Shrine Maiden Ch.68

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 68

Kamishiro Hisui (End Of The Overnight Stay)


When I woke up from my deep, mud like, sleep, the sun had already risen far into the sky. My memory of last night is choppy at best and I can’t recall how it ended.

Only one futon remained in the room, the other futon, having become soggy wet, had already been cleaned up.

Rolling over and checking the rest of my futon, it seems that it was covered in clean sheets, there was no traces of what happened last night.

For a moment, I began to question if anything actually happened yesterday, but, noticing the sweet smelling residue that was left sticking to my body, I realized that yesterday was not a dream or delusion.


「Good morning, Alice, Alicia.」


The door to the changing room opened, standing there is Hisui, already fully dressed.

The pants and ponytail style was the same as yesterday, it gave off a somewhat rough and boyish image.


「What’s wrong? By any chance, have you fallen in love with me?」


Thinking that she looked a little cool, I became embarrassed and looked away from her.


「A morning bath feels great, why don’t you go in?」


Recalling that I wasn’t wearing anything, I quickly concealed my chest with the sheets.

I looked for my clothes nearby, but couldn’t find them.

I saw my bag a little further away.

Hisui watched me with interest. I was wrapped up in the futon, moving like a caterpillar, as I slowly made my way towards the bag.


「You don’t have to feel shy now.」


「You’re the reason I feel like this! Leave me alone.」


She says that while reminding me of yesterday, at her words my face is dyed red in embarrassment.


『That’s right, please don’t look at us. Hisui-san is a brute!』


Assistance comes flying in from Alicia. Because of what happened yesterday, Alicia won’t hold back. I quickly added Hisui to the telepathy, so the complaint properly reached her.


「Yes yes, I’m going to go for a walk, so go and relax in the bath.」


Having said that, Hisui left the room. Honestly, I felt saved. I don’t know what kind of face I should make when talking with Hisui after what happened yesterday.


Staying wrapped in the futon, I opened the bag and looked for a change of clothes.

The slip I was wearing yesterday was neatly folded in the bag. Hisui must have cleaned it up. (TN: Slip: a woman’s loose-fitting, dress- or skirt-length undergarment, suspended by shoulder straps ( full slip ) or by an elasticized waistband ( half slip ). – Taken from Google’s definition.)


「Huh? … It’s only the slip?」


I couldn’t find the underwear I had worn with it. Well, since I’m not currently in a state to wear it anyways, for the time being,  I decided not to worry about it and prepared a change of clothes.

After that, I broke out of the futon, and went to the changing room with the change of clothes.

Standing in front of the full length mirror, I once again confirmed my appearance. Pure white skin with silver hair that fell down to my waist. Two small cherry pink bumps on top of my small chest.


『It left a mark…』


Just as Alicia pointed out, my white skin had a lot of traces of what Hisui did to me last night.


「It stands out since my skin is so white, what should I do…」


『For this kind of thing, you can just erase it with recovery magic.』


「I see. You’re right, let’s do it.」


Using recovery magic, the marks Hisui carved into my body last night disappeared. It gives me peace of mind.


『Now, let’s get into the bath and relax!』


The bath in the morning was exceptional. I cleaned the dirt and sweat off in the washroom, then enjoyed a luxurious soak in the bath, taking in the clear and comfortable mountain air.


「This is the best-」『It’s so good-』


The feeling was so good that my voice unintentionally spilled out. I stretched out my arms and rested them on the rock surrounding the bath.


「You two, you look comfortable-」


Hisui stood on the veranda of the room that overlooked the bath. It seems that she had returned to the room without me noticing.


『Hisui-san, why did you come back? Weren’t you going to go for a walk?』


Alicia’s voice is filled with poison. However, Hisui smiles and responds without mercy.


「Fufuu, it seems I’ve become disliked by Alicia. I bought something with me as an apology, I wonder if you will accept it?」


Having said that, Hisui opened the glass door on the veranda and came down to the bath in the courtyard, she held out something in front of me.


「Yes, here it is.」


It was a retro styled bottle of cola. The water droplets condensing on the surface showed that it was nice and cold.


『「Fuaa… It’s cola…! 」』


Both me and Alicia’s words mixed.

I haven’t had a chance to re-hydrate since I woke up. I had lost a lot of moisture during our activities last night. So my body was craving a drink.

I reached out and took the bottle from Hisui.

I stick the bottle to my mouth, then tilt it back and let the dark colored foaming liquid flow into my mouth.

