Shrine Maiden Ch.78

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 78

Kamishiro Souta (A Serious Match)


「! ?」


My surprise attack isn’t something that should have been blockable, however, Souta managed to block it.

My eyes went wide at the unexpected situation.

It seemed that my speed was also unexpected for Souta, as his eyes were wide as well.


Because he was treating me as just a normal girl, Souta’s stance had still been broken by the attack, causing him to step back and try to gain distance. I continued forward and sent a left straight towards his body.




The speed of my fist was difficult to follow. However, Souta’s body bent backwards with a terrifying reaction speed, causing my hit to be ineffective.

I felt signs of Souta’s elbow moving towards my unguarded back as I stepped passed him, and lowered my body towards the ground to avoid the attack. I then took a step back to recover my position.


After that brief exchange, Souta’s facial expression became serious.


「… That should have been a complete surprise attack, yet you endured it.」


「It was only a coincidence that I was able to stop it. However, you’re moments are strange…」


Agility is supported by ones muscles.

Therefore, the impression that you always see in games of smaller people are quicker isn’t how it actually is in reality. A petite person should be no match for a larger person with better trained muscles.

However, since I was being strengthened by magic, I completely overturned that common sense. I was easily able to attack at speeds comparable to a heavyweight professional boxer.


「With this, will you start taking this fight seriously?」


「It seems I’m going to have a painful experience if I keep seeing you as a girl. I’m not going to be able to hold back… So don’t blame me for any scars.」


「I don’t mind. Come at me with your full strength.」


I stretched my arm in front of me with my palm up, I bend and straighten my fingers while provoking Souta.




With a yell, a right kick was sent out by Souta. I stepped closer while dodging it.

Souta’s defenseless flank was wide open to me, I drove a right hook into him.




One after another, I followed up with kicks against Souta, as he let his body drop to dodge the first one, I gave another kick towards Souta’s thigh.

Souta received my kick and fell down, rolling across the ground.

I didn’t pursue him.

No matter how much my physical power has been strengthened, I wasn’t using enough power to blow Souta away like that. In other words, it was Souta who had thrown himself away in order to reduce the power of my kick, thus, I waited for him to move.

If I carelessly pursued him, I’d surely face a painful counterattack as a result of Souta expecting it.


「It’s really fast… On top of that, your attacks are heavy.」


While dusting off the dirt on his uniform, Souta slowly stood up.


「To think there was such a strong person so close… I can’t follow your movements with my eyes… This is troublesome. I don’t know if I can win.」


In contrast to the words spilling out of his mouth, Souta was smiling, his eyes were overflowing with fighting spirit.


「… Will you give up?」


「You’re joking, the real thing starts here.」


We once again stood face to face with each other.

This time I was on the receiving end of his attacks.

Souta did a feint into a jab towards me. Seeing it, I deflected the jab away from my chest.

Before I could respond with my own attack, Souta hit me with a shoulder tackle, breaking my balance. While evading his follow up strikes, I sent a high kick towards his side.

Since it was a large scale attack, I thought he would cleanly receive it, however, Souta stiffened with a startled expression, and the kick beautifully entered his side.




Souta’s face distorted in the pain. I went to follow up with a jab, but it was blocked by both of his arms.


「Wa… Wait, time out!」


Souta thrust his hand forward and demanded a pause.


「… What is it?」


I was in a bad mood, like I just had cold water thrown over me.


「That… When you move, I can see the inside of your skirt…」


Souta said such a thing while averting his face.

The tense atmosphere was completely ruined.


「… So what? You can’t concentrate on the fight because you’re worried about seeing my underwear, is that your excuse?」


「I have no such intention… You, isn’t it embarrassing?」


「I don’t really care since you’re my opponent.」


「What are you saying…」


I do think it’s embarrassing if others see my underwear, but nothing will happen even if Souta sees it.

On top of that, it’s just Souta, we’ve done lots of stupid and embarrassing things in the past that we would never tell a girl, we’ve even seen each other naked several times.

Rather than that, I can’t forgive him for using such an excuse to stop the match.


「If you’re that concerned about seeing my underwear, you can look at it later… For now, concentrate on the fight.」


「… Seriously.」


I could hear Souta swallow.

After that, he licked my body with his bloodshot eyes, causing me to back away slightly.


… Well, because it’s after the duel, it will be after I expose everything about who I really am!


Once he understands that it’s me inside, he will certainly give up in disappointment.

Thinking about it like that, I felt a little sorry for him, so in response to his spirit, I wanted to make this a little more fun.


「I did say I would do whatever you want if you beat me, so I could do something a little nice for you?」


While shyly hiding my mouth behind my hands, and speaking in a sly tone, I further provoked Souta. In retrospect, perhaps the reason he was startled when I told him he could ask for anything at the start of the match because he was thinking of erotic things.


「… Are you serious!?」


His words were regrettably the exact same as a while ago.

However, I also wouldn’t be able to believe it if a girl said something like that to me. For a female friend who you see regularly at school, to suddenly think about doing something sexual with them is quite erotic.


… I envy Souta a little.


『Ikuto-san, is it really okay to make such a promise…?』


Alicia called out to me with a somewhat worried tone.


『It’s fine, it’s fine. Because I’m not going to lose.』


『However, it seems that Souta-san’s fighting ability is quite considerable for a normal human being…』


『Still, if I use magic, I won’t lose.』


『I agree, but…』


Having answered Alicia’s worries, I turned back towards Souta.


「Alice, I will go at you with everything I have to win.」


Souta declared that with a serious look that seemed like it would cut if you touched it. The pressure was so strong that I felt like it equaled some of the fights I experienced in the other world.


「Wait, I think the bait may have worked a little too well…」


To be frank, I had never experienced Souta getting so serious before now.


… The erotic power of a virgin is strong.


『… Ikuto-san, is it really okay?』


『It, it’s fine…』



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2 years ago

I think I can guess what will end up happening from here, Alice will definitely lose.
Alice is just too seductive towards Souta, really digging your own grave there

2 years ago

I was feeling Alicia would regret saying that before. I didn’t think she would taunt him ourright with the sex angle. >_>
Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

Honestly, If he realizes it’s Ikuto, his, uh, excitement would multiply by several times…
Think about it, your rival and best friend became a hot girl and lost an erotic bet against you – then you see them making that agrieved and hateful face.. bad Idea “alice”.

2 years ago

… Class of “how to dig ur own grave”, by Alice.

2 years ago

I’m so used to transvestites being disgusting ex-males that I don’t know how I’d really feel if a guy I knew literally became a beautiful girl that perfectly hit my ideal type..

Nicholas Knapp
Nicholas Knapp
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

2 years ago

Ganbatte, Ikuto-san! Don’t lose your virginity to such a man! Fight on!

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

Is it just me? Who thinks Souta would not care who Alice is, even after finding out the truth, and still want ero things? He is Hisui brother, and we know how she “held back” in earlier chapters.