Shrine Maiden Ch.75

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 75

The Foreigner After School


After what happened with Yuna, I was worried about how our relationship as siblings would be affected, however, on the surface, it seemed that nothing had changed, and we continued living the same as before.

Yuna returned to her attitude of treating me like she was my older sister, and, since Alicia had asked us in advance to act like normal, nobody said anything about that day.


A few days later, after school. I decided to ask Alicia about it while using telepathy. I was sitting at one of the window-side tables in the library, flipping through an animal encyclopedia that Alicia wanted to read.


『Hey, Alicia… That, about the other day…』


『… What about it?』


『That day wasn’t just a dream, right?』


『Why would you think that?』


『Because, even though we did that, both you and Yuna didn’t change at all…』


『… Did Ikuto-san want it to change your relationship with Yuna?』


『That’s not it…』


『In that case, it’s probably best if you just think of that day as a dream and just act normally, like we agreed to.』


『… How can you guys act like nothing happened.』


『That’s, because we’re women… Isn’t it?』


Although my everyday actions have become that of a woman, I wonder if my fundamental way of thinking is still that of a man?

For me, it seems I’m not able to think about it the same way as them.


『Well, if Ikuto-san wants to see that dream again, I think you only have to ask. Yuna would surely agree to it.』


I struggle to say anything back to Alicia who said something like that without hesitation.


『… Is Alicia okay with that?』


『Yes. Because I’m happy that I can spend time with Ikuto-san like that.』


Alicia’s words had a certain distanced atmosphere to them — It made me feel a little lonely. I felt the powerlessness of not being able to hug her at a time like this.


『Ikuto-san… Something is strange.』


The awkward atmosphere was dispelled by Alicia’s words of alert.

When I looked up, the room was indeed noisy.


「… Is there something happening outside the library?」


When I followed the other students gazes, there was a group of five people walking towards the back of the school building. The dangerous atmosphere they gave off could be felt even this far away, the students in the library all seemed to be nervous.

And, I saw a face I recognized among the group.


「… That guy!」


Standing up from my seat, I made my way out of the library. Once I was outside, I made my way through the courtyard while still in indoor shoes, I started running towards the back of the school building where the men had disappeared.


At the back of the school building, Souta and the men were facing each other.




I rushed over to Souta side so I could help him.

Standing next to him, I corrected my stance so that my feet were around a shoulder-width apart and looked at our opponents.

There were four men in our school uniform. Three of them weren’t wearing the uniform properly and looked bad. The last one was wearing it properly while looking a little uncomfortable.

And, there was another person with them who was definitely out of place.

He had blond hair and blue eyes along with a chiseled western looking face.

Wearing black skinny jeans and a black leather jacket, along with a chain and ring with a jellyfish design, he obviously wasn’t someone connected to the school. He was the type of person you wouldn’t want to match eyes with if you saw them in town.

The school gate should have been monitored by a camera, how did such a suspicious person enter the school grounds?


「… Are you okay, Souta?」


Since I was able to roughly grasp their ability, I called out to Souta. Because I’m here, the difference in the number of people won’t be a problem.


「You, what are you doing!」


Souta’s response to me, was to unexpectedly start scolding me.


「Well, I decided to come and help you.」


The delinquents around me burst into laughter at my words. Souta held his head in frustration.

… Yeah, well, it can’t be helped since I look like this.


「Oi, Oi, does the raging wolf of Hirako always seek help from such a small girl?」


「This is a masterpiece! Ojou-chan, us adults are talking, so obediently go home and go back to playing with your dolls.」


It feels terrible to be underestimated like this.


「I’m sorry, but I’m serious. I won’t forgive you if you put a single hand on Souta.」


I glare at the men as I try and make my voice as intimidating as possible. However, the effect is minimal at best.


… Can’t they just do something already.


In that case, I’ll be able to beat them up in legitimate self-defense.

While thinking such a thing, the black-clad foreigner, who was standing in the middle, spoke.


「Brave girl, you don’t have to be so cautious. We don’t plan to do anything to this man right now.」


Surprisingly, the man spoke in fluent Japanese.

However, the tone he used was like it was out of a drama, coupled with his appearance, he gave off a strange presence.


「… In that case, why did you bring Souta to such a place?」


There is nothing in this man’s words that I could believe, but, I wanted to know the reason that they were approaching Souta.


「Today, I’m just here to introduce myself. After that, there was something I wanted to suggest.」


The man proceeded to introduce himself with a pompous attitude.


「My name is Aimok Hultur. I am now the leader of Ouroboros. And, I am the one who will become the king of this country.」


… What’s with those scary words.

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2 years ago

Chuuuuuniiiibyouuuuu! I’m dying laughing! “King of the country”, oh, wait, is it the ‘country’ music? Omg, was it not a high school place? This is funny, I dont even care anymore if he’s a genuine prince!
Oh, n’ i bet souta gonna find out Alice is his ‘deceased’ friend.
Anyways! Thx 4the chappy!

2 years ago

…..he’s gonna do what now?

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

The previously mentioned delinquent drama is here now, I wonder how things will develop from here.

A Citizen Reading a story
A Citizen Reading a story
2 years ago

Shit I was almost thinking “did they go back to the other world”
That’s some intense chuuni there….

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

Ever read a couple lines that makes your mind go blank? I mean really? What the **********. Seriously? No joke? Is he actually quoting something?
Anyway a great chapter to break from the previous yuri and dangerous stuff.
Thanks for the translation!