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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 57

Cultural Festival – Second Day (Hisui’s Confession)


「I love you, Ikutari… For a long time, I’ve been in love with you.」


Hisui, on the assumption that I am Ikutari, told me that she loved me.

To say it lightly, this is a very critical situation.

As a result of following the natural flow of the conversation, I had been forced into a situation with no escape.


「How did you even know I was Ikutari…?」


I ask the question that was on my mind.


「It seems that I inherited the blood of a true shrine maiden, so I can see the soul of a person. When I asked my father about it, he said that my mother was also had this ability.」


「… So you knew it since the day we first met?」


「Yes, that’s right… At your funeral I planned to break away from the feelings I was carrying, but then I was surprised when I met you. It was the first time I’ve seen two souls in a single body excluding that of a pregnant woman, even more so because one of them was you, Ikutari.」


So that’s the reason why she ran away when I first met her as Alice. To go to someone’s funeral and meet the person in question would truly be a shocking experience.


「There were times when I doubted my eyes and thought that the soul merely closely resembled yours. However, I was able to have confidence after today’s date. Because you’re the only person I could interact naturally with like that.」


The way Hisui acted today was the way she always did around me. Thinking back on it, it’s probably because she knew that I was Ikutari all along. If I were a stranger, she would have put on her emotionless mask, I should have payed more attention.


『… What should I do.』


I looked to Alicia for advice.


『… Even if you ask me that, I don’t think anything can be done at this point. Isn’t it better to just tell the truth rather than come up with a poor lie?』


『… Well, that’s true.』


Since I can’t do anything to change the situation at this point, I don’t want to make light of Hisui’s confession by trying to deceive her.


「Is it okay for you to tell me about it? Honestly, there are a lot of things I want to ask about…」


「I understand, I’ll tell you everything… Though I don’t know if you will believe it.」


『Ikuto-san, can you also let me talk to Hisui?』


『All right.』


I change the magic so that me, Hisui and Alicia are connected.


『… Can you hear me?』


「Eh… Ikutari? … No, it’s different?」


Hisui became confused hearing the same voice as me in her head.


『I am Alicia, the other soul that resides in Ikuto-san’s body. Right now I’m speaking directly into your mind.』


「Ventriloquism… Is that it?」


『I don’t think it would be possible to use ventriloquism to speak directly into your mind.』


「… Can Ikutari also talk directly into my mind?」


『Hisui can also do it, so long as I maintain the connection. Why don’t you try to speak inside your head? I don’t want other people to be able to hear the conversation from this point on, so it would be better if we have the conversation here.』


「I’ll try.」


Hisui made a difficult face and closed her eyes.


『Ah-, test, can you hear me? … Is this okay?』


『Yeah, it’s fine. We can hear you.』


『Well then, I’ll explain the events up until now to Hisui-san.』


『I’ll cover any details you miss.』


After that, me and Alicia explained what happened up until now.

About when I was summoned to a different world and met Alicia, and after one year of adventuring I defeated the demon king. How I was transferred back to Japan in Alicia’s body. And how I had decided to live as Alice.

We talked about everything without hiding anything.


『… It’s a hard to believe story.』


『Even I think that. Still, will you believe it?』


『I believe it… However, there is something I want to confirm. Can I talk with Alicia alone?』


『That can be done… Are you okay with it, Alicia?』


『… Yes, please do it.』


『Well, I’ll be on my smartphone while you guys talk. It might be hard to say what you want if I’m watching.』


『Ikutari, I’m sorry.』


『Don’t worry about it, I’m used to it because of my mom and Yuna.』


My family asks to talk to Alicia alone several times each week.

In the meantime, I would study, play games, or mess with my smartphone to kill time.


『Well then, I’ll change it.』


I switch it so that there is only a connection between Hisui and Alicia. With this, I can no longer hear what they’re talking about.


I moved to a desk away from Hisui, then took out my smartphone and turned my gaze away from her.

However, rather than looking at the smartphone, I was thinking about the future.


※ ※ ※


『… Thank you for waiting. We’ve finished talking.』


Several minutes passed without me noticing.

It was actually Alicia’s voice that brought me back to reality.


『It seems that Hisui-san also wants to have a talk with Ikuto-san.』


『All right.』


I put away my smartphone then returned to my original seat in front of Hisui.


『… I’ve heard all about your circumstances. There is no way you will be returning to your body prior to being Alice. What I’m going to say is taking that into account.』


Hisui’s face was filled with determination, I think it’s very dignified and beautiful.


『I love you. I want you to become my lover.』


As I expected, Hisui’s feelings didn’t change even if my gender did.

As such, I also have to answer her seriously.


『That… I appreciate your feelings… But I can not answer them.』


『Can you tell me why? Don’t tell me that gender is the reason?』


In response to my rejection, Hisui’s reaction was calm.


『I’m not interested in men… That isn’t it… I already have an important person.』


Though I had prepared myself to say this a while ago, it was still embarrassing to say it.


『I had wished that we could remain together forever… And it came true in an unexpected form.』


Though it is a bit disappointing that we can not touch each other, the feeling of being able to be together with her is stronger.


『… Ikuto-san.』


『Therefore, I can not go out with Hisui. Because I am in love with Alicia.』


The words I gave were the result of me having noticed our mutual feelings.

Even though it was embarrassing to say, I told it to Hisui clearly.

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2 years ago

Ty for chapter…
I must say tho the story is becoming more and more disapointing to me… A lot of the plot is not used AT ALL or just glossed over…

2 years ago

…I feel like Alicia will try to convince Ikuto otherwise.

2 years ago

Awwwwww….you son of a-

Well, called the ‘「It seems that I inherited the blood of a true shrine maiden, so I can see the soul of a person. When I asked my father about it, he said that my mother was also had this ability.」’ from a mile away.

2 years ago

well i binge eater this title last night and caught up today. From the start we didn’t see any dignity of hero who save the world at all in MC nor the wise companion character in Alisia. The other world story is just halfbaked background. The magic too we barely see in action. well just hoping this not become a shounen ai.
Btw ty for the translate, gj.

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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I’m fine with whatever, and I don’t see any reason to mind what happened in the other world in any detail. The story is about “When I returned from another world” after all, it’s about the present situation.

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Narcissism at a whole new level 🙂