Shrine Maiden Ch.8

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 8




Before I noticed, I was lying on the sofa.


It seems that while watching anime with Alicia I had fallen asleep.


There was a blanket covering my body.


… Did Yuna put it on me?


Looking around, there are signs of people in the kitchen.


The sound of a rhythmic kitchen knife, it was a sound I was familiar with since I was a child.


Getting nostalgic, I stand up from the sofa and turn around.




I confirm her appearance over the kitchen counter.


She had always watched over us brother and sister, she was a prideful mother.


「Arra, have you woken up Ikutari? … Are you feeling okay?」


To me, who can’t come up with any words to say, my mom talks like she normally would.


「Umm, mom… That… Why…? 」


How did she know I was Ikutari?


「I heard from Yuna. I only half believed it at first, but as soon as I saw your sleeping face I knew it.」


「… I don’t think they have anything in common.」


「That’s not true. When you were little I always used to look at the cute look on your sleeping face. Do you think I would mistake it after seeing it for so long?」


「Is that so…」


Anyway, I’m honestly thankful that I don’t have to try and convince her.


In addition to the time it takes, it’s rather painful to be looked at with distrusting eyes while trying to explain my situation.


「Welcome home, Ikutari… Thank you for coming back.」


My mom says so while wiping her eyes.


「I’m home, mom.」


「I’ll be making the hamburger you like today. So please look forward to it.」


Hearing that, I became happy.


『Ikuto-san, may I also greet your mother?』


「Umm, Alicia wants to greet you mom… is it okay?」


「I understand… I am Ikutari’s mother, Yukiko. I heard about Alicia-chan from Yuna… Thank you for bringing my son back home.」


「Nice to meet you mother, my name is Alicia. I am indebted to Ikuto-san. By having him save our world I inconvenienced you a lot… I’m sorry.」 (TN: Alicia uses a much more formal version of mother (お母さま) instead of what Ikutari uses (母さん).)


I listen to Alicia’s words and repeat them to my mom.


While keeping my back straight, I mimic the behavior of Alicia. Finally, I lower my head with the apology.


「Alicia-san, please raise your head. I heard that you had saved Ikutari from drowning when you summoned him. This is the reason that my son was able to come back safely. Thank you so much.」


Mom bowed her head to Alicia.


「Even so, Alicia-chan is a nice and cute girl just like Yuna said… I wonder if this is the same feeling as my son bringing home his bride.」




「What are you saying so suddenly…」


「Because, Alicia-chan is now together with Ikutari, right? It’s like getting a daughter.」


My mother leaves the kitchen and comes over to me and gives me a hug.


Before I became Alicia I was taller than my mother, now, I am pushed into her chest when she hugs me. It was the first time I have been hugged like this since elementary school.


「Mother… Thank you…」


I told my mom the words that Alicia spoke in my head.


While also adding in my own feelings.


※ ※ ※




The voice of my family echoed in the dining room.


Each place at the table has a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup, a vegetable salad and a hamburger steak.


That is, the homemade rice I always saw in my dreams while in the other world.


I start by moving the hamburger steak to my mouth with my chopsticks.


『Haa… It’s tasty…』


Next, I have some of the rice.


『So this is the rice that you were talking about… It’s sweet and delicious.』


I continue on to the miso soup.


『This soup has a very distinctive flavor… but it’s still very tasty.』


I tasted each one silently.


It was a taste I used to have every day. It was my normal meal.


Until the last year, I had thought it was natural to eat my mothers rice.


But, I now realize how lucky I was, after being deprived of it in the other world.


『This is… If you have it with rice everything is more delicious!?』


During my journey, when I was eating hard meat in order to keep from starving, I would always think of returning to eat home made food in order to get through the day.


『The sauce covered salad is easy to eat and is delicious!』


So, finally being able to eat this meal again, I was constantly eating more.


『Haa… They’re all so good… I’m so happy…』


I put the last grain of rice into my mouth then gently put down the chopsticks.


With both of my hands together I turned and thanked my mom who made the meal.


「Thank you for the meal… Mom, it was really good.」


That was the meal I enjoyed the most in the years since I was born and raised.

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