Shrine Maiden Ch.73

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 73

Brother And Sister (True Feelings)


「… I’ll sit beside you.」


Yuna placed her change of clothes in the corner of the room, then sat down next to me on the bed.

My fists had been clenched since she entered the room, it’s natural when thinking about what is going to happen next, I couldn’t stay calm.

Every time Yuna moved, parts of her arms and shoulders became bare. Even though I’ve seen her skin countless times, I couldn’t stop the rapid beating of my heart.

I could smell a soft citrus scent coming from Yuna.


「… Yuna, are you wearing perfume?」


「Yeah… Do you not like it?」


「That’s not it. It’s a good smell…」


『Ikuto-san, your heart is throbbing. Yuna is very sexy.』




At Alicia’s open remark, both me and Yuna’s faces turned red as we sat there in silence.

However, the awkward silence was immediately broken by Alicia’s words as she continued.


『Well then, let’s start with a kiss first.』


Alicia said that casually.


「Wa, wait, Alicia! It would be bad for me to take Yuna’s first kiss! Besides that, it’s also my–」


『Because I’m with Ikuto-san, bringing your bodies together isn’t cheating. In that case, isn’t it strange if something like kissing is treated differently?』


「E, even if that is that case…」


Hisui had refrained from kissing me when we did it with her. For girls, their first kiss is a special moment, even I understand that.

… Besides, it’s also my first time. No, as a man, I don’t care about my first kiss.


「It’s fine with us kissing. Besides, my first kiss was already given to my onii-chan when I was little, so isn’t it too late to be saying this?」


「Th, that’s right…」


「So you don’t remember it after all… Well, it’s fine, let’s quickly do it?」


Saying that, Yuna puckered her lips and moved towards me, her eyes were closed.

Our mouths will touch each other. Even though it’s a simple act, I find it difficult to make the move. Even counting when I was a child, this will be the first time I intentionally kissed someone.


『Ikuto-san, give Yuna a kiss…』


As I was hesitating, Alicia urged me forward with a whisper. I stopped thinking, and brought my face closer to Yuna’s.

In front of me was Yuna’s face with her eyes closed, I also closed mine.

A soft and fluffy feeling could be felt on my lips.




The soft parts overlap, and a warmth can be felt.

Not wanting Yuna to feel my breath, I make my breathing shallow.




Alicia’s voice spilled out like a sigh.


『Ikuto-san… Please put your tongue in Yuna’s mouth.』


At Alicia’s instruction, I could feel Yuna’s lips twitch nervously. However, there was no objection or protest from her… On the contrary, her lips opened a little to allow me in.


My escape has already been removed.

After some hesitation, I steeled myself and deepened the kiss.


I opened my mouth slightly and timidly extended my tongue.

As the tip of my tongue touched Yuna’s lips, she trembled. After moving my tongue to confirm the shape of her lips, I slowly entered Yuna’s mouth through the opened gap.


My tongue touches another soft and moist object, Yuna’s tongue.

I nudged it with my own as if greeting it.

There was a slightly rough feeling, as our sensitive membranes touched each other.

My body trembled in pleasure as if an electric current ran through it.

In order to continue that feeling, I moved my tongue inside Yuna’s mouth.

There was a pleasant feeling each time I did, I was hooked on it as I continued to attack Yuna’s mouth.

Eventually, Yuna began to move her tongue in sync with my own.

Our membranes touch, and our saliva mixes. I was completely immersed in it, and my entire body was concentrated on the sensation given by my tongue.

We entwined our tongues, each bringing pleasure to the other.


『Fuaa… Ikuto-san… More, I want more.』


While listening to Alicia’s words, the act accelerated.

Holding Yuna’s cheek in my hand, I pushed my tongue deeper into her mouth. Our tongue entwined with each other like they had a will of their own, a wet sound can be heard.


『Haa… Kissing, it feels really good. Ikuto-san…』


While my eyes were closed and I listened to Alicia’s voice, for a moment, I fell into an illusion that I was kissing Alicia.

Even though it’s something that would never come true, I became even more absorbed in the act.

