Shrine Maiden Ch.80

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 80

Kamishiro Souta (Conclusion)


For the first time since I returned to this world, I used magic in a visible form for something other than strengthening my body.

Even if I show magic to Souta before talking about myself, it shouldn’t be a problem.


「Water Spread!」


In response to my words, six baseball sized balls of water appeared in the air.


「The real fight starts now, Souta!」


I launched them into Souta’s face.

Though some may say that it’s unfair, our duel isn’t one where I need to save face. The use of magic isn’t forbidden.


「Uwaaa! … Wh, what is this!?」


The balls of water consecutively hit Souta in the face. Since it’s just water, there isn’t any damage, but it provided more than enough of an opportunity for me to close the distance.


I approached Souta as he flinched in recoil, after shooting a left and right fist into his stomach, I finished with a kick to his back. All of the blows hit cleanly, causing Souta’s body to shake.

As I went to send another right straight into him, Alicia voice sounded a warning.


『Ikuto-san, watch out!』


I stepped back by reflex. A sharp strike entered the space I was just a second ago.

To be able to refocus himself and counterattack right away… This guy really doesn’t leave anything to carelessness or chance.


「What kind of trick is this… Water balloons? No, they seemed to be floating in the air…」


「That right now, was my magic.」


「Magic? … Well then, are you saying that you’re a magical girl? In that case, by all means, go ahead and transform.」


Souta talked as if he was making fun of me in a somewhat cranky voice. While, it’s no wonder considering my claim.


「That’s right, though I can’t actually transform…」


Because his words are frustrating, I’ll show off a bit.


『Alicia, right now, what’s the flashiest magic we can use?』


『Since we aren’t in a place that has access to a lot of water, doing something showy is a little hard… If you want to show magic that’s obviously serviceable in battle, how about making an ice sword?』


『That’s good. It would also make up for my lack or reach, that’s just like I would expect from you, Alicia!』


While fighting in the other world, Alicia’s advice had saved me countless times. As expected, Alicia is the best partner for me.


「Fufuu… Just like you want, I’ll show you real magic.」


I took a tissue of of my blazer’s pocket and grasped it in my right hand.

After that, I thrust out my hand towards Souta and cast my magic.


「White blade, spin and intertwine to form in my hand, Ice Sword!」


Particles of water began glowing as they danced around me, gathering on my right hand. The water containing my magical power freezes to the fibers of the tissue, forming into a cylindrical shape.

I then shaped it into the form of a meter long straight sword.


「Wh, what is this!?」


「It’s a sword made of ice, amazing, right?」


I lightly waved the sword to confirm the feeling.

It’s not too light, nor too heavy, the weight was comfortable, there shouldn’t be any problems handling it even with this body.


「Let’s go, Souta!」




I cut the distance between us in a single step, then made a horizontal strike with the blade.

Although the first attack was dodged, the return blow firmly struck Souta’s side.


「Guh… It hurts!?」


Souta hold the place I hit as he edges backwards.


「That’s because it’s strengthened ice, it’s harder than a wooden sword.」


Water that is mixed with pulp and frozen is called pykrete, it has the characteristics of being harder to melt then normal ice along with having a higher structural strength.

The amount of pulp in the pocket tissue was insufficient to properly form it, but I covered for that with magic power.


「Bring it on…!」


Souta straightened his body and went for an attack. I respond by attacking with the ice sword.


「The situation is the opposite of before, Souta!」


The difference in reach was reversed by the length of the sword. As such, there is no longer a need for me to be on the attack. In addition, I always used to fight with swords when I was in the other world, since it was so familiar to this body, it was easy to fight.


「Don’t think you’ve won just because you have a weapon!」


Souta came towards me with an aggressive movement. However, since it was still the speed of a normal person, I dodged at the last second and struck out with my sword.

So long as I keep hitting him without getting hit myself, the effect of each hit will gradually increase.




Souta finally managed to catch me as I drove my ice sword into his shoulder.


「I got it!」


Feeling a response to my hit, I looked into Souta’s eyes.


— However, Souta was still smiling even as his face distorted in pain.


「As expected, you can’t move at the same moment you attack!」


Souta’s body was in front of me before I realized it, his attack hit my body a moment later. I was hit by Souta’s shoulder tackle and pushed away.


It seemed like Souta was attempting to push me to the ground and get on top of my body. As my vision danced in the air, Souta bending over me came into my view.


… Let’s do it!


I twisted my body while pushing my left hand into the ground, like that, my legs went flying vertically into the air.

My physically strengthened body shot upwards. My skirt dancing like a flower blooming, hiding Souta from my sight. However, there was no problem as my straightened legs had already caught Souta between them.

I squeezed my knees, trapping Souta’s head between them and causing Souta’s entire body to be hurled as I rotated. It was a so-called frankensteiner.

Souta’s body did a beautiful full rotation in the air before being flung against the ground.


「… Khaa!」


The air was pushed out of Souta’s lungs.

Having no time to use a defensive ability, it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to move right away.

With Souta’s head being kept between my knees in a posture similar to riding a horse, I trust the white sword directly in front of his eyes.


「It’s my win, it’s over.」


「… Ah, It’s my loss.」


Souta looked at me as he said that. And, started to panic as he became aware of something.


「I didn’t expect you would fight that hard, I’m surprised.」


I hadn’t expected that I would have to use magic like this against a normal human opponent.

I released my magic power and scattered the ice sword. The powder white pulp of the tissue I used danced like snow and disappeared.


「I’m the one who should really be surprised. That was really magic… right? Alice, who on earth are you…」




「… Eh?」


「I… No, I am Ikutari. Souta, It’s been bad of me to not tell you until now.」(TN: Alice goes from using Watashi (私) to using Boku (俺))


I confessed the truth to Souta.


… Since I won, this is enough, right?

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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Now souta gonna take 1 min of silence for his poor common sense-chan~

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That was a very VERY shounen-esque girl introduction, of a fighting fantasy anime, with a girl pointing her magic sword at you in a lewd angle.
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