Shrine Maiden Ch.58

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 58

Cultural Festival – Second Day (After The Festival)


『… Is that so. Then it can’t be helped.』


To me, who steeled myself and announced my feelings, the reaction of Hisui was excessively light.


『… Umm.』


At her unexpected reaction, I became perplexed.


『You looked surprised. I was expecting this result after I talked with Alicia, so I prepared my heart… It isn’t because I’m not shocked.』


『S, sorry…』


There is an awkward silence.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that I didn’t reveal the truth to Hisui because I feared this situation.

I was afraid that my relationship with Hisui would be broken by this, but, I don’t know what to do. After all, I was the one who rejected her goodwill.


『I don’t mind… but there is one more important thing I want to hear from you.』


『… W, what is it?』


While feeling relieved that the conversation is continuing, I asked what Hisui wanted to hear from me. Her response was a land mine that I had forgotten about.


『Why didn’t you tell me that you were alive?』


I’m at a loss at that question.

Hisui asked about my sins directly to my face.

While she was still smiling, there is no doubt in my mind that she is seriously angry.


『Do you know how long I worried about you? I get that the situation isn’t one that you could tell to everyone, but couldn’t you have told me and my brother?』


Hisui started to approach me. I started to shrink back.


『That… Umm… My body had become like this…』


『So what? You are still Ikutari even if you have a different body. Between you and us, such a thing, do you really think it would ruin our relationship?』


『That… Umm…』


I can’t say anything as I’m called out for my cowardice.


『Ikutari is cruel.』


Hisui’s hand hits against my chest.


『We thought you were dead, it was painful every day, so painful, to the point where we had become a complete mess… You idiot, it was terrible…』


Hisui hits me weakly several times with both her hands. I stand there and take it. There is no physical pain. However, the emotions behind it are very painful.

Tears fall down from Hisui’s face and hit the floor.


『… I’m sorry, Hisui.』


『I won’t forgive you that easily…』


『Then what should I do to atone for what I’ve done?』


『… I want memories.』


『… Eh?』


『I’m still holding you to yesterday’s promise. That you will go on a date with me wherever I want.』


『Eh, umm… Didn’t us going on a date today already cover that…?』


『They are different things. I want to go on a trip with you using that promise. You, I understand that you like Alicia. But… Give me a memory with you.』


To make memories with me by going on a trip. There shouldn’t be much of a problem if I respond to her wishes.

If that is all that is needed, I’m rather thankful.


『Yeah, I understand. If that will make you happy…』


Honestly, I’ll be happy if we can spend another day together like today. I’m glad we can continue to be friends even after I rejected her confession. Though I feel a little bad that we will be excluding Yuna and Souta.


『Therefore, it’s a promise.』


『Y, yes…』


At Hisui’s strong spirit, I once again shrink a little.


※ ※ ※


『Hisui-nee found out about it!? … Ahh, as expected, she noticed it.』


While making my way home with Yuna after the festival, I reported on what happened today.


『… Did you know about it, Yuna?』


『I didn’t know, but Hisui-nee had put out feelers towards me…』


Because Yuna suddenly became cheerful after being depressed about me being gone, Hisui seemed to have used it as support that I was Ikutari.


『So, tell me what happened?』


I talked about everything that happened today with Yuna.

When I talked about how I rejected Hisui’s confession, She put her hand on my head while saying 「I see… So it was serious」 while consoling me.

At my confession to Alicia, she responded with 「Alicia, that’s good」while almost crying.

Mentioning Hisui’s accusations against me,「… I have to apologize to Hisui-nee later」 was all she said.

Finally, when I mentioned the part about us going on a trip to make memories as compensation, her complexion changed for some reason.


『Alice… You understand the meaning of that, to have accepted that proposal?』


『? Why are you getting angry… Ah, I see. Is it because you can’t go together with us during my promise to Hisui?』


『I didn’t want something like that, idiot! … That’s enough, let me talk to Alicia alone.』


『… What is this about.』


Afterwards, Yuna’s complexion kept changing as she talked alone with Alicia.

For some reason she kept occasionally glancing at me with a cold look.


… Really, what is it.


※ ※ ※


Yuna was still in a bad mood when we arrived at home, even when I asked Alicia about it, she didn’t tell me anything, so I kept worrying about what made her mad.

In such a state, the day came to an end, and I laid in my bed after returning to my room.

I began to talk to Alicia, before going to bed, our normal routine was for her to break the connection between us.


『Ikuto-san… Thank you for today. My reply was delayed because I wanted to talk to you about it alone.』


Alicia started talking formally and told me this.


『O, oh…』


I remembered my confession from earlier in the day and started to get embarrassed.


『I am also in love with you, Ikuto-san… Forever, I want us to stay together.』


『Me too. I love everything about you, Alicia.』


Putting my feelings into words gave a warm feeling in my chest. At the same time I recalled Hisui’s confession from earlier and felt pain.


『… However, if, if you come to like another person, please don’t hold back. After all, it isn’t possible for me to walk alongside you.』


『Don’t say such a thing. Even if we can’t walk side by side, won’t the two of us be together forever?』


I speak to Alicia while holding my hand to my chest.


『… I want Ikuto-san to be able to find happiness.』


『Living with Alicia is my happiness. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about that.』


Even though we both say we love each other, why is there such a painful feeling?


『… Then there is one request I have for Ikuto-san.』


Alicia talks to me with a determined tone.


『Is it okay if I don’t cut our connection tonight?』


『… That’s?』


I swallowed.


『I want you to stay connected with me. Ikuto-san, I want to feel good with you…』


My body reacts to Alicia’s request without refusal.




My excitement is transmitted to Alicia, her reaction only serves to make my body hotter.

… This is getting dangerous.


『… Is it okay?』


『… Yes. I want to feel good with Ikuto-san.』


Even without touching it, there is already a strong heat. My head is full of an unknown expectation, the anxiety and frustration I felt completely disappeared.


『Ikuto-san… I love you.』

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2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter! Alice still has many things to learn. XD

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Thx for the chapter!

at least they don’t need the awkward “is/was it good for you?” situations 😀

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Is the so called selfcest is going to happen XD

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nah, that would require another body/clone

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who says they won’t find some convenient magic for that too?

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is it the beginning of a new fetish?!

2 years ago

Gets rejected, uses guilt trip to force him into a date. What scum, no matter how you feel, he rejected you. Go on a trip with everyone if you want memories.

2 years ago
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welp there is a saying of “woman is a warrior of love” and also “all is fair in love and war”.