Shrine Maiden Ch.83

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 83

Kamishiro Souta (A Man’s Romance)


「… Well then, shall I do it?」


I steeled myself, then declared that.

Souta nodded in response with bloodshot eyes.

I gripped the hem of my pleated skirt with both hands. And, I went stiff in that state. It’s not that I intended to stop there, I just simply couldn’t bring myself to move.

Souta’s gaze towards my skirt was just too strong, causing me to turn my face away from him. My body was completely stiff, and I started trembling from the tension.


… Why am I even doing this?


At that moment, I instantly regret everything.

It shouldn’t matter if my best friend sees my underwear — that was what I was thinking, yet I was ashamed to show it myself.

However, I would feel bad for Souta if I quit now. In the first place, I was the one who said I would show him my underwear.

If I do nothing after saying all that, my relationship with Souta may become fragile. After having talked about my circumstances and having him acknowledge me as his best friend again, I don’t want such a thing to happen.


「Don’t look at me… too much…」


I lifted the skirt in my hands little by little. As my thighs were exposed to the cold outside air, my anxiety increased even more.

Even though I was looking away, I could still feel Souta’s stinging gaze on my lower body.




A shout of joy spilled out of Souta, from that I understood that my underwear was exposed, I instinctively stopped moving.


What I am wearing today, was a pair of pink and red striped panties.

It was one of my favorite pairs because of it’s cute and comfortable shape along with how nice it felt to wear.


Therefore, it isn’t something that I should be ashamed of if it’s seen… or, it shouldn’t have been.


I put more spirit into it, and lifted the hem of my skirt to around my waist.


The gaze feels hot.

I felt Souta’s gaze pouring over me even as I kept looking away. Even though I put my thighs completely together, I still couldn’t hide the exposed part in front.


「I always thought that the highest quality was when panties were flashed due to the wind, yet, it’s also fantastic to be shown like this…」


If I wasn’t the one doing the showing, I would agree with you, but…


「This is the first time I’ve ever seen panties so clearly.」


「… What about Hisui’s?」


「She’s always on guard, even at home. She never does her laundry with me or dad’s stuff, and recently she’s been looking at me with cold eyes… On top of that, I don’t even want to see my imouto’s panties in the first place.」


I always saw Yuna flash her underwear because she acted defenselessly at home… Well, I certainly never got excited by it.


「However, if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t be happy to see mine either…?」


「Yeah, but it’s still different from my imouto… I can’t explain it very well.」


Is that so.

However, in that case, I wonder if looking at my panties is making Souta’s partner bigger…?

I took a quick glance at Souta’s appearance. Though it’s a little hard to tell because he’s sitting, the crotch part of his pants seem to be pitching a tent.


「You have an erection right now…?」


I asked.


「Ah, that’s bad.」


… He has one.


「Ah… No… It’s not bad… But…」


Because I’m still a beautiful girl regardless of who I am inside, such a thing was probably unavoidable.

I don’t really feel disgusted by it, but it was still a somewhat complicated feeling.


「Did you buy those panties yourself?」


「Yeah. These are a pair that I chose…」


Why is he asking something like this?


「… The idea of seeing a girl choosing her own underwear is exciting.」




My voice unintentionally came out. I felt disgusted at his creepy words.

… But, at the same time, I hated myself for somewhat understanding his feelings.


「You, if you say something like that to a girl other than me, you’ll be hated.」


「I would never say it to anyone besides you. However, you’re able to shop in the women’s underwear department… That’s amazing.」


「The present me is a woman. So isn’t it natural?」


I’ve already become used to that pastel colored space that men never enter.

Since I’m always wearing the same uniform everyday, being able to choose what underwear I’ll wear every day is a little fun.


「… However, it’s not white.」


Souta said so while seeming disappointed.

This guy, he always had the opinion that girl’s underwear should be white.


He believed that girl’s should cover their pure body with a pure white pair of underwear, while there used to be a time I would sympathize with him, thinking of it now, it was an idea that smelled of a virgin.


「Because white shows anything dirty that gets on it, it’s usually something you only wear for a short amount of time…」


Girl’s underwear gets dirty easily.


「D, dirty…」


Souta swallows.

I don’t know how to feel about this guy having delusions of what is secreted from the body of a high school girl…


「Umm, you are aware that it’s still me inside, right?」


The person you’re having delusions of is your best friend, Ikutari.


「… Don’t remind me of that.」


Souta says that rather unpleasantly.


「No, it’s something you shouldn’t forget…」


I let out a sigh.


