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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 81

Kamishiro Souta (Confession)


「… You’re Ikutari? What are you saying. Is this some kind of bad joke?」


Souta’s reaction to my confession was one of denial.


… Well, it can’t be helped.

Being told such a crazy story, I didn’t think it would be accepted that easily.


「It’s going to be a long story, let’s continue this in your room.」


I took off my shoes on the porch and entered Souta’s house without waiting for a reply.


「Wait… You…!?」


I walked down the passage that was the same as in my memory, then opened the sliding door of Souta’s room.


「… It hasn’t changed.」


Inside was a bed and study desk laid out on top of a tatami floored room, to the side there was a bookshelf and chest of drawers. A poster of a gravure idol in a swimsuit was pinned to the wall, the room was exactly how I remembered it.


「You, don’t enter other people’s houses and rooms without permission…」


While I was quietly looking at the room, Souta caught up to me and started to complain.


「Why shouldn’t I, when I’ve never asked for permission to enter your room before now?」


「In the first place, you’ve never even entered my room before…?」


While ignoring Souta’s words, I made my way into his room, taking a seat on the bed.

Souta followed and sat down at the chair of the study desk. We were in the same positions we always used to sit in.


「It’s so nostalgic… It’s hardly changed since I was Ikutari.」


There was the smell of a man that I had never been concerned about as Ikutari. However, I’m not worried about it, rather, it was nostalgic, and gave me a small peace of mind.


「Again. Don’t joke around by changing your tone. Even if you think it’s a joke, I’m not finding it funny… I’ll get angry if you keep doing it.」


Souta’s tone was serious. He was getting mad at me while thinking I was making fun of the dead Ikutari.


「Thank you for being angry for me… But, I’m sorry. I’ve been deceiving you for such a long time.」


I continued to confess as I spilled out everything that I had kept hidden.


「At first, I used the excuse of not telling you because I didn’t want to destroy your relationship with Ryouka, but in reality, I think I was scared. Because you were my best friend. With both my figure and sex changed, I didn’t know what to do if you refused me…」


In this way, while coming into contact with Souta as Alice, the lies stacked up and it became harder to tell the truth. If I hadn’t been seen through by Hisui, I don’t know whether I would have the courage to reveal my identity like this.

Even now, I’m honestly afraid to say it.


「… You, are you being serious?」


Hearing the seriousness in my tone, Souta questioned my words.


『Ikuto-san, if you don’t mind, should I explain the situation to Souta-san?』


Alicia offered to help me.

Relying on her, I decided to leave the explanation to Alicia. I connected Souta to the telepathy.


『Nice to meet you, I am Alicia.』


Souta was surprised at Alicia’s words that were spoken directly into his head, but listened calmly to her story from start to finish afterwards.


「So, Ikutari went to another world to fight against a demon lord as a hero, then Alicia moved his soul to your body while returning to this world… Do you expect me to believe such a story?」


Souta appeared to be perplexed at the seemingly crazy story.


「My situation is exactly as Alicia said. There were no lies.」


「Honestly, it’s hard to believe it. Therefore, can I ask you a few things that only Ikutari would know in order to confirm it?」


「I don’t mind. What would you like me to answer? The title of your first erotic book that you found at the back of the mountain? Or maybe the color of girl’s underwear you like the best? Or, the location on your bookshelf where you’re hiding your erotic books?」


I glanced at the top shelf of the bookshelf as I said that.

If it’s still the same a before, then there should be a boxed encyclopedia set on the uppermost shelf of the bookshelf. The original contents are stored in a cardboard box, whereas the box set contains all of Souta’s treasures.


「O-kay-, I get it. I’ll believe that you are Ikutari… Therefore, it’s fine.」


Souta answered while holding his temple.


「On top of that, if you are Ikutari, then that would explain the sense of incongruity that I occasionally felt from you… By any chance, did Hisui already know about this?」


「… Well.」


「… So that’s why. Yuna and Hisui both recovered from your death around the same time… So that means I was the only one who didn’t know of us four childhood friends.」


「Chi, it’s different! It wasn’t only you that I left out… In reality, I didn’t actually plan to tell anyone other than my family, but my true identity was seen through by Hisui…」


「… I never knew you were so cold-hearted. Aren’t we like family to you? Did you think that if you told us, we’d become a problem for you?」


「It’s not like that…」


There were various reason I didn’t tell them.

The thing with Ryouka, Hisui’s feelings towards me.

In addition, as a result of telling the truth, it wouldn’t be possible for us to associate without being awkward, so I thought it might have been better to just build a new relationship if them as Alice.

However, these are all my personal circumstances, not once did I ever consider their feelings about it.


「Do you understand how much we’ve suffered because of your death?」


I recalled the appearance of both of them at my funeral, my chest tightened and a lump formed in my throat.


「I would hit you right now if you were a man.」


「… I’ve prepared for that much. I don’t care if you hit me.」


「To hit the current you is a little, you know.」


It’s painful to think that we couldn’t be in the same type of relationship as before, where I would have been struck immediately. However, I could understand Souta’s feelings of hesitating to hit a girl, though it made me feel a little lonely.


「… Well, It’s fine. At least you have come back safely.」


「… Will you forgive me?」


「I both forgive and refuse to forgive you. Didn’t you say it a while back? We aren’t in a relationship that would be broken by such a thing.」


「… Souta.」


My chest became hot.

Souta really is my best friend after all.


「After all this, is there really nothing I can do as an apology? I’ll do anything.」


「You, really shouldn’t say things like that with that body. Though it’s fine because it’s me, someone else may ask for things out of an erotic book…?」


「Those kinds of things, if it’s Souta and only something small… then something erotic is fine. Like touching my chest…」


「I, I won’t do such a thing… On top of that, isn’t that body Alicia-san’s? You can’t give me permission for such a thing on your own.」


「That’s true. Sorry…」


What he said is true. I’ve become too familiar with this body, and at some point had stopped being conscious that it was Alicia’s.


「Alicia too, I’m sorry…」


『Haven’t I already told you that you don’t have to worry about me? As I’ve always said, that body already belongs to Ikuto-san. If you wanted to make a child with Souta-san, I don’t particularly mind it…?』


「No, I mind it… Because I wasn’t being serious, please forgive me.」


I’m not gay.

What I meant was I don’t mind doing something slightly erotic to tease Souta, I knew how much he wanted it, because I know this body well, I understand that it’s a treat for people to be able to see it.

However, I have absolutely no desire to actually do anything serious.


「I can’t do it either. No matter how cute you are, it’s still Ikutari on the inside…」


… However, seeing him say it like that, it made me want to tease him more.


「This is coming from the person who was going crazy about seeing my underwear a while back…」


「Th, that, that was because I didn’t know you were really Ikutari!?」


「Well, since you know it’s me inside, are you no longer interested in my underwear?」


「Guh, that…」


I understand. Even with me as the contents, it is the desire of all men to see a girls underwear.


「I told you earlier, that I can show you them if you obediently ask to see them…?」


I could hear Souta swallow.

There is a land of men’s dreams packed under a girl’s skirt. I remember having talked about such a thing with Souta.

Moreover, the uniform.

For us it was the most familiar clothes we see everyday, so the destructive power when turned to eroticism is enormous. I think that even if the contents are that of your formal male friend, there is still a charm that is difficult to resist.


「… I, I want to see.」


… Why the formal language.

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