Shrine Maiden Ch.70

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 70

Brother And Sister (Alicia’s Worries)


When I came home from school, I fell down face first on the living room sofa.

I haven’t spoken a word with Alicia since talking with Hisui.


The sound of the front door opening can be heard, followed by the sound of Yuna announcing her return.

The living room door opened and Yuna approached me.


「Alice… Are you sleeping? You should change out of your uniform before doing that. It’ll get wrinkled.」


「… It’ll be fine if I just leave it.」


「With you looking like a dead fish, you don’t have any persuasive power even if you say it’s fine… What’s going on?」


I felt Yuna sit down on the upper end of the sofa that was arranged in a U shape. Incidentally, my head was facing towards the middle of the U where she sat.


「I thought you were going to club activities… So that you could explain your circumstances to Sounii.」


「I wasn’t able to meet Souta today.」


「… Well then, is it something to do with Hisui-nee?」




「Bull’s eye… Right? Let me guess, you were tempted by Hisui-nee and it made Alicia upset and offended, right?」


Yuna sharply guessed the correct scenario.


「Wh… Why, how do you know that!?」


「Of course I understand that something like this would happen… Hey, Alicia, can you hear me? If it’s okay, please talk to me. If you don’t want Alice to hear it, you can just talk directly to me.」




「Are you okay? … Do you want to talk just between the two of us?」


『No, it’s fine like this. Ikuto-san, can I ask you to sit up?』


I lift up my body in response to Alicia’s request, then turn to face Yuna. Alicia begins to talk after thanking me.


『It’s about what happened after school today. When we met with Hisui-san in the club room and talked about the Christmas party, we decided that we would go together.』


「So Hisui-nee is coming to the Christmas party…」


『After that, there was an indirect invitation from Hisui-san to do something after the party, which Ikuto-san refused because he had promised to spend the night with me.』


「… That’s it? From what I’m hearing, there doesn’t seem to be a problem…」


『That is… Because we are sharing a body, I understood something else. When we were invited by Hisui-san, Ikuto-san’s body reacted to it…』


Yuna seems to have guessed the rest of the circumstances based on Alicia’s muddled words, she turned her cold gaze towards me.


「Alice, you…」


Yuna talks to me with a heartless tone.


「Uu, I’m ashamed of it…」


I have no words to respond with.

It’s no mistake that I’m the person in the wrong for being tempted by Hisui both here and during the hot springs trip. These actions conflict with my confession of love for Alicia, it’s shameful.


「I understand that Alice was bad. Alicia is right to be angry.」


『… It’s different!』


Alicia denies Yuna’s words.

… How is it different? The person in the wrong is definitely me.


『I don’t intend to blame Ikuto-san for what happened. Rather, I was shocked by something else — It’s about me.』


「… Something about you?」


『When we were invited by Hisui-san, Ikuto-san reacted to it. However, I also reacted to it…』


Alicia confessed this as if she’s repenting for her sins.


『I had lost myself that night, and was completely drowned in pleasure. Since then, there has a part of me that keeps thinking about being given that pleasure by her again…』


On that day, I had completely surrendered to the frustrating pleasure given by Hisui.

However, Hisui wasn’t satisfied with just me, and continued until Alicia also pleaded for more, she even continued to tease us afterwards.


『Even though I swore to give Ikuto-san both my body and heart, I’ve come to enjoy someone other than Ikuto-san touching my body. Having noticed that about myself, I’m scared…』


Even when I had surrendered and pleaded for more from Hisui, Alicia was desperately trying to endure.

When Alicia finally gave in to it, she had kept apologizing and calling my name in response to my voice.

And, at Alicia, who had kept refusing Hisui’s acts, and was being driven crazy as the pleasure continued to pile up, I was filled with a perverted immorality as I received the same pleasure.


「It’s okay, Alicia… Because I feel the same as you…」


With my words, the barrier around Alicia’s heart had collapsed, and the two of us were drowned in the pleasure given by Hisui.


『… Ikuto-san, do you despise me for such a thing?』


Alicia asks me that in a tone that can’t hide her anxiety.


「That’s not true! In the first place, the entire situation was my fault.」


『However, I gave myself away to pleasure that was given by someone other that Ikuto-san.』


「I’m the one who let that happen… I’m truly sorry if I made you feel unpleasant.」


『Unpleasant… wasn’t how I felt. However, I’ve become confused about how I really feel…』


「Sorry, can you both wait for a moment? … Alicia seems to be focusing on the fact that it was someone other than Alice who gave her pleasure, however, isn’t it different than that since you are both together?」


Yuna tries to persuade Alicia.


『Is, is that so…?』


「Because Alicia was with Alice at the time, I think you were able to give in to whatever Hisui-nee did to you. So, when questioning if Alicia betrayed Alice, I don’t think you have to worry about that.」


I follow up on Yuna’s words.


「In the first place, I had never thought that I was cheating. I also knew that Alicia was with me, and… We were both able to feel good. On top of that, if you tell me that you didn’t like it, I swear I will never do it again.」


『Ah… Umm…  If Ikuto-san doesn’t hate it, then I also don’t hate it… Honestly, I’m having trouble understanding my feelings about it.』


Alicia seemed puzzled by the feelings that had came over her at the time.


「If you’re worrying about it that much, why not talk to Hisui-nee and try it again? I’m sure she’ll be happy to go out with you again.」


Yuna makes such a proposal.


『… But, I’m scared. If we asked Hisui-san to do it again and don’t like it, I feel it would be difficult to stop Hisui-san after she gets started…』


Because of her promise to do it only once, Hisui has been refraining from doing anything to me.

However, if I give her permission, I can’t imagine what the result will be.


『… Therefore, can I make this a request of Yuna, or is it no good…?』


That, what Alicia was asking, went far beyond what we could imagine.

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A Citizen Reading a story
A Citizen Reading a story
2 years ago

…That’s a dangerously kinky confession

Filip Dinca
Filip Dinca
2 years ago

It seemed quite normal, until that last line, then “NANI?”
Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!
Lol! Alicia crossijg borders in unexpected ways. XD