Shrine Maiden Ch.63

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 63

Kamishiro Hisui (Hot Spring Inn)


Having made our way through the shopping street, we passed through an area full of inns and hotels before finally arriving at the inn of Hisui’s relative.


「Can you let go of my arm now?」


I really didn’t want to greet Hisui’s relatives while our arms were wrapped together.


「… Though I’m reluctant to part with you, it can’t be helped.」


With that, Hisui finally let go of my arm.

We then passed through the automatic door of the entrance to the hot spring inn.


「Welcome… Ara-, is that you Hisui-chan! It’s been a while.」


The owner of the inn greeted us as we entered the lobby, it was Hisui’s aunt. She was the younger sister of Hisui’s deceased mother, a beautiful woman wearing Japanese clothes that looked like an older version of Hisui.


「It’s been a while, Oba-san.」


「Before I realized it, you’ve become a woman, you look just like nee-san when she was young. Seeing how Hisui-chan has grown so big, it makes me feel old.」


「Don’t say such a thing, Oba-san is still as beautiful as ever.」


「Ara ara, even if you flatter me like this, you won’t get anything. Anyways, is this person your companion?」


「Nice to meet you, I am Kisaragi Alice. Thank you for taking care of us.」


「Alice is a friend from school who recently came to Japan from overseas.」


「I see, you’re Japanese is quite good. Still, I’m relieved. When Hisui-chan consulted with me about getting a room for just two people, I was worried that you’d be coming here with a boy.」


「I wouldn’t do such a thing.」


「I thought it would be the boy you came with last time, it was clear to me that Hisui-chan liked him, or maybe it was just my misunderstanding?」


… It’s not a misunderstanding.


「That was the case… But, prior to this trip, I was rejected by him.」


Hisui seemed to stick out her tongue as she says that.


「Oh, I’m sorry. So this was a trip for your broken heart… That boy must be blind to reject such a wonderful girl.」


「That’s true. Hey, does Alice also agree with that?」


「… Umm, yeah, I agree…」


Please don’t ask me to agree when I’m the person in question.

… This is really awkward.


「I’ve prepared a very special room for Hisui-chan, so take your time healing your broken heart. I’ll do my best to make you a good meal tonight.」


「Thank you for allowing my unreasonable request during this busy season. Also, this is from my father.」


Hisui hands over a present to the landlady.


「Thank you for delivering it… Well then, I’ll show you to your room.」


We followed the landlady down one of the corridors of the inn. As we entered into the room we were guided to, I leaked out an expression of admiration.




Taking off our footwear at the entrance, we entered a 8 tatami sized Japanese-styled room that overlooked a courtyard. In the center of the courtyard was an open-air bath made of real rock, a strong stream hot water naturally flowed into it.

It was a truly fascinating scene.


『… Amazing.』


「This room is the pride of our inn. There isn’t another private bath in the area that is more splendid than this one.」


「It’s wonderful! Oba-san, thank you!」


Seeing the room, Hisui’s excitement was unusually high. It’s no wonder, even I didn’t expect to get a room like this. When we stayed here last time, it was in a four person family room, I remember us having to use the shared outdoor bath.


「I’m glad that you like it… I’ll bring you your meal at 7pm, please relax and enjoy yourselves until then. Then, if you’ll excuse me.」


The landlady gives a beautiful bow before leaving the room. In a hurry we straighten our posture and return a bow.

Kneeling outside, the landlady gently closed the inner sliding door. After that, there was a few seconds, then there was the sound of the outer door at the entrance to the room closing.


Putting down my luggage, I sit on one of the cushions placed around the table in the middle of the Japanese-styled room. I watched the steam from the open-air bath dispersing into the air.


「Even so, this is really amazing.」


『It’s beautiful… It’s arranged so that it’s in harmony with nature, it looks almost like a painting when viewed from here.』


The mountains can be seen behind the tinted autumn leaves of the trees in the courtyard, it makes me realize that this is a tourist destination built deep in the mountains.


「Well then, let’s go into the open-air bath right away. Alice can go in first.」


「Hisui, thank you!」


I took out my bathing kit from my bag and went to the dressing room. In a hurry, I took off my clothes and placed them into the laundry basket, I then wrapped my hair with a bath towel and made by way towards the bath.


In the washroom that is connected to the dressing room, I simply rinsed my body. Since I’ll be entering the bath several times anyways, I put off fully washing everything.

After washing, I went towards the long-awaited hot spring. The cold autumn wind tickles my bare skin. As my body starts to quiver, I put my legs into the bath made of natural rock.

The water from the hot springs felt little too hot. After a while I became accustomed to the temperature, and I gradually submerged my body in the hot water.

Having submerged my entire body in the hot water, I leaned back against rocky edge of the bath.

Laying my head back and using the rocks as a pillow, I extended my limbs as I relaxed in the hot water.


「Fuii, this is paradise…」


『This… It’s a really comfortable feeling.』


Looking at the blue sky that spread itself in front of my eyes, I felt a sense of relief from the bottom of my heart.

The only sound that entered my ears was the quiet water flowing into the spring and the gentle rustling of the leaves in the wind. There is a sharp difference from the shopping street earlier, giving an unrealistic feeling like the noise from earlier was just a deception.


「How’s the water temperature?」


I heard Hisui’s voice as the door of the dressing room opened.

Did she come to see how I was doing?

Thinking that, I turned my gaze towards the entrance… I then quickly averted my gaze in a panic.


「Hisui!? Why aren’t you wearing anything!」


The Hisui that I briefly saw was completely naked, the beautiful color of her bare skin was imprinted in my mind and wouldn’t go away.


「I’m also going to enter the bath.」


Hisui said that naturally.


「But, a while back, you had told me to go in first!?」


I hear the sound of water running in the washroom. It seems she’s washing her body.


「Yeah, so I came in after you.」


Apparently, Hisui was planning on entering the bath with me.


「This isn’t good… so you’re coming in with me?」


「You used to take baths together with me all the time in the past.」


That was from when our ages were a single digit…


「Besides, aren’t we both girls now? I don’t mind even if you see me.」


「As you say, it’s normally would be fine, but…」


Even during swim classes I’d never seen a girl completely naked. Therefore, since I had become conscious of my new gender, it was my first time seeing a naked girl other than my family members.

Moreover, the person I saw was Hisui, someone who I’ve known since childhood.


… In spite of only entering the hot spring a short while ago, my head was already starting to feel dizzy.

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