The liquid that entered my mouth quickly reached my throat, like a waterfall, I keep swallowing it.

As it entered my hot stomach, due to being in the bath, my body trembled comfortably as a cool sensation enveloped me.

A small amount of cola overflowed from my mouth, leaving a streak running down my lips.


「Kuuu… I am revived!」


Having drank the entirety of the contents, I show off the empty bottle by handing it to Hisui.


「I’m glad that it pleased you.」


Having received the empty bottle, Hisui gives a smile.


「It was very satisfying, thank you, Hisui!」


『It was delicious… Thank you.』


「I’ve already had breakfast brought to the room, so let’s eat together when you get out of the bath.」




Hearing the mention of food made me realize how hungry I was, my stomach growled as if to express my desire instinctively.


「I was going to say that you don’t have to rush, but it seems like you can’t endure it any longer…」


「Although the bath won’t get cold, the food will! I’ll come right away!」


After submerging myself in the water to warm my body, I jumped out of the bath and went towards the changing room.

Because I’m planning to take another bath after breakfast, I dried my body the minimum amount before putting on my clothes.


「That was quick.」


Seeing me appear so quickly, Hisui looked at me with an amazed look.

It can’t be helped, I’m hungry.


The breakfast was a typical Japanese breakfast, with freshly cooked rice as the main dish, there were various side dishes that were delicious when paired with it.

The meal progressed smoothly, since I obtained this body, it was unusual for me to ask for a second serving of rice.


「Umm, Hisui. Do you know what happened to the underwear I was wearing yesterday?」


After eating, while drinking tea that Hisui prepared, I asked Hisui about my concern from a while ago.

Though it’s rather trivial since I normally buy them in sets of 3, it would be embarrassing if it was accidentally found by someone else in the inn.


「Ahh, didn’t I tell you that I was keeping them as a memory of this trip?」


「… I see.」


I couldn’t find them because Hisui had them.

I’m glad I was able to learn where they were.

I sip the tea in relief.


『No no, isn’t this strange!? Why isn’t Ikuto-san reacting. This is a theft!』


「Don’t say such bad things about me, I made sure to confirm it with Alice yesterday.」


『Ikuto-san’s consent in that state, that he can’t even remember, isn’t valid! I hate that Hisui-san took the underwear in such a state, please return it!』


「Even if you say that, I received it from Alice. Didn’t you say that you would obey Alice’s decisions?」


『That completely changed with what happened last night! I’ve decided to say what I want properly! Ikuto-san, please say something as well!』


「Honestly, I don’t care…」


As a former man, I can somewhat understand Hisui’s feelings.

Besides, each time I see that pair of underwear in the future, I’ll be reminded of yesterday, in that sense, it would be better for my peace of mind if I didn’t have them.


『I can’t believe that you would use such a thing as a memorial. Hisui-san is a pervert!』


「Ahh, it surprisingly doesn’t feel that bad to be called a pervert…」


Hisui’s cheeks turn red. It seems she has opened another door.


「As an expression of gratitude, I’ll give this to Alice.」


Hisui passed a small brown paper bag to me. Inside, the sound of a small item can be heard.


「It was the t-o-y I used yesterday. Feel free to throw it away if you don’t want it.」


With those words, I knew what was in it. It seems like Alicia realized it at the same time, her flustered voice echoed through my head.


『Wait, why are you giving us such a thing!? We don’t need it, such a thing!? … Che, why are you accepting this cheerfully, Ikuto-san!』


I decided to receive it gratefully. I won’t listen to Alicia’s protests.


「If Alicia wants, I can give you the other box of 5 we used yesterday as well?」


With Hisui’s suggestion, the clamor in my head stops immediately.


『S, such things that make you feel like that can’t be anything good.』


「Lately, I have been wanting to check out a new book. I wonder if I should stop at the bookstore in front of the station on my way home?」




「If there’s a book that Alicia wants, I’ll buy you any one that you want.」


『… I’m still not completely convinced.』


Good, that means that she’s willing to overlook this.


「Well then, it seems that this talk is done, should we finish this trip by going to the large public bath?」


「I think that’s good. I want to go there.」


『I also think it’s good. If it’s a large public bath, Hisui-san won’t be able to do anything strange.』


Though there may be other guests, after what happened last night, even if there are naked women, I have confidence that I will be able to maintain my normal state of mind.


Like that, we enjoyed the bath until the end, and finished an exciting hot springs trip.

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Filip Dinca
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