Shrine Maiden Ch.61

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 61

Kamishiro Hisui (At The Station)


『Ikuto-san, I’ll be cutting our mental connection for today.』


As soon as the date started, Alicia said such a thing.


『Why would you do that?』


『Today is a date between Ikuto-san and Hisui-san, I don’t want to get in the way of you two.』


Because I was talking alone with Alicia using telepathy, Hisui, seeing the silent me, started to talk.


「… What’s wrong? Alice.」


「Umm… Because this is a date, Alicia is saying that she wants to cut our connection for today…」


「Alice, you’re supposed to be on a date with me today, right?」


「Uu… That’s right, but… As expected, it isn’t okay to let her stay?」


『If you have to ask the question, then it isn’t okay. Because Ikuto-san is already a woman, at least try to understand a girl’s heart…』




Even so, I wanted to go around the hot springs with Alicia. I like watching her innocent appearance as she experiences something new.


「… I don’t mind it, Alicia can be with us during the date.」


Hisui’s response was surprisingly understanding.


「Eh… It’s okay?」


「However, because I hate being excluded, make it so that I can also hear Alicia’s voice… And, you’ll owe me a favor.」


「Thank you, Hisui.」


Though I felt a little scared about owing a favor to Hisui, I’m still happy that I can enjoy the hot springs trip with Alicia.


『U, uhh, is it really okay? … Umm, It’s been a while. Hisui-san.』


『Hello, Alicia, it’s been since the cultural festival. I’m fine with it, so don’t worry about it. It can’t be helped that this one is a blockhead.』


『I’m sorry… Really, Ikuto-san, mou…』


The way they’re talking about me is so cruel, I wonder if the two of them are kindred spirits…


「Well then, let’s go. We don’t want to miss the train.」


If we miss the train to the town with the hot springs, the next one won’t arrive until an hour later. Though we had left a little time between our meeting time and departure, it was taken up by our previous exchange.

Thus, we started to move towards the platform with quick steps.


As we went through the station, Alicia’s excitement was rising.


『Ikuto-san, it’s a railway, a railway! A path made of iron that completely changed the distribution of goods during the industrial revolution! Amazing, the tracks seem to go on endlessly! Leading to some unknown land…!』


『… Was Alicia actually this type of girl?』


『It’s because Alicia is full of curiosity… To be able to witness the railways that we learned about in modern history, I guess it’s a little bit exciting.』


『The train looks the same as in the anime! Those silver cars shaped into boxes… Ahh, it’s wonderful, it’s truly magnificent… Minsutia-sama, thank you for letting me see such a world!』


Seeing Alicia acting like this, Hisui started to laugh.


『I see, I’m starting to understand why you and Yuna care about her so much…』


Alicia’s excitement didn’t cool down even after we got on the train.

While thinking that I would never get to see her appearance at times like this, I started to feel a little lonely.


『The view outside the window is completely different from inside of a car, and the shaking of the cabin due to the rail joints! This unique rhythm is rather soothing…!』


As the train was moving, it did give off such a feeling.

After a little while, Alicia calmed down a bit, she seemed to have noticed that we were quietly listening to her.

And, she let out a voice mixed with shame and confusion.


『S… Sorry. I got excited all by myself… Umm, as I thought, should I cut our connection after all?』


『You don’t have to worry about it. We got to see something really heartwarming. Alicia, you’re really cute.』


『Fue…!? W, why are you saying that, mou… Please don’t tease me.』


『Alicia is cute.』


『What is this, what do you mean by that!? Mou, you two are mean.』


I imagined Alicia’s sulky look as she said that.

Me and Hisui looked at each other and laughed.

The tension between us was completely lost after that, the three of us spent the rest of the time chatting with each other about what we would do at the hot springs.

Like that, the hour and a half it takes for the train to reach its destination seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.


※ ※ ※


『It’s warm. For some reason this feels really good…』


Reaching the hot springs town, the first thing we did was use one of the free foot baths at the station.

I take off my mules, then lift the hem of my dress while soaking me feet in the warm water. My feet were wrapped in a comfortable feeling as they were covered up to my ankles by the water. (TN: A mule is a shoe that has no back around the foots heel.)

While I was in the foot bath, not only my feet, but my whole body started to feel warm, causing it to become loose and relax.

It was a different feeling than soaking in the hot springs, but I still liked it.


Hisui was also immersed in the foot bath next to me.


… Isn’t she a little too close?


No, because it’s a public place it’s normal to be close to one another if there’s a lot of people, however, she’s been getting closer the longer we’ve been in here… It had reached the point where our arms are touching each other, I don’t know if she’s wearing perfume, but the good smell that was coming from Hisui was making me restless.


「Even though it’s just my feet, I’ve never used a foot bath before now, it’s better than I expected.」


Hisui says this while whispering in my ear. Because it was ticklish I made a rather strange face.

It seems like the people around us are watching us, or is it just my imagination? A group of male university students in front of us seem to be paying particular attention to us.




Me and Alicia both let out a small scream at the same time.

Hisui had suddenly entwined her foot with my own.




She tickled the back of my foot with her toes, then moved them between my toes one by one as she continued messing around with my foot.

The slight stimulation it gave is very frustrating.


『Hisui, wait… Don’t…』


Seeing that the atmosphere was becoming strange, I pulled my feet out of the bath to escape from Hisui. This is a public place after all.

Fortunately, Hisui seemed to be done with her teasing, while narrowing her eyes and smiling gently, she also raised her feet out of the bath.


Taking out a face towel, I began to dry my feet, I’m starting to get a little bit uneasy about the future of this trip.


… I’ll be okay, right?

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:O Thanks for the chapter
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hisui is a bit frightening

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Beware of the predator 🤣

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Mules were also originally meant to be indoor shoes. I hear that they are awful for the feet.

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“… I’ll be okay, right?”
You are with the person who kissed you in front of the participants in Wiso Competition, the person who loved you, the person who confessed. So no… You’re not going to be okay. You’ll feel the Yuri in the air on the night.

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a dog
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