Shrine Maiden Ch.59

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 59

Extra Chapter – The Fairy In My Class


My name is Yamasaki Haruno.

I’m a first year student in the photography club of Hirayama High School.

My nickname is Matsuri, please guess the reason.

パンよりもご飯派だし、名字に濁点もないんだけどなぁ…… (TN: I’m really not sure about this line. It has something to do with his surname.)


Summer vacation is over, a bad atmosphere had come over the photography club as we hadn’t yet decided what we would exhibit during the school festival. However, I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to take pictures of.

It was at that time that I met her.

On the opening day of the second term. After tens of days of an unchanging scenery, I thought it would just be the usual scene that I saw every day.

While passing through the school gate thinking such a thing, a white wind passed by me.


「A girl…?」


It was a girl that was around half as tall as me, her fantastic silver hair caught my gaze and my eyes naturally followed her.

The girl ran through the school gates — Then suddenly fell down.

The girl who fell forward landed on all fours. Her skirt rolled up, and its hidden contents were completely exposed.

It was pure white underwear decorated with frills, there was a very unbalanced and perverted charm that came from the contrast of the adult underwear and the childish impression I got when she passed by me —




My thoughts were interrupted by a scream.

The girl jumped up while holding her skirt and ran away while being followed by her shaking hair.


「… A pure white… Fairy?」


I wonder if someone heard what I instinctively muttered, as I was surprised when that name started spreading through the school.


… Kisaragi-san, I’m sorry.


It turned out that her name was Kisaragi Alice and that she was a transfer student that would be joining my class.

She said that after her parents death she came to Japan from overseas, yet she greeted us in Japanese without any problems.

In contrast to the mysterious atmosphere she gave off when she was quiet, she was very frank when she was talking, her facial expressions constantly changed, it was fun to watch.


Before I noticed it, my eyes were naturally following Kisaragi-san. On top of that, the desire to take pictures of her kept increasing until I could no longer stand it.

However, it would be bad if I took them without permission. While worrying about it, I decided to try asking Kisaragi-san directly.


「Kisaragi-san, please let me take your photograph!」


I talked to Kisaragi-san while she was leaving the classroom after school. She seemed to be puzzled over the request from a classmate who had never spoken to her before.


「Yamasaki-kun, what business do you have with Alice?」


Kisaragi-san’s older sister moved between us and asks me that. It seems that all boys that try to approach Kisaragi-san are stopped by her, hence she gained a reputation as the iron wall of Kisaragi.


「Th, that… I am a part of the photography club, I was just wondering if I could take a picture of your sister to exhibit at the cultural festival.」


「What type of photo do you want to take?」


Kisaragi-san seemed to be interested in the photo, and answered with her own question.


「I want to take one of your natural daily life. Therefore, all I need is for you to give me permission to point my camera at Kisaragi-san during the day…」


「Getting a picture of Alice’s underwear isn’t the purpose, right?」


Kisaragi-san’s sister asked me with a suspicious expression.


「O, of course not! I will make sure to check all the photos and delete any questionable ones. I won’t do anything objectionable, I swear to god!」


I deny her words. I had never even thought of pointing my camera at Kisaragi-san with such questionable motives.


「… What do you think, Alice?」


「Don’t do it. You may have strange photos taken of you. In the first place, you’re already way too defenseless as is…」


I strongly gripped the camera that hung around my neck.

The perspective that the average girl has of the photography club isn’t very good.


I wonder what I should say…


There were a lot of girls around me, I was starting to feel discouraged.

However, Kisaragi-san’s answer was surprising, everyone, including me, was shocked by it.


「First, you’re only allowed to take photos in the school, nothing outside. Next, you can’t give them to other people or post them on the internet. Finally, you have to give me a copy of any photos that you take. Will you agree to those three conditions?」


「I don’t have any problems with that… So is it okay?」


「Because I don’t have any photos of myself. If you can take some of my appearance in daily life, I would be grateful.」


I recalled Kisaragi-san mentioning that her parents had died, and that she didn’t want anyone to talk about her hometown. I guess that she didn’t bring any pictures of it when she came to Japan.


「… Alice! Let’s take a lot of photos. Let’s make memories together!」


One of the girls was deeply moved by Kisaragi-san’s words and hugged her. Another girl noticed the situation and hugged her other side in the same way, Kisaragi-san went stiff and turned bright red.


「That’s right, Yamasaki-kun, right now, can you take a photo of us like this?」


The girls enthusiastically ask me that. Kisaragi-san seems to be embarrassed, but doesn’t look like she hates it.




I pick up the camera hanging around my neck and take a few pictures.


… Yeah, Kisaragi-san’s embarrassed look is good.


