Shrine Maiden Ch.67

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 67

Kamishiro Hisui (Veil of Night)


I was currently being pushed down by Hisui. She was sitting on the lower half of my body, my head was trapped between her two hands that were pushed against the futon on either side of me, I was completely held down on top of the futon.

Having become a wall, was she trying to trap me on the futon?


「Umm, Hisui? … This is just a joke, right?」


「Do you think it’s a joke?」


「I don’t want to believe that you would forcibly do such a thing.」


「I’m not forcing you. I’ve already gotten your approval for this.」


Hisui responded while lightly touching my cheek with her hand.

I’m confused…


「Mou– I’ll ask again, will you become mine?」


Hisui asked while combing my hair with her hand.


「I won’t. Because I’m in love with Alicia.」


「… Then, will you make me yours?」


「I can’t do that either.」


With my words of denial as a trigger, Hisui’s hands moved over my neck and into my yukata in the area around my chest. I tremble a little at her cold touch.


「It can’t be helped… In that case, I will endure it with only the memories of a single night, like I planned.」


Hisui brought her head close to me, then kissed the nape of my neck. Her tongue runs over where she kissed, causing my body to go stiff. With Hisui’s head directly in front of me, the smell of her shampoo tickled my nose.


「Somehow, isn’t the flow of this situation strange?」


I tried to escape from Hisui’s attack by twisting my body, but can’t due to my lower body being completely fixed in place. As Hisui continues to place kisses on my nape, every time she did, a wet sound can be heard.

… I let out a strange voice each time.


「It’s not strange at all. Didn’t you promise to make a memory with me in exchange for me forgiving you for not telling me that you were alive? When it comes to a memory of an overnight stay between a man and a woman, isn’t this what you would expect?」


… Is, is that so?


「… I’m amazed. By any chance, did you come here without understanding that?」


「Th, that is… Umm…」


「However, it’s already too late.」


Hisui’s hand reaches down towards my thigh, causing my body to tremble as she strokes it.

The lower half the the yukata, that Hisui fixed a while back, has already been undone by Hisui’s hands and is in a state where it is only holding on by the waistband.


「Wa… Wait, Hisui!?」


I felt a slight tug on the waistband and the knot holding it instantly came undone, causing it to fall onto the futon. Did she prepare this when she had fixed it earlier?

Hisui slides the yukata from my upper body as well, leaving me under her in just my underwear — They were a simple white pair made of cotton, designed for being comfortable while sleeping, the part covering my upper body — was slipped off.


「You’re terrible, Alice, though I believed in you… Are you just intending to play with my heart?」


Hisui runs her fingers over my stomach and draws a circle.


「Looking at it objectively, I think that I’m the one who’s being played with…」


「I’m only performing my legitimate right. It’s Alice who is trying to break her promise with me.」


Hisui continues to move her fingers around my navel. I instinctively reach out and grab Hisui’s wrist in an attempt to resist the strange feeling.


「… I, can I believe in Alice’s promise?」


Hisui covered my body with her own, her mouth connects with my collarbone as she starts to lick it. At the same time, she starts to stoke the inside of my thigh with her left hand. I stiffen my body as I try to endure the sensations.


「That, let’s just talk this over…」


Even though I keep trying to resist Hisui, I’m not able to because I’m inferior to Hisui in both physique and strength. I would be able to if I resorted to using magic, but I don’t want to have to use force on Hisui.


「I only want to get a single memory with Alice. From tomorrow on, I swear that I will be just an ordinary female friend.」


Hisui hasn’t touched my important places so far. Is it her being considerate of me, or maybe she’s just afraid of the consequences, until I give her my consent, it seems like she isn’t going to advance any further than this.


「This is something necessary in order for us to return to being childhood friends. So, please, Alice…」


I couldn’t give her an answer. I’m completely trapped in the net that Hisui set out for me, with no options left other than accepting her offer.

However, if I was to accept her here, there would be no excuse I could give Alicia.

I remain silent, clenching my teeth in order to endure the half-finished pleasure that Hisui was giving me.


「… So it’s that girl after all.」


From the appearance of her clinging to me, the atmosphere around Hisui changed along with her sharp tone.


「Then I only need to get Alicia’s permission. Hey, Alicia… Are you listening?」


『… Hisui-san, I’m not in a position to consent to you doing things to Ikuto-san.』


「In other words, if Alice agrees to spend the night with me it’s fine?」


『That’s how it is… Like I said, I will go along with whatever Ikuto-san decides.』


「Taking that stance is cowardly. If you really trust Alice to make the decision, then you should cut your connection completely and leave it to Alice’s judgment.」


『… I, I think I have the right to see what choice Ikuto-san will make. If Ikuto-san chooses to do it, then I will cut our connection.』


「In that case, face me properly as a rival! You are, no matter what I do with Alice, you’re fine with it? How can that be true!?」


『Th, that…』


「If you say that you don’t care about what Alice does, then I will steal her away from you. Regardless of what you say.」


There was a moment of silence.

However, in the meantime, Hisui’s hands continue to wander over my body.


『… It, it’s unpleasant.』


Eventually, from Alicia’s stubborn mouth, words of denial spilled out.


