Shrine Maiden Ch.64

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 64

Kamishiro Hisui (In The Bath)


I was submerged in the bath with my back to the washroom. From it, I could hear the sounds of Hisui washing her body.


… What should I do?


Should I leave the bath early?

The imminent crisis would be averted, but it would clearly reject Hisui. If I did that, it would ruin Hisui’s wish of making good memories on this trip.


Then, should I just should I just let her enter the bath with me?

I can’t respond to Hisui’s feelings by becoming her lover. However, taking a bath together is a somewhat difficult situation.

For a friend of the opposite gender, it’s obviously not acceptable, but for one of the same gender, it wouldn’t be strange to bathe together.

Because the relationship I want to establish with Hisui is that of a friend of the same gender, in that case, it could be said that this is in the range of normal skinship.


However, should I really allow it to happen?

I can’t deny that a part of me is looking forward to seeing Hisui naked. It makes me feel like I’ll be committing a betrayal if I look at her body.


「What wrong? You have a difficult look on your face.」


I look up and respond to the voice that came from beside me.


「I was questioning whether I should bathe with Hisui or…」


There was Hisui with a towel wrapped around her hair and…


「Uwaaa, Hi, Hisui…!?」


In a panic I jumped away and turned my back to Hisui.

I saw it. The swelling of Hisui’s chest that draws a stunning curve, and the pink protrusions at the tips.



The size was obviously bigger than Yuna’s. Although it isn’t everything, the size alone has an impact by itself.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about such a thing, but the flesh colored skin and the pink on top of it has been burned into my mind!


「… You don’t have to run away.」


I fel something close in on me from behind, two long white arms stretched over my shoulders and wrapped around me.

I was pulled backwards by them. My petite body easily moved by Hisui’s strength.




As my posture broke I instinctively let out my voice.

My falling head was caught by two soft bulges. The back of my head is buried in the swelling to the left and right, in reaction, they pushed back against me.

By the time I realized the situation, I was sitting on Hisui’s lap while completely in her embrace. The back of my head was resting in the valley of Hisui’s chest.


「Wa, Hisui!? What…!」


I wiggled my body in a hurry and tried to escape, but it was impossible due to me being tightly restrained by Hisui’s arms that were coming from behind my back. Hisui’s chest changed its shape against the back of my head whenever I moved, it transmitted a dangerous softness to me.


「This is just skinship between girls, stop exaggerating.」


「What I’m feeling is definitely beyond that level!?」


「Really, don’t you and Yuna-chan sometimes do this together?」


What on Earth has Yuna been telling Hisui.

… I mean, I think it’s inevitable that she would hug be from behind when in our house’s bath due to space constraints.

However, I’ve never pushed my full weight onto Yuna while in the bath.


「She boasted saying that Alice felt super comfortable when bathing with her, I thought it was rather enviable… Surely this is going to become a habit.」


Why is Yuna boasting about this!? In addition, what is this about it becoming a habit… While it certainly seems like it’s become natural for me to sit on Yuna’s lap when bathing… Eh? Ehhh!?


「If you’re fine with doing it with Yuna-chan, then can’t you also do it with me? Stuff like this, is natural skinship between girls.」


「I, I understand…」


I’ve heard stories that girls prefer skinship more than guys. Therefore, perhaps sitting together like this during a bath is unexpectedly ordinary.

Nevertheless, I really want her to stop whispering in my ear. It’s somewhat ticklish and kinda awkward.


As I accepted, the tight hold of Hisui’s arms was loosened.


「Since I won’t run away, let me move my upper body a little…」


I appeal to Hisui as I ask that. My reason being that the current situation is dangerous. This is a softness that makes a man useless. It might end up causing me to make a mistake. On top of that, I’m afraid of the silent Alicia.


「… It can’t be helped.」


Hisui accepted my proposal. I raised my head and left Shangri-la.

As I was liberated from the violence of softness, I could finally feel relieved.


「… Are you okay, am I not heavy?」


I was worried about Hisui having my entire weight on her.


「I’m fine. Alice is really light… Really, you don’t have any useless meat at all. I’m a little jealous.」




As both of Hisui’s hands suddenly touched my stomach, I let out a voice.

At the same time I heard the scream of Alicia who was silent up until now.


「Oh… Alicia?」


Hisui is still running her fingers over my stomach.


『Wai… Hisui-san! Wait… That, it’s really ticklish!』


「Wai… Hisui… Stop…!」


「Sharing your senses, it’s kinda strange…」


Hisui continues to tickle my stomach with her fingers. The frustrating sensation causes me to stiffen my body.


『Fuaa… Nn… Kuu.』


Alicia’s seductive voice echoes in my head and melts my thoughts.

Hisui moves the forefinger of her right hand to trace my navel, at the same time the fingers of her left hand move around the area of my pubic bones.


「Stop it… Hisui…!?」


Feeling a sense of crisis, I raise my voice. Even I understand that this is going far beyond the scope of simple skinship.


「… Ah, so it hasn’t grown after all.」


Hisui seemed satisfied after confirming it, and stopped her hand without going any further, I let out a sigh of relief as she removed her hand.


However, although there was a brief moment of relief, Hisui moved and placed her left hand on my thigh this time.


「You’re also so smooth here… I envy it.」


She starts to lightly touch my inner thigh with her fingertips. As I feel her fingers moving along the surface of my skin, my body begins to shake.

Hisui’s right hand was still playing around with stomach, I started to let out my voice as I was being teased by Hisui’s fingers.


By the time Hisui’s hands stopped moving, I was taking shallow breaths, the inside of my head was a complete mess.

Partially due to having been soaking in the bath, my skin had become completely flushed and was dyed pink.


※ ※ ※


『Hisui-san, why did you do those things…?』


As I was steadying my breath, Alicia, who wasn’t short of breath, asked Hisui that.


「Alicia is always calm and composed, so it made me a little frustrated…?」


Hisui’s response was filled with rather sharp words. It’s strange for her to be this straight with her speech.


「Why did Alicia stay silent that entire time? Were you not watching us the entire time?」


『Because it was a conversation between Hisui-san and Ikuto-san, I didn’t want to intervene by saying things.』


While being connected in a group, people using telepathy can’t talk to each other individually. Therefore, if Alicia had spoken it would be heard by Hisui as well.


「I’ve already told you what I thought before. Are you okay with that?」


Before… Is this from when the two of them talked during the cultural festival?

At Hisui’s question, Alicia seemed to be unable to answer.

The attitude that Hisui gave off was was one of irritation. It was an expression that I had never seen as Ikutari, I was at a loss.


「… What is this, your flexibility as the legal wife?」


『It’s not like that…』


… Why is this happening? I don’t understand it at all.


『For things concerning Ikuto-san, Ikuto-san should be the one to decide it.』


「What about your own thoughts? Are you saying you’re fine if Ikutari chooses anyone?」




I can see that Alicia’s emotions are increasing. However, no words come out, Alicia held herself back and became silent.


「… I get it. You never meant to be in the same ring as me.」


My body is suddenly lifted and moved away from Hisui.

Hisui exited the bath, then left the courtyard and returned to the room.


… Eh? What am I supposed to do…?

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Kyouko Suehara
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Filip Dinca
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Understanding girls, a hard to obtain skill(and hard to lvl up). So, Hisui is upset that Alicia does not consider her a true opponent?
Anyway, thanks for the chapter!

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I can kind of understand Hisui being mad at Alicia showing no guts while she is taking this so seriously

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Thanks for the new chapter! Unexpected serious talk when I thought it was going to go all the way. XD