Shrine Maiden Ch.72

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 72

Brother And Sister (Yuna)


Having finished washing my body, I wiped my body dry then changed into a fresh set of clothes in the dressing room.

I had hesitated on what to wear after getting out of the shower. I considered only wearing the bath towel, but decided that things like that are best left in 2-D, and put on my usual house wear instead.

However, the underwear I chose was matching pair with a pink lace style, it was the so called “victory” underwear.


「Even though it’s called that, it isn’t just used when you’re preparing for a man. It’s something you wear if you want to get pumped up for an exam, or the type of underwear you put on if you know you’re going to have to change clothes with others during a trip.」


While telling me that, Yuna had chosen it for me.

I had never imagined that I would be wearing this underwear for its original purpose.

Covering it with a camisole, then putting on a one-piece dress, I completed the outfit.

When I first obtained this body, I had always felt uneasy unless I wore pants, now, I’ve become completely used to not wearing them.

I look at myself in the full-length mirror. Having spent my daily life in this house, my appearance was the same as usual.

However, in reality, I would soon be in an extraordinary world where I’m embracing my imouto.


After telling Yuna that I was out of the shower, I returned to my room. My interactions with Yuna have certainly become awkward since we talked.


Having returned to my room, I wasn’t sure how to spend the time.

On the sheets of the bed, I had laid out a bath towel like usual, I can’t think of anything else that I need to prepare.

The toy that Hisui gave me is hidden in one of the drawers under the bed, however, it won’t be used with Yuna as my partner.

I sat down on the bed and took out my smartphone in order to try and kill time, however, the words on the pages don’t even enter my head as I browse the net. I don’t feel like playing a game either, so I just put my phone down on the bedside.

I take one of my pillows and hug it while losing myself in thought.


「Can I really embrace Yuna like this…?」


I asked the question that had constantly been on my mind.

I didn’t bother to convert it to my usual tone as Alice. (TN: Aka he used “Boku” instead of “Watashi”)


『… Is this unpleasant for Ikuto-san after all?』


Hearing my words, Alicia asks me that again. Have I started to make Alicia feel uneasy?


「It’s not like that… I’ve never felt sexual feelings for Yuna before. I think Alicia also understands that.」


『If you say so, that’s probably the case.』


I have never lusted after my imouto before.

Though my body did respond when she washed it, it was only in a physical sense, it’s different from being aroused in a mental sense.

Even when I had worn Yuna’s underwear, I had only felt unpleasant. If it was underwear from a different girl, I think it would have been stained rather quickly.


「So when we do this with Yuna, there is a chance that I may fail to have such feelings. If that happens, then it is due to my own problem and I don’t want you to feel depressed because of it.」


The important thing here is to erase Alicia’s fears about receiving pleasure from a person other than me.

However, if I fail to see Yuna as a partner, there is the possibility that it may cause the opposite effect.

Even if I just act like I’m enjoying it, and let out a pretend voice, it won’t be enough to fool Alicia.


『I understand, but, I don’t think you need to worry about that.』


「Is that so…」


『Because, Yuna is cute. Ikuto-san should know that as well.』


Looking at it objectively, I think Yuna, with her raven-black long hair, is a beautiful school girl. However, that isn’t what matters right now. It’s that she is my imouto.


Like that, I spent the time talking with Alicia.

Eventually, a knock was heard on the door to my room.


I responded to it with a nervous voice, the door was opened and Yuna walked into the room.

I held my breath seeing her appearance.

Yuna was wearing a bath towel around her body, she wasn’t wearing anything else.

Both hands were held as if to hide her chest, a change of clothes was also in her hands.

Yuna’s naked skin was familiar to me. I can’t count the number of times we’ve bathed together, I’ve seen her completely nude time and time again.

However, the girl in front of me who had a bashful look in her eyes, gave off an impression that was completely different from the Yuna I had previously seen.

The bare skin of her shoulder between her neck and collarbone. Her chest that was being hidden in her arms. The beautiful curves of her body that can’t be hidden by the bath towel. Her slender legs that were unblemished from her feet to her thighs. An indescribable feeling comes over me.


「… Please don’t stare at me.」


Yuna looked away as she called out my gaze.

Her face had a tinge of red, and her eyes were wet.

Having this appearance shown to me, the picture I had of Yuna as my sister completely vanished.

What was left, was that a girl filled with uneasiness and anticipation about what was going to happen.


— Badump, I could hear the sound of my heart beating.


… What is this?


I can’t hide my embarrassment of the feelings that came over me.


『– So, everything is good, right?』


Alicia’s voice echoed through my head like a devil’s whisper.

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2 years ago

Why would you drop a cliffhanger like this?!

2 years ago
Reply to  Fossil

Its names demon lord cliff

A Citizen Reading a story
A Citizen Reading a story
2 years ago

Technically its not NTR.. BOTH the husband (turned trap) and wife are getting it at the same time.

Threesome? Even better since both of them went full ahegao….

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

When something that should be forbidden, feels allowed, just a little. Now i see why the novel has both echii and mature tags, now it might need more 😀
Thanks for the chapters today!

2 years ago

I have to say, it’s probably only in these last few years that I’ve become able to read such a novel. I think had I come across this earlier, when I less tainted and corrupted ( I’ll leave it to the imagine what I’ve read and watched in the process), that I would of dropped it. Now instead I’m eagerly looking forward to more, even more so with an ending like today’s. Thanks for the releases.