『I don’t want that. I hate it!』


Alicia’s feelings about the situation overflow, words fly out one after another.


『What is wrong with you Hisui-san! Even though Ikuto-san said that he loves me, you invited him on a date and kept tempting him. Why can’t you just leave it alone already!?』


「I don’t want to lose by not taking action.」


『It’s also you Ikuto-san! Even though you said you love me, you keep letting yourself get led on by Hisui-san, you keep looking at her chest, even now, you’re still expecting something!』


「S, sorry…」


『Even though Hisui has been thinking about you for a long time, I won’t lose when it comes to that! Ever since I received the divine message, I had been preparing to serve the hero who would one day be summoned. What kind of person would my hero be, it was something I had thought about for a long time. So I won’t lose to Hisui when it comes to the strength of my feelings.』


Emotions exploded out of Alicia.

For some reason, Hisui was smiling fearlessly.

Ahh, if possible, I want to cut my consciousness from this situation…


『Ikuto-san has already said that he loves me. So, Hisui-san, please stop trying to tempt Ikuto-san.』


「I refuse.」


Hisui asserted that with a smile.


『Haa!? W, why are you refusing! What do you want, Hisui-san!』


「Because, I’m here to make memories with Alice today. Don’t say that you haven’t noticed my intentions? To be frank, your will has nothing to do with it.」


『But, then why did you…』


「Well… I had thought that my sexual orientation was normal. I thought that my love for Alice had come from when he was still Ikutari. However, while I was messing around with you in the bath, I noticed something. Girls are also good…」


『Wait!?  Wh, what are you saying…!? That’s not good, I’m completely normal, don’t get me involved in Hisui-san’s hobby!』


「I’ll love the both of you together. As such, neither Alice nor Alicia will be cheating, is that not okay?」


『Please don’t say it like you just came up with something good! Because it isn’t okay!? Ikuto-san, please stop being silent and say something!』


「I, I…」


Hisui’s fingers move between touching and not touching me, giving off a sweet ticklish feeling.


「Hey… It’s okay, right? I’ll make you feel good tonight.」


「Hi, hiya!?」


M—my ears!?


Hisui’s tongue enters my ear, and starts to wiggle around.

My head started to go completely blank.


「S, stop it—!」


I’m already at my limit.

I started to cast magic in order to get Hisui off of me.

However, my body froze the moment I looked at Hisui.


— Tears.


A drop falls down, wetting my cheek.

I can’t see Hisui’s expression with her hair in the way.

But there were lines of tears running down both cheeks.


「Just for today… Don’t reject me, please…」


The girl in front of me was hurting because of me.

I instinctively started to reach out my hand, but stopped.

I didn’t choose her, I can’t do anything.

So, at the very least—


「I’m sorry, Alicia…」


I release the power from my body.

Whether this is the right choice or not, I don’t know…


『… No, It’s okay. If Ikuto-san has decided it, then I–』


「… Is it okay?」


While she tightly grasped my hands in her own, Hisui asks with a timid appearance.


「Y, yes…」


Though I was uneasy, I responded to Hisui.

I won’t do anything.

But, I’ll receive whatever Hisui does to me tonight.


「Fufuu… Thank you, Alice.」


Wiping her eyes, Hisui strongly embraced me.

She brought her face to the point where our noses almost touched, though I instinctively tried to turn my face away, I couldn’t move it since my head was fixed in place with Hisui’s hands.

Hisui moved her hair out of the way and her expression became visible.

My spine went cold when I saw it.

It’s the face of a predator smiling at its prey.

There was no longer any trace of the tears from earlier.


「Wait!? Weren’t you crying–!?」


「I was crying…? Because I was sad that it would be ending after only going half way.」




I was deceived!?


『That’s cheating, Hisui-san!』


「Alicia will follow Alice’s judgment. Are you going to go back on those words now?」


『Th, that is, even though I said that…!?』


「Relax. I won’t rob you of your virginity. I’ll also leave your lips for Alicia.」


Not caring about me and Alicia’s panic, Hisui pushes her finger to my mouth and declares that.


「However, I will be taking everything else.」


Hisui licked her lips.


『Wa, wait a minute. A, at least, let me cut my connection– Ahhh!?』


「I won’t let you do that do that… I won’t let you run off alone.」


「Wait!? S, sto…p, stop!」


『Ah, Ahhh…!』


I was mistaken.

Hisui wasn’t only hurt because of my disappearance, she also became stronger because of it.


That truth was carved into my heart and body.

Until the point where I lost conscience due a strong stimulus that could have been either pleasure or pain.

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From that cheek “kiss” earlier i should have known, a carnivorous yuri. Kinda scary, and exciting, too bad MC doesn’t have the guts to turn around(i like the moments when the attacker gets attacked).
Thanks for the chapter!

Cockroach Slayer
Cockroach Slayer
2 years ago

Dem! Quite corrupted there. Not that I complain

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this chapter annoyed me. >:( the “I have the power to reject something I’m saying I don’t want, but I refuse to reject it and I’ll just accept it instead”.. it’s like the thought process of those people claim r**e after the fact of consensual intercourse.

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