka? There is someone much closer to Ikutori then them (Alice and Yuna) and the attack on Alice earlier was not per his orders.

3 years ago

Hmm… No Netorare then… But… If Aimok is defeated and didn’t get killed(that’s bad here) and started to act like Sariel from Hataraku Maou-sama towards Alice… Ain’t that a twist?

3 years ago

Sorry for reading this on an aggregator site, like I always do, and sorry that I will continue to do so. After all this is still piracy and I hate it when people try to take credit for others work or rehost it for profit as though they wrote the damn novels themselves. And I sure as hell won’t risk my security by disabling ublock. But you do translate well above average and if you put up an anonymous donation button (if there is one I haven’t been able to find it) I’d gladly toss ~1/100 of a bitcoin your way. Especially if you were willing to lose the attitude and adopt piracy merely for the sake of sharing good works with others.

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I checked back. Glad to see you have the right perspective. Serious about donating so just throw up a link or instructions if you ever need it.

No question the aggregator sites are scummy but they also go a long way toward holding the community together and discovery of new works. AS for manga aggregators I have my own theory on those and I have been blaming the decline in translators to the ever increasing dmca requests. You can see tons a proliferation of links simply googling series, with many translators i’ve followed shuttering because of such threats. Just enough publishers either found a way to monetize it here or have hopes of doing so to get somewhat serious. Yes translators have declined but so too have aggregators for manga, barely a fraction of was was out here in its heyday several years ago. Not to mention sites like mangafox which started blocking us-based ips. But hey thats just my opinion, didn’t mean to mount a soapbox either. At any rate keep up the good fight. I did bookmark the author and several others on syosetu as requested.