Shrine Maiden Ch.7

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 7

Relaxing After The Bath



Having finished my bath, I sat down on the living room sofa with a cup and a cold cola that was in the refrigerator.


I pour the contents of the bottle into the glass and take a sip.


「Nn–, having a cold cola after a bath is great…」


『What is this!? It’s fizzy inside my mouth — but it’s cold and tasty!』


「This is cola. The carbonation in the mouth is delicious, isn’t it?」


Now that I think about it, it seems I was quite thirsty. My body wants to drink more.


I started to drink it like I always did.


Yet, I couldn’t hold as much in Alicia’s small mouth as I used to be able to and started to involuntarily cough.


「… What are you doing, onii-chan.」


Coming down from the second floor was Yuna who was amazed at the sight of me.


「It’s because I haven’t had cola is such a long time…」


「… Mou, don’t get your clothes dirty. On top of that, onii-chan is a girl now, try to act more ladylike.」


Yuna’s words sounded a little strange to me.


「Mom had always told you to be more graceful, I can’t believe ‘that’ Yuna is telling me to be more ladylike.」


「… Mou, it’s different from a year ago.」


The sulking Yuna brings a feeling of nostalgia.


… I’ve really come back.


「So, there is still time before mom comes back, what will you do? I’ll be shopping for dinner.」


「Nn–, what should I do… I feel like I’m already half asleep…」


「Do you want to watch anime? I’ve recorded some shows that you liked over the past year.」




It’s a fantastic feeling to have a mountain of unwatched anime.


「Fufu-n, will you praise me?」


「God, Buddha, Yuna-sama!」


「If you’re grateful call me onee-chan in Alicia-san’s tone.」


「Thank you, I love you onee-chan!」


「Fuaaa, so cute…」


It makes Yuna faint. If it gives her this much joy, flattery like this isn’t a big deal.


Yuna took a large DVD case from the glass shelf under the TV and handed it to me. (TN: DVD? People still use those?)


I open the case and go through the contents one by one.


「…Uwaa, this!」


Inside the case were DVDs with titles of series written on each of them. The first was one that I had only been able to watch a few episodes of, followed by some unknown titles and some titles of manga and novels causing my excitement to increase.


「So this got an anime… Nn — I wonder what I should watch first.」


『Ikuto-san, what is an anime? Also, what is this silver thing.』


「Nn-, it’s probably better for you to see it than explain it… Yeah, let’s do this!」


I continued looking until I found a DVD I was interested in.


On it was the title of a web novel I liked.


「Let’s see, let’s put in this DVD onee-chan.」


Yuna stood up and inserted the DVD into the player on the TV stand. After the loading screen, the story began to play.


Vast nature, monsters and magic, a status bar, this work was based on the so called VRMMO.


Alicia was thrilled by the beautiful images and dynamic sound that was constantly in flux, she asks questions one after another, I give her answers each time.


I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself because of it, but it was still fun.


Because of Alicia’s mission as a shrine maiden, it was rare for her to spend time with friends of her own age, it seems that she often spent her leisure time thinking about stories she had read.


So, she was completely captivated by the colourful animation in front of her.


Though the protagonist in the story we were watching was originally a man, he somehow became a girl. While suffering from heartbreak, the protagonist heals his wound little by little by interacting with his friends in a VRMMO world. Eventually, the protagonist begins to have romantic feeling for his close male friend — It’s that type of story.


『The circumstances of this protagonist and Ikuto-san are somewhat similar.』


I also thought that. It’s the reason why I wanted to watch this work. I had enjoyed it as a fantasy when I had first read the story, but had never expected that I would end up in a similar situation.


『… Will Ikuto-san also someday fall in love with a man?』 (TN:Plz no.)


『Haa!? Why would I! I’m a man.』


『But, now you’re a girl right? Although I know that some people like the same gender, it is not better to be with a man if you consider having children?』


Together with a man… For a moment I imagined being embraced by someone I don’t know, I immediately reject the thought.


— I have no desire to be NTR’d.


『Forgive me…』


Those words were said from the bottom of my heart.


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