Shrine Maiden Ch.60

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 60

Kamishiro Hisui (Beginning Of A Hot Springs Date)


「A two day, one night, trip to the hot springs!?」


On a certain day after school, Hisui came over to my house to explain her plan for the date that I promised her, the result was something that I wasn’t expecting.

In the past, we had gone to a hot springs inn that was run by Hisui’s relatives for our junior high school graduation trip, this time it will only be the two of us.

Even though I told her that I would go wherever she wanted, I didn’t expect that it would be a multi day trip.


「It’s impossible for me to stay overnight alone with a girl…」


There are a lot of things wrong with staying overnight in the same room as Hisui even if she is my childhood friend.


「Oh? But you’re a girl now.」


「Though that is true, my parents would never allow it…」


Even though Hisui’s dad would probably allow it, my parents know that I was a man. With two people of marriageable age spending a night together, it’s normal to think something could happen.


「It’s fine. I already got their permission when I came over the other day. I’ve also gotten an okay from Yuna.」


「Is, is that so…」


My parents aren’t normal!?

… Am I just thinking about this too much? No, as we’re certainly both women, the possibility of a mistake happening is non existent.

More importantly than that, when did Hisui set this all up?


「B, but… It’s still impossible. Since I don’t have enough money to pay for an overnight accommodation.」


I’m not working any part time jobs, so my only income is pocket money that my parents give me. It’s not an amount that could pay for both the transportation and a nights stay.


「That isn’t a problem. Because I’m the one who wants to go on this trip, I’ll pay for everything.」


「I can’t accept that. I’m the one who promised to go on a date with you. On top of that, I used to be a man. It would be too shameful to have a girl pay for me during a date.」


It seems that she was expecting me to answer like that, as Hisui had already prepared a response to it.


「I thought you would say that. However, I’ve already gotten permission from your mother so that you can use the money in your savings account.」


I have a bank account that I use to save a small amount of my New Year’s money each year. I’m normally not allowed to use the money in that account, and had to get my mom’s permission if I wanted to use it. It seems that Hisui has already gotten that approval. I’m truly amazed that she’s already covered all of this.


「… So, there isn’t any other problems, right?」


「… Y, yeah.」


「Well then, we’ll go with this plan. I’m looking forward to it.」


Really, is there no problems with this…


I felt like I had agreed to something I shouldn’t have. This was just supposed to be a simple date…


※ ※ ※


So, the day of our trip arrived. I was waiting for Hisui at the station.

For some reason, Yuna was also here with me. She had insisted that she would see me off.

Although Yuna’s mood had improved since the cultural festival, even now she still looked at me with a complicated expression. Though I asked her what was wrong, she wouldn’t tell me the reason.


I wonder if it’s something to do with Hisui? However, I didn’t see her looking like that during club activities…


While thinking about such things, Yuna turned around and looked at me like she was ready to tell me something.


「There are many things I want to say, about both Alice and Hisui-ne, but because this was something you decided on, I won’t say anything about it.」


It seems like she won’t tell me what it is after all, however, it seems like she had finally made up her mind about something.


「Because I am Alice’s onee-chan, regardless of the choices you make, I’ll still be on your side.」


「… I understand. Thank you.」


I don’t know the reason why she said that, but seeing Yuna’s serious expression, I expressed my gratitude.


「Alicia too… I also think of you as my imouto. Therefore, please consult with me if you have any problems.」


『Yuna… Thank you.』


After saying that, Yuna looked at me with a clear expression.


「… Well, it seems like she’s here.」


When I looked in the direction Yuna was looking, Hisui was walking towards us.

She was dressed in a stylish pair of pants, when combined with her ponytail, it gave off a really cool feeling.


「Good morning, Alice. Also, Yuna?」


「Good morning, Hisui-ne. Don’t worry, I’m just here to see her off.」


「Is that so, I was surprised seeing you here. I started to think back to our junior high school graduation trip.」


「Because I was immature at the time, please don’t say anything else about it…」


In the past, Yuna had forced us to take her with us on our graduation trip. Hisui was talking about that time.


「Well then, I’ll be going now. You two, have a good time.」


「… Yeah. Got it.」


After giving the two of us a smile, Yuna left the station.

Because she isn’t going towards our house, maybe she’s going to walk around in town.


Hisui looked back at me after seeing Yuna off. Her ponytail flew behind her drawing a track.


「Well then, Alice. Let’s start our date.」

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Ms. Alisa Hutako
Ms. Alisa Hutako
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Continue onward Alice-chan~! Trek the most dangerous path towards the position of a Lover~!

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