Shrine Maiden Ch.79

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 79

Kamishiro Souta (Attack And Defense)


「For your information, even though I said I’ll do anything you want, I’ll reject you without mercy if you ask for something too strange.」


I give that warning to the motivation filled Souta.


「I know that… Even I understand not to go that far.」


Saying that, Souta sighs.


「I’m just a bit frustrated at having to endure the temptations from someone who continues to approach me…」


Is he talking about Ryouka?

Incidentally, I was also consulted on how she should approach Souta several times.


「Ryouka does it because she likes you, so do you really have to endure it? Or, do you not like her?」


「… Honestly, I don’t dislike her.」


「Then, why…?」


「It’s the people around Ryouka… I’ve already met with her parents face to face and, because I’m their daughters benefactor, they’re quite fond of me. However, if, by any chance, I did something to Ryouka and they were to hear of it, the next day I would be forced into being their son-in-law and made into their heir…」




My voice instinctively came out.

Considering Ryouka was a real ojou-sama, then one must be prepared if they want to go out with her.


「Even so, Ryouka has been very aggressive… The amount she touches me has been increasing, she’s so soft and smells good, honestly, it’s hard to hold back.」


So that’s the reason he looked half dead.


I had instructed Ryouka on some methods that would make Souta gladly put his hands on her, however, listening to Souta’s current story, it seems like it ended up tormenting him instead.


「Souta, it’s been hard on you…」


It’s an envious feeling to have a beautiful ojou-sama yearning for you. But, knowing that Souta has had to endure those desires, I’m sorry.

I would also hesitate in a situation where my future was decided the moment I touched a girl.


「… In addition, there are many other things I have to think about.」


Souta scratches the tip of his nose with his index finger while glancing at me.


… By any chance, I wonder if he was talking about me. I have nothing to do with this!?


「I’m sorry to bother you talking about this… For some reason I can talk to you casually, so I ended up saying a lot.」


… You don’t have to apologize.

Certainly, if I was a girl who liked Souta, then I may have been hurt if you talked about another woman, but I don’t have any feelings like that!


「…That’s enough, should we resume the duel?」


I tiredly answer him. This attitude is sure to also be misunderstood.

… I just want to reveal my identity and get rid of these misunderstandings.

For that purpose, I’ll win this duel quickly.

I once again cast physical strengthening magic (small) on myself.


「I guess… Let’s go.」


We once again faced each other.

The time for words was over, it’s now the time to talk with our fists.


I cut the distance between us with a few short steps, trying to get within striking range of Souta.

However, before I can get into Souta’s range, he lashes out with a jab or low kick.

It’s a method that takes advantage of our difference in reach. If this continues, then my attacks will never reach and I will only one-sidedly receive Souta’s attacks.

However, my movement is fast enough that it can’t be followed easily. In the process of repeated encounters I slid my body into range when he left a gap in his defense.




As if he knew I was moving there, Souta’s fist was waiting for me, the single counter blow was a clean hit to my stomach.

My diaphragm stopped working for a moment and I couldn’t breath, causing me to panic.

I unsteadily backpedaled before falling to my knees.


「… Will you give up? I don’t like to beat up girls after all.」


「You must be joking. You said you would come at me with all your strength… A hit like that is no be deal.」


I stand up while pretending to be fine. However, my feet are unsteady, it’s pretty obvious that I’m bluffing.


「At any rate, to be able to follow my movements…」


「Honestly, I haven’t been able to follow them. However, if I know where you’re going to attack, I can hit that place.」


「So you deliberately made a gap to guide my movement…」


「A clever answer… Now, if you’re not giving up, isn’t it about time to continue?」


「I’m fine, so come. I’m ready at any time.」


「… To bluff like that, you’re just like Ikutari.」


It’s because I am the person in question, however, I can’t say that yet.

I need to confess it properly to Souta, I have to apologize for everything.

Therefore, I can’t lose this match.


「… If you don’t come to me, I’ll come to you.」


Declaring that, I attack again.

Despite the words I hurled in defiance, the situation was worse than before. Souta continued to keep me out of his range and, even if there was a gap, I hesitated to capitalize on it after what happened earlier.

As a result, I wasn’t able to close the distance, and therefore couldn’t attack.


In that case, I will have to forcefully create an opening.

I take distance and start to chant magic.


「Water Spread!」

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2 years ago

Magic is cheat :p

2 years ago

If they’re going to keep throwing misunderstandings around like this, I’m not sure I want to keep going…

Rather, if the intention is to win, what happened to Body Strengthening Magic(Large)? You could just stack on the defensive buffs and end the fight there.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Using small seems to put you at the level of a fit human used to fights, considering even souta who’s well trained talks about how heavy it is.
Large is straight up inhuman, and souta doesn’t know about the other world. It would probably kill him too if Alice isn’t careful.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Using small enchancements makes it a fair fight it seems.

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

Using magic now, this gonna be good(need some popcorn). Also, it’s a trope, not revealing something when u can, because u want a better moments, a trope linked to funny or cringy failure.

2 years ago

Well, it makes me at easy knowing that Souta somewhat likes the ojousama, 1 less burden to Alice, it would be extremely awkward if she had became a capture flag for him…

2 years ago

Finally used a spell. XD
Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

Alice continues to make the impression of a girl completely in love to Souta.

2 years ago

I was wondering do you ever do any for hire translating?

2 years ago
Reply to  Yin

That makes sense, if you wouldn’t mind dropping me an email. I’d like to discuss the idea with you a little bit when, and if you have time available.