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Next Novel Teaser

    This is a bonus teaser for you guys who decided to open this tag.

    This is the first half of the first chapter to a novel I’m thinking of translating. It hasn’t been edited yet, so read at your own risk.

    Cheat Mage, Reincarnation

    「Sorry. Abel. Can you leave our party.」

    On a certain day.

    Towards me, Abel, these words were said by the leader of this party, the hero, Roy.

    Suddenly I received those two sentences.

    「The world is almost at peace now. Even if we don’t have you we can beat the remnants of the demons. I don’t believe that a grand magician such as yourself needs to be at the front line any longer.」

    Yes, we had saved this world.

    Due to the cooperation of in the hero party lead by Roy, 《The Demon King of Twilight》, an evil demon that brought a dark era to the world, was defeated.

    There were no creatures stronger than us in this world any more.

    「If that’s the case, don’t worry about it. I enjoy being in this party.」


    Roy responded to my words with a strong tone.

    「You are aware of it, right? The 《Amber》 colored eyes you have, they are unneeded in this peaceful world.」

    No words came out this time.

    I understood Roy’s words that slowly entered my head.

    In this world, 《Eyes》 are a signifier of ones 《Ability》.

    The aptitude of ones magic appears as the color of ones eyes.

    If one is suitable for fire magic, then their eyes will be the burning red 《Shakugan》 water magic 《Hekigan》 wind magic 《Midorime》 and so on.

    But, apart from those, there is another color.

    A color that could use all of the attributes and could reach the highest peak power if trained.

    That is, the golden 《Kohakume》 that I have.

    These amber eyes were both a symbol of 《the worst》 and 《the strongest》 in this world.

    This is because over 90% of the demons in this world have the same 《Kohakume》 as me.

    「This is not a bad thing for you either. In this peaceful world, the next fight will be between humans. At that time, you would be persecuted as a symbol of sin.」

    That’s right.

    Roy’s argument is not wrong.

    In this world, people who have 《Kohakume》 are called 『reincarnations of demons』 and have stones thrown at them by villagers from the moment they are born.

    Besides, I’m not just a magician.

    I was considered the strongest in the hero party, and was the magician who defeated the Demon King.

    A hero strong enough to defeat the Demon King, to humans they will be indistinguishable from the demons.

    「Of course, it isn’t just about leaving the party. You know the island that is far to the west of here?

    It’s the isolated island where we defeated the Kraken. I have had a villa prepared on that island. You can live happily there–」

    「That’s enough.」

    It was enough to make me laugh.

    This hero, are you trying to dump me, your long time companion, on some small solitary island?

    I don’t want to see your face any more. Please leave.

    「I will leave as requested.」

    「Is that so. Sorry. I don’t currently have the documents for that villa–」

    「However, I don’t feel like following your plan.」


    The rest of this chapter will be available some time later, maybe never, on yintranslations(dot)com