Shrine Maiden Ch.62

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 62

Kamishiro Hisui (Walking Around The Hot Springs Town)


Although my date with Hisui started with a slight incident, after that, I was able to spend the time more peacefully.


We had started walked around the shopping street that lead away from the station.


As we made our way down it, we stopped and tried various delicious snacks at a souvenir shop and I purchased the ones we liked the most for the three of us to eat at the inn later.


I also considered hiring the rickshaw that we occasional saw running through the shopping area, but because the price was a little too high for a high school student, so I abandoned the idea. However, Alicia seemed strangely proud that they also existed in this world.


At a shop that sold merchandise of the local mascot, we saw a famous umbrella along with stuffed animals and some illustrations of a transforming cat waiting for bus to the forest of spirits, at that 『so Japan also has spirit animals』leaked out of Alicia’s thoughts. No, I don’t think we have any? … Probably.


After that, I bought two scoops of the local ice cream for us to share. One was a delicious citrus flavor, the other had a rather subtle taste, causing the three of us to frown as we ate it.


I then tried eating wet okaki for the first time. It was served in a raised tatami-floored sitting area along with tea, it was like a rice cake. Though it was delicious, it had a rather off smell…? However, Alicia and Hisui seemed to like it a lot.


Finally, as we approached the end of the shopping street, we looked at what they have for sale in the general store at the end of the street.

It felt a bit regrettable that this time was coming to an end.


「Hey, why don’t we buy matching accessories as a memento of today.」


While Hisui was looking at the accessories, she made that proposal.


「Yeah, that’s a good idea.」


I agreed.

I thought it would be a good memento of today.


『Those bracelets are so beautiful!』


In front of us was a row bracelet made of resin. There were in various translucent colors laid out in a gradient, making it very colorful display.


「Can you choose a color for me?」


「Got it… Yeah, how about this one?」


The bracelet I picked up had a dark green color. Though it’s simple, the color of green matches Hisui’s image well.


「I’ll take it… Alice’s birthday is in February, so for you, how about one that’s the color of your birthstone, amethyst?」


Hisui held up a purple bracelet.


「Yeah, I think it’s good. Well then, next is for Alicia.」


『… Eh? I’m fine. These are supposed to be a memento from your date…』


『You don’t need to hesitate. I’ve already consented to this being a date between the three of us. Now, which one do you want, Alicia?』


『Th, thank you… Umm, can I also have Ikuto-san choose for me?』


『Got it… Let’s see, for Alicia, shouldn’t it be this color?』


The bracelet I pointed out was a light blue color. The image I have of Alicia is that of the shrine maiden of water, so I chose one with the color of a thin layer of transparent water.


『That one please… I’m very happy with it. Both of you, thank you so much!』


I showed off a little and payed for everyone’s bracelet. Originally I was only planning on paying for Alicia’s and my own, but I would feel bad if I left Hisui out of it.


「Thank you, Alice.」


『Ikuto-san, thank you.』


After paying, we left the store and put on the bracelets right away.

Though it was rather oversized to wear as an accessory, since it has meaning as a memento, I don’t mind it.

The green bracelet was on Hisui’s arm, and the light blue and purple bracelets were overlapping on my arm.

When Hisui looked at the bracelets on my arm, she took my hand in her own and wrapped her arm around mine.


「Wai… Hisui!?」


「… Because, I don’t want to be the only one left alone.」


As she said that, the sulky expression she had reminded me of when we were children… But, the bulge that was pressed against my arm along with the sweet scent of the perfume showed that she was now completely an adult.


『… Hisui-san, whenever your chest hits Ikuto-san’s arm he starts to smile.』


『… Wait, Alicia!?』


『It’s fine. We’re both girls.』


『Though I don’t like it… I’ll endure it because I’m happy about the bracelet. I’m also in your debt for disturbing your date.』


『Fufuu, thank you, Alicia.』


『Umm, what about my opinion…』


『… Is there something wrong?』


… There isn’t, yep.


After that, Hisui didn’t let go of my arm until we reached the inn, even though we were constantly being looked at by the surrounding people. Though we weren’t even dressed in a yukata, we were asked if we wanted a photo taken… I refused.

I wonder what people thought of the slim and beautiful woman with raven-black hair who was walking around with a beautiful silver haired loli like lovers?

… or maybe they thought that it was a foreigner’s child being led around by a schoolgirl for sightseeing?

I started to become sad while I was imagining it, so let’s stop thinking about it.

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I would probably just think they are very cute girls who are friends with each other. Normally my thoughts don’t go right away to the “they must be gay/lesbian” when I see a couple of people of the same gender being friendly.. Though I guess if I saw 2 guys holding hands I’d think they’re gay. But not girls. Girls can be as touchy feely as they want and I wont think they’re lesbian.

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Holy shit! That was exactly what I felt was off but couldn’t put into words! Their actions seems seriously common to me on what girls does…

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