Shrine Maiden Ch.71

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 71

Brother And Sister (The Feelings Of The Three)


「… How did it end up like this?」


Both of my hands were placed on the wall of the bathroom, while the water from the shower pounded against the back of my head, I instinctively let out such words.


『As expected, is it unpleasant? Because this is my selfishness, if you don’t want to do it, we can stop now…』


Seeing me uneasy about the situation, Alicia suggests that.


「I don’t dislike it. But, honestly, I’m still a bit conflicted…」


『… Is that so. Then, since Yuna is waiting, let’s finish washing quickly?』


「… Yeah.」


As I pick up the shampoo, I looked back at how this situation came to be.

… Where did it all go wrong?


※ ※ ※


「Alicia, that is…」


I had trouble responding to Alicia’s unexpected proposal. It wasn’t because it was good or bad, but because I was simply confused.


『… Is it not okay?』


「Well, me and Yuna are brother and sister…」


『Is there something wrong with it being between a brother and sister? There were many siblings in the temple I grew up in, among them, it was normal for some of them to love each other.』


Because the temple doubled as an orphanage, the brothers and sisters that Alicia is talking about aren’t real siblings. For Alicia, who was raised while being isolated from the outside world, it seems that the common sense of there being a taboo for relationships between siblings is missing.


「Umm, Alicia. The brothers and sisters you’re talking about aren’t related by blood.」


Yuna struggles to explain it.


『Is it bad if they share the same blood?』


Seeming confused, Alicia asks me for the reason.


「W, well, if you have a children with a close relative, it’s easier for children with disabilities to be born…」


『But Ikuto-san is a woman now, so isn’t it impossible for you to have a child with Yuna?』


「But, Yuna and I are still connected by blood, so it would be a problem to have such a relationship…」


『Because Ikuto-san is in my body now, there isn’t a connection of blood between you and Yuna, so there shouldn’t be a problem?』


「If you say that, even if it’s true…」


But, I am still Yuna’s older brother.


『Does Ikuto-san find the idea of doing it with Yuna unpleasant?』


「If I’m honest, I’ve never even considered it before.」


『If Ikuto-san finds it unpleasant, I don’t intend to force you to do it.』


「I don’t necessarily hate it, and if it’s what Alicia desires, then I want to make it come true… Rather, in the first place, it would be better to get permission from Yuna instead of from me…」


『… Why is that?』


「Why… Because even if you get my permission, it’s still important that you get Yuna’s permission as well.」


「Ah, I –」


『But, Yuna isn’t going to reject Ikuto-san.』


Blocking Yuna, who was trying to say something, Alicia answered as if it was natural.

At that moment, I saw Yuna’s face turn bright red.


「Ah, ah… I…!」


Both of Yuna’s hands were trust out and wandering in the air.

It is obvious that she’s completely flustered.


「It’s okay, Yuna, so calm down. Come on, breath in, then out.」


As the two of us take deep breaths, Yuna started to calm down.

After a few more deep breaths, Yuna seems to have regained her composure.


「I’m sorry, I’m okay now…」


「So, as expected, it’s unpleasant? Even if it’s Alicia’s wish to do such a thing…」


「I don’t find it unpleasant!」


At first, I was surprised by the volume of her voice, then I was hit by the delayed shock of the content of her words.


「… I don’t dislike it. It’s just like Alicia said. Even though I was surprised, when I thought about doing it with Alice, I accepted it right away. Strangely, there is no feeling of disgust whatsoever, that’s why I was panicking… However, how did Alicia know I would feel like that?」


『When you look towards Ikuto-san, I have been watching you through Ikuto-san’s eyes. Even though it seems that you didn’t realize it yourself, I did notice it.』


「Uu… I, so people saw?」


Having it openly stated that other people knew about how she felt before she was even aware of it herself, Yuna’s face showed bewilderment.


「Even so, I didn’t notice…」


Honestly, I doubt Alicia’s ability to detect that. Since Alicia never knew her family, I don’t think she can distinguish the feeling of love between relatives from actual affection.

Between me and Yuna, I can confidently say we love each other as family.


「But, is Alicia okay with it? When it happens, I will be touching Alice’s skin.」


『Isn’t the purpose of doing this to confirm if I’m okay with it? In addition, Yuna isn’t only looking at Ikuto-san, I know that you will look at me properly… So, I am happy to do it with Yuna.』


「… What should I do at a time like this.  I wonder if this is how Hisui-nee felt. Before this, I couldn’t imagine doing it with another girl, yet, I feel like I understand her feeling now.」


『Thank you, Yuna. I love you.』


「I also like Alicia. I think the feelings I have for you are as strong as with my family, so, if Alicia wishes for it… I think I can do it.」


Yuna’s face is a deep red as she says such a thing. In spite of her being my younger sister, it was a lovable appearance.


『Well, Yuna has agreed to it. So then, how about you, Ikuto-san?』


「… If Yuna is okay with it, I don’t hate the idea.」


『Well then, Ikuto-san has also agreed to it! Thank you.』


I looked at Yuna again. It’s the same Yuna that was always there, I still can’t believe that I’m going to embrace her, feeling start to well up inside me.

Yuna’s eyes also wandered in the air as if she was in heat, as soon as she noticed my gaze, she shyly averted her eyes. Both of her hands tightly grasped her knees.


「… Please take a shower first and wait in your room. I will take a shower after you.」


「Y, yeah…」


As I was told, I stood up and went to my room to prepare for a shower.


— And, we arrived at the present.


I don’t think that it’s a bad thing.

Me, Alicia and Yuna, we all cherish each other, and we all have the desire to solve Alicia’s troubles.

However, why do I have to do lewd things with Yuna, I understood the reason, but still couldn’t fully grasp it.

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A Citizen Reading a story
A Citizen Reading a story
2 years ago

Lillies everywhere…

From the spoilers,

I really don’t mind it, JUST PLEASE be HISUIS BROTHER.

If it is ANYONE ELSE this story deserves mindbreak and NTR tags, otherwise I can understand, as long as the author takes time to flesh out the relationship.
Hisui’s brother so far had been a pretty great guy.

2 years ago

Hisui’s brother is a good guy indeed…but well..

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

Dayum, this is heading in 18+ area fast.
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Another person being drawn into the world of yuri~
Thanks for the new chapter!

Random Reader 123
Random Reader 123
2 years ago

BOI! has this went from 0 to 60 in a flash!