Shrine Maiden Ch.55

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 55

Cultural Festival – Second Day (Maid Cafe Again)


The day changes and the second day of the school festival begins. I started the day in the same way as yesterday with a 2 hour shift at my classes maid cafe. While in the girls’ changing space, that was hidden behind a curtain in an isolated corner of the room, I was thinking up countermeasures to accidentally flashing my underwear.

In one of my hands, there is the underskirt I had worn yesterday. Since I couldn’t think of another idea yesterday, I had brought it with me for the time being. When I had tried to wear gym shorts instead, they were visible around the hem of the miniskirt and looked really bad.


「Alice, what’s wrong? I thought that yesterdays accidental flashes were cute.」


Jun speaks to me with a curious voice. Somewhat embarrassed, I answer while covering the underskirt and holding it against my chest.


「Umm… I’m just wondering if I should wear this today as well…」


Well,  if I don’t wear it they will be able to see my actual underwear, so, as expected, wearing the underskirt is certainly less damaging…

Uu, I envy Jun for being able to wear a skirt that goes down to her knees.


「In that case, I brought something good for Alice to wear!」


Jun took a plastic bag out of her backpack and handed it to me.

Checking the contents, there was something similar to dark blue underwear.


「… This is?」


「They’re my bloomers from when I was on the track and field team in junior high school. Because they’re too small for me to wear, I’ll give them to you.」


… The bloomers used by my female classmate. It’s pretty good that they’re in the shape of underwear, at least that’s how I feel. Of course, I will wash them when I get the chance.


「You can wear this under the mini skirt so your underwear won’t be visible, what do you think? … I’m sorry if it’s unpleasant that they’ve already been used!」


I let go of the wicked thoughts that we going through my mind, then I shook my head.


「No, it isn’t unpleasant at all! Thank you, Jun.」


I put on the bloomers right away. They gave a secure and comfortable feeling, one that was much better than the underskirt I wore yesterday.


「H, how is it?」


Slightly lifting the hem of the mini skirt and revealing the bloomers, I ask for Jun’s impression.


「Y, yeah, it’s very good… Well, because it doesn’t look like underwear, I think it’s okay?」


「I see. Then I’ll go with this! Thank you, Jun!」


「You’re welcome.」


※ ※ ※


My second day of work at the maid cafe was just as busy as the first. However, thanks to the bloomers that Jun gave me, I could move around freely and wait on customers without having to worry about my skirt.

I still feel the usual glances from people, but it’s no problem because everything that shouldn’t be seen is guarded by the bloomers!


「Ah, Souta!」


At the new master who had entered the shop, I unintentionally let out my voice.

The person who entered was Souta, he had one of his hands on the back of his neck while giving off an uncomfortable appearance.


「H, hey…」


「Welcome back, master! … It’s really strange for you to come to a place like this.」


「The only reason I’m here is because these two wanted to see you and Yuna…」


Behind Souta was his father, Mitsuhiro, and sister, Hisui,  「Hello, Alice-chan」「… Hello」, they both greeted me in turn.


「Hello Hisui… Mitsuhiro oji-san, it’s been a while. I’ll bring Yuna over in a bit.」


I return a greeting to the two while guiding them to their seats.


「Even so, it’s really crowded here. We were in the line for quite a while.」


「That’s true, it’s been hard working here with the constant stream of customers all morning…」


「It’s surely because of your charm… Souta, you’ve been watching the hem of her skirt for a while, that’s rather detestable.」


「Wa, wait a moment! I just thought that it was dangerous to be wearing something like that, I have nothing to feel ashamed about!? Plus, there are bloomers under it!」


「… Umm, Souta. … How did you know I’m wearing bloomers.」


While holding down my skirt with one hand, I cover my mouth with the other and say that while making a troubled look.

Even though I don’t care about it since it’s just bloomers, I wanted to make fun of Souta.


「Chi, it’s different… They just happened to be visible when I looked that way…!」


My acting seems to have been effective, to the point where, seeing the dismay of Souta, I was starting to sorry for him.

The look that Hisui was giving while watching Souta was well below the freezing point and seemed to be reaching absolute zero… I may have gone a little too far with my teasing.


「It’s natural that a someone will see them if my skirt turns up. Because I don’t really mind it, it’s fine.」


I followed up with that. However, Souta’s expression didn’t seem to change, and it didn’t seem like my words had much of an effect on the situation… I wonder why?


「That’s it, Alice-chan. Why don’t you come and work part time at our shrine this coming New Year?」


Trying to change the flow of the conversation, Mitsuhiro oji-san proposed such an idea.

Every year at Mitsuhiro oji-san’s shrine, several people were hired during the end of the year holidays. The main reason for this is because there isn’t enough manpower with Hisui as the only shrine maiden. Because the job is limited to girls, it was only Yuna who was able to work there part time up until now. Even so, because Yuna was a junior high school student at the time, I had done my best to out Hisui for a short time each day.


「Umm, I don’t have black hair, is that fine?」


「It’s fine. The people who have come there in recent years haven’t been that strict about the customs.」


Hmm, to work as a shrine maiden… Honestly, I’m a little intrigued by it. Since it also helps out Mitsuhiro oji-san, maybe I should try it.

However, I should probably consult Yuna beforehand.


「Well then, I’ll give you a reply after consulting with onee-chan.」


「It would really help me out if it’s possible… I’m sorry, we’ve held you up even though you were busy.」


「No no, it’s alright!」


This isn’t a part time job where I’m working for money, it’s a school festival. If an acquaintance comes into the shop, it’s an unspoken rule that you can take some time to talk with them. Also, after looking back at the situation yesterday, the number of staff was hurriedly increased.

However, wasting too much time talking isn’t good either. Let’s get back to work.


「Well then, master, would you like to order a drink?」

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2 years ago

Thx for the chapter!

I’ve spoiled the story for myself (2nd hand info), and from what I’ve heard, this story might change in a surprising way.
good or bad depends on the person, that is, if the info is legit

Edit: made it less scary

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris

I would love for you to spoil the hell outta me because I am close to dropping it… The story is interesting so far even if the plot really needs to thicken but mostly I already see too much Yuri everywhere and hisui is kinda annoying to me…

2 years ago
Reply to  LeNath

LeNath, I’m not too sure about the shoujo-ai part, as NU only lists it as “shoujo-ai subplot”. so it might not go much further, we will have to see.

that is not part of the spoiler tho, it might not even be true, so again, we will just have to wait and see how this developes

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Please don’t scare people with such a vague comment about future spoilers. It’s what made people like me already spoil this story for the wrong reasons.

To the people worrying: The story is just different, but not in a necessarily bad way. TBH, I’m actually really looking forward to what’s coming up.

2 years ago

Reply to Chris
Don’t scare me, for a moment I thought you were a translator and that you will stop translating.

2 years ago

Just found this story today. So far it’s been awesome. Great TL

2 years ago

I dont get why alice can’t have a skirt that reaches below her knees, she’s tiny so if anything the skirts should be too big instead of too small.

2 years ago
Reply to  different

Well I can think of a reason why… Author wants her to be flahsing “panties but not really panties” constantly.

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

Let me join the flame. I like this story and its a finished story, so no catching up for TL. I need this laid back atmo, my God all of my reading list is serious thing so it helps out. Ty vm tl

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

Shrine maiden is you destined occupation.