Me, Alicia and Yuna, are mixing and melting.  I completely entrusted myself to that feeling.


— How much time has passed.

I had continued even after breathing became painful, Yuna had continued to respond as I demanded more.

When our lips finally parted, a string of saliva drew a thread between us.

In my blurry vision, there was Yuna, with a loose look. Our lips had become completely covered in saliva.

Both of our breaths had become shallow, and I panted in the afterglow.


『… Amazing, that was wonderful.』


Alicia’s absent-minded voice entered my head.


「… Kissing is amazing. I didn’t know that it could feel so good.」


『I didn’t know either… It seems that you’ve gotten quite wet.』


The state of my body is completely known by Alicia.

However, please don’t say something like that to Yuna in this situation.

Though I worried about my appearance to Yuna, it seems that she didn’t hear what Alicia had said, she was looking down while silent.


「… What is it, Yuna?」


「S, sorry… I’m okay. I’m just a little absentminded…」


It’s no wonder, having no experience with kissing, it was probably too stimulating for her.


「That reminds me, Alice has been using the same tone that you used in the past.」


「Ah, that’s right… It seems I slipped into it a while back… I can go back to talking like Alice if you want?」


The tone I use as Alice has been completely ingrained in this body, usually the tone I used a Ikutari only ever comes out on an unconscious level.

Did I return to my old tone because I’m conscious of my imouto? Regardless, I think I can return to how I speak as Alice without any problems if I try.


「It, it’s fine as it is…」


While averting her gaze, Yuna said that.


『Can Yuna also return to calling Ikuto-san onii-chan again?』


「W, wh… Why!?」


『Because, doesn’t Yuna love Ikuto-san? It’s a different type of love than you have for me and Alice, right?』


… That, I wonder if Yuna is a bro-con.


「Th, th… There’s no such thing! My love is that of a family member. I am your onee-chan.」


『Isn’t that how it is after Ikuto-san became Alice? … You don’t have to hide it from me.』


「B, but, it’s not normal. If us siblings were seen like that, papa and mama would be sad.」


『Is that really true? The current Ikuto-san and Yuna have no connection by blood. In addition, it already isn’t normal for a woman to be with another woman. Therefore, isn’t it fine already? For Yuna to let out your true feelings?』


「But, if onii-chan refuses me, I…」


『Ikuto-san only saw Yuna as his imouto, but, has still gone through with this because of my wishes. Such an Ikuto-san, has no reason to refuse Yuna.』


「That, what should I do. I…」


Yuna was in love with me, that’s what they’re getting at, right?

If I was still Ikutari, I think it’s a feeling I could never accept.

However, now that I’ve become Alice, I might be able to accept her feelings. Because it’s impossible for two women to make a fatal mistake.


… Well, it’s a bit late to ask this when I’m already doing this with my imouto.


In the first place, I love Alicia, so there is a fundamental problem with accepting other people’s feelings… Well, it’s already too late for that now as well. After all, this is something that Alicia herself wants.


「I will not refuse Yuna. Though I can’t respond to your feelings because of my love for Alicia, Yuna is my important family, she is a special girl to me.」


「O, onii-chan…」


『That’s good, Yuna.』


「I thought I would always have to hide it, because I am his imouto, I can never love my onii-chan… But, that’s enough. I’ll convey this feeling.」


Yuna holds her hands tightly to her chest.


「I love onii-chan. Not as your imouto, but as a girl.」


Tears overflowed from her eyes. I don’t know how much Yuna suffered from having been in love with her older brother. However, I can imagine it was filled with painful things.


「Onii-chan already has Alicia, I know that. But, just like Hisui-nee, I want to be together with you. Even if it’s only a memory…」


This was imouto, Yuna, who had always followed behind my back.

After I became Alice, she had always supported me as an older sister.

And now, she confessed that she had feeling for me when I was Ikutari.


I feel that Yuna is important to me, and I truly love her. Though it is the love I have for my family, right now, I decided to look at Yuna as a girl.


「… That’s why, onii-chan. Please embrace me.」


With an expression that was both smiling and crying, Yuna told me that.

At that time, I decided to embrace my imouto in the true sense of the word.

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