Shrine Maiden Ch.69

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 69

Brother And Sister (Arrival Of Winter)


On a certain day after school, I had come to the Wiso club room.

However, only Hisui was in the room, there wasn’t the person I was hoping to see.


「Hello, Alice, Alicia.」


Hisui, who had her notebook opened and was doing homework, noticed me and gives a greeting.

Both of us returned the greeting.


「I don’t think Souta will be coming today.」


「I see, so it’s like I expected.」


I sat down at the desk across from Hisui, then let out a sigh.


「That guy, what on earth is he doing…」


On the way back from the hot springs trip, I told Hisui and Alicia that I planned to reveal my identity and the details of my circumstances to Souta.

Now that the misunderstanding between Ryouka and Souta has disappeared, there is no reason to hide my identity from him.


「If Souta demands lewd things from Alice because of you keeping silent, make sure to tell me. I will discipline him.」


Hisui, on the other hand, told me that with a serious face… I think that it’s only her that would come up with such a thing.

Even though that guy has scary eyes, and is taller than me. It’s obvious that he is already in love with someone, so it’s impossible that he would ask something like that from me when he has the large chested Ryouka.

That same night, I had sent a message to Souta using my smartphone.


『I’d like to talk with you alone after school tomorrow, are you okay with that time?』


『I’m sorry. I have plans tomorrow… I’m also going to be busy for a while, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to make time. Though it’s bad of me, can you wait until things calm down a little?』


『I understand.』


After that, to the people in the Wiso club, he sent a message that he wouldn’t be coming to club activities for a while.

I didn’t worry about it at the time. Our final exams were happening the next week, so I thought he may have been busy in relation to that.

However, even after the exam period ended, and the month changed to December, Souta still hasn’t appeared for club activities.


「Could it be, that I’m being avoided…?」


I asked Hisui in the club room after school.

As soon as I had the chance to reveal that I was Ikutari, I was hoping to go back to the friendship we had in the past, however, with the present conditions, I was worried that it wouldn’t come true.


… I don’t understand why he would be avoiding me.


「Isn’t it because Souta thinks you’re going to confess to him?」


「… Heh?」


What are you talking about, I don’t understand. Why would I…?


「The love triangle between you and Ryouka is famous around the school. It’s rumored that you two were fighting over Souta in club activities.」


「Why did such a thing…」


『Ikuto-san, you let the rumor spread in class that you liked Souta-san so that you could avoid the boys in class.』


… Ah, there was something like that.


「… Alice, did you really do such a thing?」


「Chi, it’s different! I didn’t intend to do it, nor did I spread it, the girls in my class saw me speaking with Souta and misunderstood things, it was inevitable that it happened…」


「Well, just that is fine… To tell you the truth, that isn’t actually the problem.」




「Do you know about the uproar that was caused when Ryouka was kidnapped by a gang before?」


「I heard about it from Ryouka. It was after Souta annihilated that gang that he started to be called the raging wolf of Hirako…」


「At that time, the leader of the gang was locked away, but it seems that several of the higher ups were let off due to a lack of evidence. Lately, there have been rumors that the surviving members have been planning to take revenge against Souta, he’s even told me that I should be careful.」


Hisui holds out her school bag, a personal alarm was attached to it.


「… In other words, Souta isn’t talking to me because he doesn’t want me to get caught up in it?」


「I think so. So, it’s probably best if you just wait for a reply. … I wonder if he means to answer your confession seriously?」


「Stop talking about it like it’s a love confession… Honestly, it’s disgusting.」


I’m not homosexual.

I want to be with Souta again, with a friendship between men. Since I can’t tell anyone else the truth about me, Souta is the only person I can hope to have that kind of relationship with.


「Even so, that story sounds really bad… If it comes down to a fight, I could help him without any problems.」


「Speaking of which, you’ve been in similar situations while you were in the other world…」


『Yes. Even though we don’t have access to our blessings, and the power of magic is quite limited,  we will still never lose to someone who hasn’t been trained for combat.』


「Though with that appearance. I can’t imagine you fighting, I think the feelings of Souta not wanting to get you involved is natural.」


Well, that’s right.

Those who don’t know about my circumstances will just see a helpless girl.


「If something happens to you or Souta, I want you to tell me. I’ll come to you right away.」


I form my fingers into a fist and hit my chest as I say that.


「Fufuu… You’re so reliable, thank you.」


Though I was saying it seriously, for some reason, Hisui responded with a laugh. Feeling slightly frustrated, I start to pout.

Because I am a man, I want to be relied on during such an event.


「I’m sorry, it’s because Alice is too cute… All right, I’ll properly rely on you. As Ikutari, you always came to help me when I was in a pinch… So, I’ll believe in you.」


Hisui unexpectedly looked straight into my eyes as she said that, I think it’s rather unfair of her to do that. I look away from Hisui and gently slap my cheeks in order to calm my mind.


『Because I am supporting Ikuto-san… Please also rely on me, Hisui-san.』


「Alicia as well, thank you.」


Seeing the stiffness in Alicia’s words, I let out a sigh.


「By the way, will you be going to the Christmas party?」


The Christmas party, organized by the student council, is held on December 24th of each year in the school gym. Since I didn’t have any plans for Christmas, I decided to go to it with Yuna.


「My house is a Shinto shrine, so it has no connection to Christmas. Incidentally, I heard that this year’s party is supposed to be a cosplay party, what do you plan to wear to it?」


「I’ll be borrowing Alicia’s clothing.」


『Although it is the vestment used by the shrine maiden of Minsutia… In this world it will only be seen as cosplay.』


「That’s it, you should come with us in your shrine maiden clothes!」


「My shrine maiden clothes aren’t cosplay… Well, it’s fine. If I say that it’s a way to advertise our shrine, my father will forgive me. I’ll think about it.」


「… Eh? Is it okay?」


「Being able to go to events like this with you is valuable, so I want to participate if possible.」


The year is already coming to an end. Next year, Hisui and Souta will be taking entrance exams. Though I haven’t asked them what career paths they want to follow, whatever they choose, the time we can spend together as students isn’t that long.


「… By the way, is it fine if I plan something for after the party?」


Hisui says that with a smile. Memories of the hot springs trip flash though my head, my face goes red.


『Unfortunately, I already have a reservation for that time!』


Alicia knew that Christmas was a time to be spent with your lover from watching TV and reading Manga, as such, Alicia wanted us to be alone on Christmas night. Of course, there was no reason for me to refuse her.

So far, I’ve been spending the night with Alicia around once a week, there are still many things I’d like to try with her.

… However, my experience with Hisui is still vivid in my memory, closing my eyes, I could still remember the feel and smell of Hisui’s skin.


「Oh, that’s regrettable. If you change your mind, feel free to tell me anytime.」


Hisui stuck out her tongue and traced it with her index finger. It’s an obvious provocation, sadly, my body reacts to that gesture.


『It won’t change! Don’t try to obstruct us on the night of lovers!』


Alicia says that with a strong tone.


「Sorry, Hisui. But that is my plan for Christmas…」


「You don’t need to worry about me. It’s okay, Alicia, I’m not going to put another hand on you guys… That was my promise.」


Hisui gives a smile, then waves her hand as she leaves the room.

I was left standing alone in the club room.


Alicia was silent.

And, I didn’t know what to say to such an Alicia.

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“we will still never lose to someone who hasn’t been trained for combat.”

*proceeds to basically be raped by Hisui earlier*

Seems legit.

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Alice did say in that chapter that she could use Magic and throw off Hisui but didn’t want to hurt her. And Hisui basically applied mental pressure on Alice .

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Cockroach Slayer
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