Shrine Maiden Ch.84

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 84

The Call After School.


Christmas Eve.

It was the day of the school closing ceremony, in the evening was the Christmas party hosted by the Student Council, and, it was also the day that Souta was called to the meeting of the delinquent group.


It was currently the day before that, I had been called to the school roof by a love letter I received earlier.


Recently, the amount of confessions I’ve received has been increasing, although I was getting accustomed to handling it, the call I received today was different from normal.


A large number of men had surrounded me when I arrived at the roof, in addition, two people had moved to block the entrance.

Some of the men were familiar to me. They were the delinquents that had accompanied Aimok the other day.


「Welcome, Kisaragi-san.」


The one who talked to me was the only one in the group that looked like an honors student.

He used a way of speaking that showed he saw himself in a position of overwhelming advantage.


「You wrote that you wanted to confess to me in the letter… But to have brought this many people to watch you confess, isn’t that a bit too cowardly?」


The man was taken aback by my words for a moment, then began to laugh. He must have realized it was just me bluffing.


「The letter was just for convenience, I never intended to confess to you. You’ll be coming with us today.」


「… Why? The meeting is tomorrow.」


「You’re an important guest that is needed for the success of tomorrow’s meeting. Because it would be painful for us if you didn’t show up, we’re going to make sure that you do.」


「I see. If it’s a person like you, I guess it can’t be helped that you can’t trust the word of others.」


「Fufu… I wonder how long your resistance will last? That’s it, because it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, let’s have a fun night together. And, let’s take a lot of pictures to send to that Kamishiro. Don’t you think that’s a wonderful Christmas gift?」


「… This low life bastard.」


The surrounding men were all looking at me with vulgar eyes. In comparison to Souta’s eyes, that were somewhat heartwarming, these gazes were just unpleasant.


「… Are these the instructions of that Aimok guy? I mean, weren’t you guys trying to make Souta your companion.」


The small possibility of Souta becoming their companion would disappear the moment they put their hands on me. Thus, I didn’t think that guy would tell them to do this.


「I want to get my revenge on Kamishiro… It’s a joke to think of him as a companion.」


This man clearly had a person grudge against Souta. Perhaps he was one of the members that was crushed by him before.


「Seeing a woman that’s important to him broken into pieces, I wonder what kind of face Kamishiro will make… Just imagining it makes my heart dance!」


「What a disgusting idea.」


「It’s an honor to receive your praise. So, what will you do? It would be good if you just came along with us quietly, if not, then we’ll have to use those over there.」


There were men in maintenance worker clothes in the location the man looked at, with them, was a long and slender cardboard box along with rope that they seemed to have prepared. In addition, several of the men had pulled out stun guns before I realized it.


Apparently, they were fully prepared to perform a kidnapping.


「I refuse both options.」


「However, you’re not allowed to refuse. Well then, we’ll be forcing you to come along. If you want someone to hate, then hate Kamishiro.」


The man gently raised his hand, then swung it down towards me as a signal to the surrounding men.

At the same time, I finished the chant for my physical strengthening magic (small).


『Ikuto-san, there are six enemies in front, and two behind, that’s nine in total if you include the one giving the orders. Will you be restricting your use of magic?』


『If necessary, I’ll go all out, until then, I’ll use magic that’s difficult to recognize.』


『Understood, I’ll watch your back.』


I stepped towards one of the men who was coming after me and drove a blow straight into the man’s groin.

The man crumbled to the ground in slow motion, his hands were holding his crotch as his eyes went white.


Uwa… That sounded painful.


Seeing the state of the man, the partner that I no longer had felt like cowering.

However, I can’t afford to give mercy to a bastard that is willing to put their hands on an innocent girl.


「That bitch!」


Arms stretched out to grab me from all sides. I dodged, then brushed them away with the bottom of my palm.

Finding an opening between the legs of a man with a wide stance, I quickly slid my body through it.

On the way through, I pushed off the floor with one hand, rotating my entire body like a fan, and landed a kick on the man’s defenseless back. The man collapsed forward on top of the people in front of him.

I landed back on my feet using the recoil of the kick.


『Ikuto-san, there’s an enemy at 4 o’clock!』


My body moved at Alicia’s warning, a man was approaching me from my right with a stun gun, I turned around and struck it out of his hand with my own.

Keeping my momentum, I drove a roundhouse kick into his face.

The man’s nose was completely crushed, causing him to crumble to the ground in an absurd posture.


Immediately afterwards, I stepped into the chest of a person behind me, delivering a kick to his crotch that reaped his consciousness.


「You six people… Do you still want to continue?」


The men who were trapped beneath the one that collapsed had started to stand back up.

They no longer had the mocking attitude they showed before, now, the fear of having encountered a dangerous entity had appeared in their eyes.

The small female student that they had only considered as a victim to be hunted had turned her fangs against them, causing the loss of three of their companions in an impossibly short time.


「What are you guys doing. Your opponent is a single little girl!? All of you, attack! I’ll give you a bonus when you catch her!」


As the honors student said that, the other men recovered their spirit.