※ ※ ※


「Yo- Matsuri. Are you stalking Fairy-san again today?」


On a certain day after school, my friend since junior high, Otonari Juuzou, appeared from the class next door and came to talk to me. Although his hobbies, personality, and height were utterly different than mine, we somehow had been friends for a long time.

「Ah, yes. I will be following her to club activities today.」


I ignore his comment about being a stalker and reply.


「However, you really chose a difficult person to fall in love with… If I’m not mistaken, Fairy-san is in love with a senpai in her club?」


「I keep telling you, that isn’t the case… I just thought she was beautiful and wanted to take photos of her, there aren’t any romantic feelings.」


「Well that’s okay I guess. I personally prefer them to be a little bigger. Here, doesn’t this pair of boobs look good? You should also take pictures like this.」


Juuzou holds out a magazine in front of me. On the cover was a photo of a beautiful woman dressed in sexy underwear, I unintentionally blush at it.


「Nn-, You have quite an interesting hobby.」




Before I noticed it, Kisaragi-san was looking over my shoulder at the magazine that was being presented to me.


「Yamasaki-kun, you and your friend. You should make sure that the girls don’t see you exchanging erotic books in the classroom. Though it’s fine since it’s just me…」


This is terrible. This situation makes it seems like it’s normal for me to be reading books like this.


「Chi, that isn’t it! This book isn’t mine!」


「Ah, Matsuri you traitor. Are you just trying to escape by yourself?」


「Escape what, I’m involved with this!?」


「Have you already forgotten all the erotic books I lent you until now!」


「Pl, please don’t say things like that in front of Kisaragi-san!」


We were engaged in an unproductive argument.

What will I do if I’m despised by Kisaragi-san!


「Puu… Ahahaha!」


Kisaragi-san started laughing. I didn’t feel anything like contempt or dislike in her expression, rather, her voice seemed somewhat joyful.


「It’s fine, it’s fine, I don’t really care about things like that. It can’t be helped since you’re a man.」


Kisaragi-san says that like it was her true feelings.

Even Juuzou seemed to be at a loss at Kisaragi-san’s words and just stood  there scratching his cheek with his finger.


「Well then, I’ll be heading to my club activities. You’re free to come anytime if you want to take photos.」


Saying that, Kisaragi-san left.


「So that’s the rumored Fairy-san… She, is really something amazing.」


I could only nod in agreement at Juuzou’s words.


※ ※ ※


While taking photos of Kisaragi-san at break and after school, my classmates all looked at me rather suspiciously at first, but it eventually became accepted as something normal in the classroom.

Recently, I have been asked to take a lot more photos of Kisaragi-san together with other female students.

Incidentally, in the case of male students, they were completely refused by Kisaragi-san’s sister.


While in class one day, a shocking incident occurred.

Kisaragi-san seems to have had her first period, and the area around her seat became covered in blood.

The confused expression of Kisaragi-san along with the red line dripping down between her thighs showed the border between being a girl and a woman, the scene was engraved deeply into my heart.

As expected, it wasn’t possible for me to take a picture of this, if I was able to capture that expression, I wonder if I would have been able to win the top prize at a competition?


At such a situation, the sex appeal that was sometimes seen in her expressions and gestures started to match her body. And, to the me who saw it, I started to feel aroused.


As a high school boy, I knew how to deal with it, but every time I did, guilt began to accumulate inside me. I felt like I was defiling Kisaragi-san’s purity.

On top of that, after that incident, it seems like there was an increase in requests from the other boys in my class to sell them photos of Kisaragi-san. I refused them all because of my promise with Kisaragi-san.


After school one day. I had just finished doing my normal routine of looking through the photos I took of Kisaragi-san.

After I handed over the camera, I noticed a fatal mistake.

It was in the pictures I took during lunch break. A photo of Kisaragi-san standing quietly in the shade of the courtyard. The image of her in the sunlight that was filtering through the foliage is breathtaking, as long as there was no problems with it, it would be good enough to use in the cultural festival.

The problem was the inside Kisaragi’s skirt, her pale pink underwear had been caught in the shot.

I noticed it when I had initially took at the photo, normally at that point I would have deleted it.

However, because it felt regrettable to erase it, I put it on hold and I completely forgot about it.


Sure enough, Kisaragi-san seemed to notice the picture, the hand that was going through the photo’s stopped and she stared at the screen.


「… This, you can see my underwear in it.」


Kisaragi-san moves her eyes away from the camera and looks at me.


「S, sorry! It wasn’t on purpose. I noticed it after taking the picture, but was hesitant to erase it because the shot was so good… I’m truly sorry. You can erase it.」


I apologized for it without making an excuse.

Kisaragi-san looked at the photo again, it seemed she was thinking about something.


… Have I made her angry?


As I started to feel uneasy about the situation, she suddenly raised her face and looked me in the eyes.


