Shrine Maiden Ch.76

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 76

The Leader Of Ouroboros


「My name is Aimok Hultur. I am now the leader of Ouroboros. And, I am the one who will become the king of this country.」


I’m not sure what type of reaction I should give to the mans words.


「Aimok-san is a wonderful person. It isn’t a stretch to say that us in Ouroboros will take over the world, ya know. Are you trying to make a fool of us!?」


So after this country it’s the world… Somehow, this has become a grand story.


「Souta, are you acquainted with this person…?」


「No, I’m not. Though Ouroboros was the name of the group I crushed… There was never a person like this.」


I don’t think he’s the type of person you would forget after meeting, so there’s no mistake that this is Souta’s first time seeing him. In that case, did this guy recently become the leader of the group?

As the two of us start to laugh at the chuunibyou patient, he opens his mouth while holding out his hand.


「Kamishiro Souta, right?… Would you be willing to serve as my subordinate?」


「Aimok-san, why would you offer that to such a guy!」


「In order to conquer the world, I require those with excellent talent. Although there may be some ill feelings towards an enemy of the previous generation, we can go far higher if we were to work together. Therefore, that fellow, if he is willing to share our cause, then I will embrace him as a comrade.」


「I made a mistake… The world Aimok-san is looking at is far larger than ours. We will follow Aimok-san’s judgment!」


We were completely left out as a cheap drama played out in front of us.

Me and Souta looked at each other. Souta had an indescribable expression on his face. Mine is probably the exact same.


「… So, Kamishiro Souta. What is your answer?」


「I refuse. I don’t feel like going along with your delusion.」


Not wanting to associate with these people, Souta refused the proposal of the cheap drama actor, Aimok.


「…! Kamishiro, you!?」


The followers became noisy.

Yet the person in question remained calm.


「Fumu… In order to make a child understand my ideals, first of all, I must first make him aware he is a child…」


「You, how dare you say such an unpleasant thing to Aimok-san!」


「I don’t mind  — Then, Kamishiro. Let us have a duel.」


「… A duel?」


「We of Ouroboros will be holding a meeting on the day of Christmas Eve. There, I will beat down the person who took out our last leader, thus securing my authority as the new leader… Don’t worry, I will guarantee your life.」


「I refuse. I don’t want to participate in a thing like that.」


「You’re refusing my invitation…?」


「In the first place, I’m the one that is being bothered by you guys. I don’t have any obligation to cooperate with you.」


「Indeed, what you say is true… However, have you not thought about the consequences? If you won’t cooperate with my demands, your life will be threatened.」


「… Are you threatening me?」


「Not just you. Your important people may also be sacrificed. Of my men, some would love to make an immature girl like that one into a woman.」


I shivered as the light blue eyes glanced in my direction. They were not eyes that were looking at a person, but eyes that were looking at an insignificant insect.


「If you put your hands on my friend, I will never forgive you.」


Souta said with a cold tone that was full of anger.


「I swear on my name that if you accept my offer I will not harm the people around you regardless of the results of the duel. That is the merit to accepting my offer.」


There is no way anyone would trust the promise of such a person. It would be foolish to follow his words and attend his groups meeting.


「I will not allow you to use me however you like! Souta, you don’t have to listen to them.」


However, no matter what I say, it won’t reach Souta.

To the present Souta, I am not the Kisaragi Ikutari who could stand side by side with him, rather, I am his female junior from his club activities — I was something that he had to protect.


「… I understand, I’ll go. Therefore, don’t touch anyone other than me.」




「Everyone here, listen to this. Kamishiro Souta will duel me during the next meeting. As such, notify everyone that I will not forgive them if they put their hands on my prey.」


「As expected, Aimok-san!」


The men cheer.

I, on the other hand, was filled with bitterness. Even though I wanted to help Souta, on the contrary, I became a hindrance to him.


「I’ll go with you!」


Therefore, I said such a thing out of impulse.


「Wa… Idiot!? What are you talking about!」


「… Hou.」


Meanwhile, the corners of Aimok’s mouth raised as if he found an interesting toy.


「I don’t intend to break my promise with Kamishiro, yet I won’t stop the actions of others during the meeting. If you don’t mind that, you can do whatever you want.」


A woman matching into the meeting of a bunch of delinquents.

Normally I think that would be an impossibly reckless act.

Imagining what the result would normally be, I shrank for a moment.

However, I can’t back down here.


「… Ah, I understand.」




Because I have the power to fight.

I can’t let Souta go there alone.

I scowled at the delinquents who raised a vulgar voice.


「Well, my business here is done. Let’s go.」


Saying that, Aimok walked towards the wall that separated the school and the road. It was a wall around 2 meters high, built to prevent people from entering or leaving.

As I watch his strange actions, Aimok slowly jumped, and landed on top of the wall.




It was a scene that was hard to believe.

Cheers from the delinquents broke out.


「Kamishiro, please let me enjoy our duel.」


Leaving that message, Aimok disappeared over the other side of the wall.

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2 years ago

I wanna see Alicia getting mad again, suggesting another set of ice lances in the guts of them all… It’s just funny a lolly being so savage…

2 years ago

inb4 Alice beating the Aimok dude and becomes the new leader instead….

2 years ago

wth, if i were her… those 3 men will got their faces black and blue already… the story are too slow now

2 years ago

Alice is a natural at acting like Souta’s love interest

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

Jumping a 2m tall wall, might it be, he has some magic power? Need to see Alicia reaction, since she might notice. Still, what a character, love to hate, like to see beaten, want to punch via the internet:D
Thanks for the chapters!

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Thanks for the chapter.
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