「… This is enough, can we end this now?」


As I say that, Souta stops me in a panic.


「Wa, wait a moment! Can I look at it a little closer first? Please!」


Souta moves without waiting for my reply. Getting off the chair then sitting down in front of me.


「Wait a sec…!? D, don’t touch me! I’ll kill you if you do!」


Souta didn’t answer.

I’m sure he heard it properly… You’re getting too greedy, idiot.


「There’s a ribbon on the panties, it’s nice…」


I understand that feeling. The single ribbon attached to the panties is fashionable, and I like it. It’s also functional as it allows you to know which is the front and back while putting it on.


However, more importantly than that…!


「C, close… You’re too close, Souta!?」


Souta is close enough that I can feel his breath on my thighs. His head is completely hidden under my lifted skirt so I can’t see his expression.

Since I haven’t been touched, I guess that he had listened to my words. However, because I was conscious that I could be touched at any moment, it was very uncomfortable.


Uu… It feels like I’m about to be devoured…


Even though I wasn’t touched, receiving Souta’s glance so close, an electric current ran through my body, causing me to shiver a little.

The inside of my body was tingling, I felt the inside of the cloth of my panties starting to get wet — I immediately turned pale.


This is dangerous.


I can’t believe I’m feeling it just from showing my panties, it’s so perverted. I had only reluctantly showed Souta because he requested it, it wasn’t because I wanted to feel pleasure from it.


「Mou, it’s over! Souta, get away from me… Kuu…!」


If Souta noticed my current state, there would be a terrible misunderstanding. In a hurry, I tried to push Souta away.


It was at such a time, she appeared.


「Souta! There were shoes on the porch, did Alice come here!? …!」


Suddenly, the sliding door to the room opened with a tremendous sound.

Hisui was standing there, her gaze met with mine as I was standing beside the bed.


「Y, yo… Hisui.」


I greet Hisui. My skirt was still rolled up and my panties are exposed.


「Hello, Alice. Today’s panties are rather fashionable, they’re very nice… However, you could have chosen someone better than him to show them to.」


Hisui’s cheeks were red as she praised me in a hot tone. However, as soon as her sight moved down, the temperature of her words went cold beyond the freezing point.

Following her expression, that was like she was gazing at filth, there was the figure of Souta sticking to me lower body. Souta’s body had become completely stiff.


「Chi, it isn’t what you’re thinking, Hisui, this is…」


I started trying to make an excuse. Letting go of the hem of my skirt, it fell down and covered Souta’s face.


「I know. The bad one is that garbage, right? What should I do, it’s still a few days until they collect the large sized garbage… I wonder if they can collect it as something burnable instead.」


Hisui isn’t saying that like it’s a joke.


… It’s just a joke, isn’t it?


The moment after I thought that, Hisui broke between me and Souta, then grabbed Souta’s face and violently dragged him from under my skirt.


「Wait… This is a misunderstanding, Hisui! This is something that we came to a mutual agreement over…!」


「I’m the one who gets to decide if it was a misunderstanding or not. By the circumstantial evidence, you are already guilty, there is no room for extenuation. The jury inside me has already given unanimous approval of the death sentence.」


The hand Hisui was holding Souta’s face with visibly tightened.


「L, listen to me! … Rather, it hurts!? It really hurts!?」


「Give me a moment, I’m going to clean up this garbage… After I get back, let’s continue it between the two of us?」


As Hisui said that with a smiling face, Souta was dragged out of the room by his head.


… Scary.


Being left alone in Souta’s room, I lost power in my legs and slumped down on Souta’s bed.


『… That was dangerous, wasn’t it?』


Alicia talked to me with a teasing voice.

My body had reacted the the strange situation of showing my underwear, I was barely able to avoid the disaster of the stain being seen by Souta.

The reality of my state is obvious to Alicia as well.


『… Mou, I will never show it to anyone again.』


Just because someone asks for it, I won’t give it up easily.

The result of feeding wild birds when they show up, is having to deal with their shit.

… Or is the expression different? Whatever.

In any case, I’ve reflected on my actions.


『… What are you going to do now?』


『Though it’s bad for Souta, let’s go home before Hisui returns.』


Hisui’s switch may have been flipped now.

Withdrawing before getting caught by Hisui is the safest option.


『That’s probably a good idea.』


By making sure to hide my footsteps, I was able to escape Souta’s house without getting caught. Though I felt like I could hear an angry roar accompanied by screams on my way out.

It’s just my imagination. I’m just mishearing something, yeah.

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