Even if you exclude the honors student, there were still 5 men left standing, it seems that they still thought they were in a dominant position.


「… It seems you guys haven’t learned your lesson.」


I muttered that as I confirmed how to use the stun gun I was holding. I had picked it up after it was dropped by the man earlier.

It was simple to use, just by pushing the switch near my thumb, there was a crackle as the electric current ran through it.


「Well then, I guess I’ll try this.」


With my words as a trigger, the men attacked me.


As a result, I learned that the stun gun had a good compatibility with me, who was superior in speed but inferior in attack power.

Even if I didn’t aim for their vital points, hitting their body while pushing the switch for a few seconds was enough to make them collapse. Although it was slightly difficult due to my short reach, there was no one in their group that would cause a problem for me.


So, a few minutes later, the only two people still standing on the roof was me and the honors student. The rest of the people were either unconscious or on the ground withering in pain.

One could say that this is a good representation of what hell would be like.


「So now it’s just the two of us.」


I smiled at the man as I said that.

Though it’s only me saying this, I think it’s a really wonderful smile.


「Hii, hii…!?i」


And yet, seeing my smile, the man’s face distorted in fear as he slowly backed away.

I walked slowly as I closed the distance.

The man, who was moving backwards, lost his balance and fell backwards.


「Wh, what is this!? What are you…!?」


「I’m Kisaragi Alice, don’t you already know that? … That reminds me, I haven’t heard your name yet.」


I approached the man in an instant, taking the student notebook out of his chest pocket.

I opened it on the spot and checked it.


「Wai… You…!」


「… Second year, class seven, Otori Takijiro, I’ll remember that.」


I threw the student notebook back to him.


「Well then, to Otori-senpai who did such a thing, what should I give you in return? It has to be something that will keep you from doing such a foolish thing ever again…」


「Hii, hii…!?i」


『Ikuto-san, are you not going to kill him?』


『In this country, even if the person you kill is a criminal, you will still be charged for murder. So we can’t kill him.』


There was the idea in the other world that you should completely destroy your opponent in order to prevent further incidents. However, it’s not possible to do the same thing in Japan.


「I, I won’t ever do it again. So, please let me go…!」


『Ikuto-san, can you ask him some questions about that person named Aimok?』


「Tell me who Aimok is. About how you and him are related. I want you to talk about that.」


「U, understood…」


Otori smiled and began to talk profusely. It seems like he had no awareness that he was leaking personal information to the enemy.


「We first met him when he was walking around downtown in cosplay like clothes around half a year ago. Our leader at the time had decided to pick a fight with him, yet was completely beaten up by his strange power.」


「… Strange power?」


「In addition to his inhuman physical strength, our clothes and skin were torn by an almost invisible shadowy black blade. He had said it was magic at the time, and I don’t think he was lying.」




「After that, I thought that we could make use of that guy’s power and charisma, so I negotiated for him to become the new leader of our group. That’s how my relationship with him started.」


Half a year ago, cosplay, magic… There were many words that stuck out in my mind.


「With his strength and charisma, our group took in the surrounding groups and grew bigger and bigger. The meeting tomorrow is where he will take proper control of all the local groups.」


… I see. I feel like I’ve heard what I needed to hear.


「However, it’s a joke for him to want that Kamishiro as a companion…! Because of him, Aniki is in the hospital. Therefore…!」


「Therefore, you decided to attack me.」


His behavior seems to have come from his grudge rather than an order from the group.

However, I don’t really care about this guy’s circumstances. Since he tried to hurt me, I’m not going to forgive him.

It was just a coincidence that I happened to be the one targeted, if it happened to be one of my other friends he went after, the damage would have been irreparable.


「… Is it only me that you targeted?」


「I haven’t ordered people to go after anyone else. Although Aimok himself may be moving, I don’t know! The main body is already completely moving at his will.」


「… Chi.」


It seems that I should quickly check on the safety of everyone else.


「Well then, I’ll carve it into your body so that you never feel like attacking us again.」


I pointed the stun gun in my hand at Otori and pushed the switch, the crackle of electricity can be heard.


「H, hii!? Please forgive me… I swear I will never put a hand on you again!」


Otori’s face distorted in fear.


「It’s regrettable. But how am I supposed to believe you will keep your promise? As such, I’ll imitate your style.」


I bend over Otori, bringing the stun gun closer to him.


「The next time you try to harm us, I will crush you…」


I pushed the stun gun towards the man’s crotch as I said that.


「S, stop it! Is, is it money!? I’ll give you as much as you want! So, please don’t do it!?」




I gave him a smile, then switched on the stun gun.

With a scream, Otori’s body spasmed and collapsed. It seems that he lost consciousness.

The part of his pants covering his crotch became dark as liquid overflowed from inside. The smell of cotton and ammonia filled the air.


I threw the stun gun to the side, then took out my smartphone to confirm my friends’ safety.

I quickly took a picture of the white eyed Otori before I started calling people. Though it was unpleasant to have such a photo on my phone, I needed insurance to keep him from thinking about revenge.


While I prayed for my friends safety, I left the roof as I started calling Yuna.

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