「… This, can you promise that it won’t be shown to anyone?」


「Eh? … Ah, of course!」


「Well then. I’ll let you keep it… Because I think this is a really good photo.」


「R, really!?」


「Don’t you think it’s special? I’ll permit it even though it shows my underwear, but you have to promise that no one else will see this photo!」


「I understand, I promise!」


「Make sure to give me all the data later. Well then, see you.」


Saying that, Kisaragi-left.

In my hands was the camera with a photo of Kisaragi-san’s underwear,


… I wonder how much she would despise me if she knew what I will do with this photo.

Recently the guilt I had has become something of a pleasure, I couldn’t help but think of myself as a vulgar human.


※ ※ ※


On the day of the cultural festival, I was appointed as the photographer for my classes maid cafe. Kisaragi-san is in a mini-skirt maid outfit, it was quite dangerous as I could often see inside her skirt.


「This, it’s fine because it’s an underskirt!」


Saying that, Kisaragi lifts up her skirt and shows it, I don’t think it could be helped that I couldn’t stand upright in that situation. It was a lovely blue with little frills attached, in every respect it just looked like underwear.

A while after the opening of the cafe, she seemed to notice that she was being watched and started to act bashfully, it was quite a scene to witness.

Incidentally, all of the pictures containing her underskirt were deleted by Kisaragi-san’s hands. It seems that it wasn’t good after all.

Furthermore, the next day Kisaragi-san came in wearing a much safer pair of bloomers, and even photos where they were visible weren’t deleted.

Later, when I was taking orders for photos from the class, the photos where the bloomers could be seen peeking out of the mini-skirt were the most popular, Kisaragi saw list of the names of people who purchased the photo and smiled wryly. All the boys who wrote their name received cold gazes from the girls, in a sense, they are brave men. On top of that, many people who didn’t want to write down their name asked me directly for a print, I turned them down just like before.


The work that I displayed in the photography club’s exhibit was a photo of Kisaragi-san reading quietly in the library. The book made the atmosphere a mysterious one, the resulting photo was one that was in no way inferior to the one from the courtyard the other day. The opinions from the other photography club members was also good.

When Kisaragi-san came to see it along with Kamishiro-senpai, she was surprised and embarrassed that my work was shown in such a large print in the center of the display.

※ ※ ※


A few day after the cultural festival ended, I called Kisaragi-san to the back of the school building after school.

I wonder if Kisaragi-san’s sister guessed what was happening, because the message was passed through, and I was able to talk with Kisaragi-san alone.


「I was able to display a nice photo at the cultural festival thanks to Kisaragi-san, thank you.」


First of all, I think Kisaragi-san.


「I also want to thank you for coming here. And tell you that I was glad to be able to take so many photos.」


「Also, thanks to Kisaragi-san, I was able to become familiar with everyone in the class.」


The opportunities to talk to my classmates increased since I started taking Kisaragi-san’s pictures.


「I didn’t do anything, isn’t that more due to Yamasaki-kun’s personality? … But, if it became an opportunity for you to get to know them, that’s good.」


Saying that, Kisaragi-san smiled.


To that smile, I found that I was quickly charmed.

No, if I think about it, I was probably already like that from the very beginning. Although I had denied it to Juuzou, perhaps, it was actual love at first sight.

Therefore, I worked up my courage and decided to say it.


「Kisaragi-san, I like you. Would you go out with me?」


To my confession, Kisaragi-san breaks her eyes away from me and looks down.

… Ah, so it’s like that.


「… Sorry. There is already someone I like.」


I already knew that. Because I took photos of her, I understood it. The expression on Kisaragi-san’s face when with the older brother Kamishiro-senpai, it was clearly different from when she was with other people.


「… It’s Kamishiro-senpai, right?」


Kisaragi-san averts her eyes at my words, after hesitating a little, she replies.


「… Y, yeah. Well, that’s… right? 」


「Thank you… If it’s possible, can I still be your friend in the future?」


「That is what I want to ask here… Is Yamasaki-kun okay with it?」




「Well then, my best regards for the future… Sorry, and thank you.」


Kisaragi-san ran away while saying that.

I was left standing alone.

I knew what would happen from the start.

However, I couldn’t stop my feelings from overflowing.


By all means, I just wanted to say I liked her.


「… Hey, Matsuri.」


… How many minutes had passed.

When I finally returned to reality, Juuzou was standing in front of me.

I hadn’t noticed him while I was lost in my thoughts.

Juuzou put his arm around my shoulder.


「… Want to go to karaoke?」


「… I’ll go.」


Exactly, I felt like I wanted to yell as loud as I could.


Juuzou, it seems our rotten minds match well with each other.

Perhaps that will continue into the future, I really felt like it would.


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