Shrine Maiden Ch.56

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 56

Cultural Festival – Second Day (Date With Hisui)


Afterwards, my shift at the maid cafe finished without any problems. Even though I hadn’t expected it, my parents came to visit us, working in front of them was a little embarrassing. 「Alice, your wholesomeness and unwholesomeness is splendid」were the words dad leaked out while watching me. Though I didn’t really understand them, so maybe it didn’t mean anything. After that, his cheeks were pinched by mom.


Well, it was enjoyable in the end. — With that, the time has finally come.

The time for me to fulfill my obligation to the Wiso tournament… In other words, my date with Hisui.


Yesterday, I ended up getting immersed with the heat inside my body, so I don’t currently have a plan for the date.

However, since it’s with Hisui, I’m sure it’ll be fine to take an optimistic viewpoint. After all, she’s someone I’ve known since childhood.

Currently, when I chose my clothes this morning I decided on a pair of stylish white underwear decorated with lace.

I have no intention of doing anything, and have no intention of having anything done to me. However, with a 『You look really cute in that underwear』 I was forced into wearing it by Alicia.

Just in case something actually happens.


Having finished my shift at the maid cafe, I started changing into my uniform.

After hesitating for a little bit, I decided to keep wearing the bloomers. Though I intended to take them off because they’re a bit stuffy, since I’m going to meet Hisui, the feeling of having a stronger guard against her won out.

… Moreover, with them, I’ll make it through even if my underwear gets a little wet like yesterday.


Having finished changing, I exited the changing area and looked at my smartphone only to see there was a message from Hisui.  It was an ominous「I can see you right now」 message.

When I looked up, there was the figure of Hisui waving at me from just outside the classroom.


「Good work today.」


「Hisui… You waited for me.」


「Yes, because I’m really looking forward to this.」


「It’s an honor… So then, is there any place in particular that you want to go?」


「I don’t think there is. Can I leave it to you…?」


It seems that Hisui’s passive personality hasn’t changed. Back in the day, Me and Souta always had to decide what to do while Yuna and Hisui followed after us.

Though I still don’t understand her reasons for yesterday, I’m a little relieved to find out that she’s still the Hisui I knew.


「That’s fine. Well, let’s go around the shops while reading the guide for the school festival.」


「That sounds good.」


We took out the guide and started walking around towards whatever caught our eye. As we went along, we ended up stopping repeatedly at various different attractions.

There was a shooting gallery where the cork didn’t fly properly even if you aimed well, I spent some time after complaining about it while we each held the consolation prize of a lollipop.

We then stopped at a grilled onigiri stall that had lured me in with the fragrant smell of soy sauce.

After that we tried Russian roulette takoyaki,  Hisui ate hers calmly after getting one filled with mustard. Though sweat fell down her forehead and her cheeks were puffed out.

Next, we participated in a small Jan Ken Pon tournament. I quickly lost and was sent to a separate room, Hisui, on the other hand, managed to read everyone properly and win the tournament.

At a crepe stand we each ordered different items then had a taste of each others.

We also checked out the exhibits of the art and handicrafts clubs, then played an escape game made by the computer club.


In the end, it seems like it was foolish of me to be so cautious around Hisui, and I was enjoying a perfectly normal date with her.

Like that, the two hours of the date passed before I realized it, but I continued on without being concerned about it.


「Nn-, That was fun-」


The two of us eventually went to the Wiso club room to relax. With the exception of during yesterday’s tournament, the old school building was the perfect place to take a break from the festival.

Hisui used the tea set that Ryouka had brought and poured us some black tea. She had already gotten permission to use it from the person herself. It seems like they had already become good friends.


「While doing all this, it felt like I had returned to the past.」


「That’s right…」


Back when we were children, I was always together with Hisui and Souta. Once we became junior high students, we were teased for playing as a group of two guys and a girl, after that it became rare for me to play with both of them.


「Hey, do you remember the summer festival during our second year of junior high school?」


「Ah-, the two of us became engrossed with that baby chicken, after that you became separated from everyone and got lost.」


「… That’s right. After I got separated from everyone, I fell down and sprained my ankle. The yukata I had spent so long to put on became dirty, I was sad, frustrated, and began to cry… 」


「Certainly, afterwards I had to carry you while we walked.」 (TN: Alice is using boku here)




It’s rare for Alicia to interrupt like this when I’m speaking with someone.

… What happened?


「Yeah, you said 『It’s okay because I’m here』 in order to cheer me up while you carried me.」


There is a strange sense of discomfort as she continues.


『This isn’t about Alice, Ikuto-san –』


「At that time, while being carried on your back, I became aware of my feelings.」


The conversation about our memories had progressed naturally as we talked. However, these were the memories of Ikutari, they are not something Alice could know.


「I love you, Ikutari… For a long time, I’ve been in love with you.」


She looked straight at me and smiled.

Tears overflowed from her eyes and fell to the ground.

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