Ms. Alisa Hutako
Ms. Alisa Hutako
2 years ago

Ah the forbidden fruit of lust between siblings~! So delicious~! We need more Translator-chan~! More I tell you~!!

Also~ Viva El Yuri~!

2 years ago

Lol! Yep! That’s a total devil’s whisper right there. This will be fun~
Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

Hisui has infected them all with the pervert syndrome

2 years ago

So I have an imagined bad end.

Alice/Alicia continued to seek out the company of girls Itsuko had been close with.
She didn’t realize it yet, but it served as a distraction to take her mind off of certain things.
At first Alicia felt that sleeping with the other girls was driven by Alice/Itsuko’s needs.
The fact that she happened to enjoy it, as was discovered with Sana, was hardly her fault.
It was only a biological reaction.
However, as time passed, Alice and Alicia’s emotions and desires continued to come into sync.
In particular, the things that Alice wanted, moved closer to the things that Alicia wanted.

One way or another, just like each of Alice/Alicia’s other encounters, Alice/Alicia found herself sleeping with Souta.
The situation never was explained to him.
In the heat of the moment, Alicia couldn’t help but mentally replace him with Itsuko.
But when Alicia realized that she had replaced Souta with Itsuko, she noticed something else.
Alice was silent.
In fact, Alicia was controlling her body for the first time in months.
Alicia came to the conclusion that by enjoying Souta’s company, she seriously hurt Alice/Itsuko.
But that isn’t quite right.
Now that she was forced to confront the situation, Alicia knew that Itsuko held no attraction to Souta.
He would not have wanted to sleep with Souta.
Alicia had always justified sleeping with the girls “because of Alice/Itsuko’s preferences and needs”.
But this was entirely driven “by Alicia’s preferences and needs”.
Why had Alice/Itsuko gone along with this idea?
Why had he pretended to willing sleep with Souta?
He hadn’t.

2 years ago
Reply to  BAD END (1)

Even back when Alice/Alicia slept with Sana for the first time, it was already something that Itsuko would never do.
Already from then, Alice’s “preferences and needs” had allinged with Alicia’s.
Because Alice wasn’t real.
Hadn’t Alice controlled their body this entire time?
Becuase of the magic spell Alicia cast?
The Demon King’s final blow left a gaping hole in Itsuko’s chest; it was fatal, and he died that instant.
There existed no magic spell that could save the dead.
All Alicia could do, was return to Itsuko’s world, with his memories.
And so, she fooled herself into believing that Itsuko was still with her.
She constructed the lie that she fed to herself and Itsuko’s friends and family using his memories.
Deep down inside, however, she was unbearably lonely and heartbroken.
Alicia pursued the companionship of the girls Itsuko was close to, passing it off as Alice/Itsuko’s interest in them.
But finally, her lie was broken.

Alicia tried to be happy with Souta, filling the hole in her own chest.
Unfortunately, the best she could do was to replace him with Itsuko’s image, and drown out her thoughts with pleasure.
Alicia continued to suffer from the PTSD of herself and Itsuko.
Itsuko’s parents were able to move on, despite loosing their son for a second time.
As mature adults, they focused on looking after the new daughter.
Sadly, tradgedies would continue to strike that family.
Souta found happiness after resolving his guilt over Itsuko’s death.
The cute girlfriend enthusiastic about Wisou had basically replaced him anyhow.
Years later on their honeymoon, an intoxicated, pillowtalking Alicia confessed to “Itsuko”.
This time, the body did wash up to shore.
For Hisui and Sana, things deteriorated much more quickly.

BAD END (Hisui)
BAD END (Hisui)
2 years ago
Reply to  BAD END (1)

BAD END (Hisui)
Hisui can see spirits.
Hisui was just a normal girl who happened to grow up working at the family shrine.
But when the boy she secretly loved disappeared one day, she couldn’t withstand the grief.
So she became convieniently delusional.
You see, Hisui “had always had a special ability”.
She convinced herself that she could see spirits, but she couldn’t see Ikuto’s.
Maybe, he wasn’t really dead.
So when a girl who behaved exactly like the boy she loved appeared, her unhealthy and unstable mind suggested an idea.
“What if, that girl, is Ikuto?”
There at the funeral for the boy she loved and whom she knew was somehow still alive, his spirit appeared.
Within the body of another girl.
Hisui latched onto this, and became very possive, not to mention intimate with Alice/Alicia.
The lie that Alicia told, perfectly matched her own delusions.
But now she was told that Ikuto really was dead, his body lying there in another world, a gaping hole in his chest.
Everything she believed, her gift, his spirit, it was all just a disgusting lie.
Perhaps Hisui could have consoled herself with the girl she was in love with, even if Ikuto wasn’t there too.
Unfortunately, Alicia was now together with her older brother, Souta, who was still blissfully unaware of the hurtful truth.
It was a tragedy for the family when Hisui was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and so shortly after the loss of a family friend.

bad end
bad end
2 years ago

Sorry the dupe above can be deleted, on my screen it is out of order. Also appologies to anyone who actually reads these and notices the typos. I was writing in notepad, and I couldn’t remember the names so I winged it LOL. And then forgot to proof-read.