Shrine Maiden Ch.66

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 66

Kamishiro Hisui (The Beginning Of The Night)


Shortly after Hisui mentioned having dinner, we received word that our dinner was ready. After waiting for a few minutes, there was a knock on the door of the room and Hisui’s aunt, along with another woman, entered the room carrying the food.


The dishes were arranged one by one on the table in the center of the room. It was a traditional Japanese meal that would normally be served in the mountains during late autumn.


The main dish is the local Japanese steak.

There were three different varieties of it, each speckled in different seasoning and served on a mini-iron plate along with an assortment of vegetables.

A delicious smell was released as the plates were placed over an open flame, stimulating my appetite.

Finally, we were given a paper detailing everything in today’s dishes, along with a short explanation on how it was cooked.


「When you have finished your meal, please call us over the intercom. We will come and clean up the dishes, then lay out your futons for you. All of the food was made by our master chef, so please enjoy it. Well then, please take your time.」


After the two of them left the room, the three of us started eating.


『While taking advantage of the natural materials as much as possible, there is minimum work done on it during the cooking. This is the skill of a true craftsman… Japanese food is really fascinating.』

All of the served dishes were delicious. Originally, I was a person with very few likes and dislikes when it came to food, however, since becoming Alice, I’ve started to have more specific tastes, so I could tell that the seasoning used was perfect. Although most of the dishes were vegetables, they matched well with the oiliness of the steak and tempura, creating a well balanced meal.

When it was first laid out, I had wondered if we would be able to finish this amount, but we managed to eat it all without any problems. Perhaps it was because the amount of food in each dish was small.


※ ※ ※


At the edge of the room, between it and the courtyard, there was a small veranda with table and matching chair. I was sitting there while thinking about things.


Earlier, Alicia had said that if I came to love another person she would back away.

Since we can’t touch each other, it seems that Alicia has become anxious about the future of our relationship.

While it’s easy to deny her worries with words, proving it to Alicia will be difficult. It’s likely that the only way I will get Alicia to trust me is through showing my devotion to her with my everyday behavior.


『Alicia, I’ll do my best.』


『Eh? Ah, yes. Umm…?』


I declared it one-sidedly. It seemed like Alicia didn’t understand what I was talking about.


「Sorry to keep you waiting.」


A voice comes from inside the room. It seems that the waitresses had finished cleaning up after our meal and laying out the futons.


I opened the sliding door between the veranda and the room and went back inside. The dishes and table had been removed, in their place, two beautiful futons were laid out side by side.

I thanked the waitresses as they left the room, then waited until I was sure they were gone.




The moment I heard the door close, I dived into the futon with my entire body.

The comfortable and fluffy feeling of clean sheets wrapped around me.


「Futons are so nice…」


「… Alice, what are you doing?」


As I was rolling left and right on the futon, Hisui came out of the changing room, she was looking at me with an amazed expression.

She had entered the bath right after our meal had ended.

Her trademark ponytail had been let down, she was surprised at the unusual atmosphere and–


「A rolling bug?」


Let out a statement that left me speechless.


「… What, it’s an appropriate name. Ah, your yukata is all sloppy because of you messing around. Here, stand up.」


「I, I can fix it by myself.」


「This isn’t a place to be embarrassed about such a thing. Come on, hurry and stand up.」


I gave up and obediently stood up and made my way in front of Hisui. As if she was very experienced, Hisui began straightening out my disordered yukata. It was quickly returned back to its original state.


「Ohh, thank you, Hisui.」


「You’re welcome.」


「Though, I’m just going to go to bed now anyways.」


Saying that, I lowered myself onto the futon and stretched out my legs.


「Are you not going to enter the bath again?」


Hisui sat down next to me and waited for my response. … I feel like she’s a little too close.


「After waking up early in the morning, I’ll probably enter it once or twice… I also want to go to one of the large public baths if possible.」


「Why not go now?」


「I’m hesitant to go at such a crowded time. After all, I would be seeing other girls naked, today with Hisui was my first time other than with my family.」


Hisui’s facial expression changed as she heard that, her light smile turned into a broad grin.


「So, I was your first time… How was it? My body.」


I wish she would stop saying things that would be easily misunderstood if someone was listening.


「E, even if you ask me that, I only saw it for a moment when you entered the bath… I didn’t look at it carefully.」


Her chest was amazing.


「Oh, is that so? … Well, would you like to take a closer look? If Alice want to, I’m okay with it.」


Hisui used her fingers to loosen the top of her yukata, the valley between her chest started to show.


「D, don’t do that! Because me and you aren’t lovers, you can’t do this!」


「Oh, that’s a shame.」


Suddenly, it was about to become a situation where I would be betraying Alicia’s trust.

In this situation, while holding my breath, my field of vision suddenly flipped.

Before I knew what was happening, I was pushed down by Hisui.


「… But, Alice. Didn’t you promise me that we would make a memory together?」

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Kyouko Suehara
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