Shrine Maiden Ch.65

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 65

Kamishiro Hisui (Alicia’s feelings)


Sitting on the edge of the rock bath and soaking only my feet, I tried to cool my head.

The cold wind is comfortable.

I started to think back to what had just happened.


Although there were parts I didn’t understand well, it was obvious that Hisui and Alicia had an argument about me.


I love Alicia, but, I wonder if it’s wrong for me to want to get along with Hisui as well…

I had thought we would be able to get along as friends now that we were the same gender, but that may not be possible, the world won’t always go the way I want.


『… Alicia, are you okay?』


『… I’m sorry, Ikuto-san. It seems that I’ve offended Hisui-san with my attitude.』


『You don’t need to apologize to me. However, why did Hisui get so angry…?』


It’s strange for Hisui to get so directly aggressive like that.


『I think I can understand Hisui-san’s feelings… Because I’ve been selfishly getting spoiled by Ikuto-san.』


『I don’t think that’s the case. Rather, I’ve been the one helped by Alicia… Should I talk to Hisui about it?』


『Ikuto-san, please don’t do that. She spoke to me directly even though Ikuto-san was with us. Therefore, I should be the one to respond to her.』


『I understand. But, please rely on me if you’re troubled. Because I am Alicia’s lover…』


『Yes. Thank you, Ikuto-san.』


Because my body was getting a little cold, I slipped back into the bath again. After warming up, I left the bath and washed my hair in the washroom.


Because it took a while, I didn’t see Hisui when I entered the changing room. I wiped my body dry and put on a pair of underwear.

Looking around, I found a yukata provided in one of the baskets in the dressing room and decided to put it on. However, it was obviously way to big for me, there was no way I could wear it.

Eventually I gave up and took out a yukata meant for children. There were illustrations of goldfish covering it, it was a cute design meant for a child.

While I was a little troubled about wearing it, I eventually made a decision and passed my arms through the sleeves of the children’s yukata. After all, it isn’t a trip to the hot springs if you don’t wear one. In addition, no one will see it since I’m not planning on leaving the room.


Returning to the room after changing, Hisui was sitting at the back of the room with a cold expression. When she noticed me, she stood up and smiled.

She was also wearing a yukata and had her hair down instead of in it’s usual ponytail, there is a certain appeal to seeing her like this that I can’t properly describe.


「That yukata suits you, Alice, you’re very cute.」


「Because this is the only size that would fit me, I reluctantly put it on… Honestly, I’d be happy if you don’t comment on it too much.」


「Oh, is that so, I’m sorry.」




『What is it, Alicia?』


At Alicia’s voice, Hisui’s eyes suddenly narrowed. She’s still looking at me, but the cold gaze was completely different from the one she was just using, I felt chills run up my spine.


『I will answer Hisui-san’s question from earlier.』


『I was wondering if you would answer me.』


『I love Ikuto-san. Ikuto-san has also told me that he loves me as well. However, my circumstances are different from an ordinary person.』


Alicia continues talking.


『Hisui-san said that I wasn’t standing in the same ring as her a while ago. I think that’s correct. I can’t walk beside Ikuto-san. I can’t do things like kissing or cuddling with him.』


The words Alicia quietly spoke were filled with various emotions. Since I gained Alicia’s body, she had never shown me such dark emotions.


『I want Ikuto-san to be happy. If Ikuto-san can find a person he can walk together with, I don’t want my existence to be a burden. If, if Ikuto-san comes to love someone other than me, I intend to back away.』


Alicia’s reply was quite shocking for me. Even if there isn’t any physical contact, there is the bond we’ve formed over the past year between us. So, I thought it would work out even if our relationship wasn’t normal. However, it seems that Alicia doesn’t think like that.


「Alicia, are you really okay with that?」


『I think that’s the way it has to be. Even so, because I’m spoiled by Ikuto-san’s feelings, I can’t say otherwise…』


「Just how far will you… Well, it’s fine. If Alicia has such an intention, then I will do what I want.」


Hisui smiled at me. Why is her gaze causing me to feel tense all of a sudden.


「It’s almost time for dinner. Shall we enjoy the meal together?」

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