Shrine Maiden Ch.54

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 54

Cultural Festival – Evening Of The First Day


Afterwards, Souta worked to relieve the tension of the audience, and the rewards ceremony managed to finish without any problems. Since the visiting hours were almost up, the remaining visitors left the school.


However, as the organizers, we had to stay and clean up.

While we were tidying up, some members of the handicraft and drama clubs, who we borrowed classrooms from, came to help us out. It’s nice that us cultural clubs help each other out when we’re in trouble! I’m grateful that they’re willing to go this far without having any negative feelings.

… there seems to be a person among them who saw what happened at the awards ceremony a while back, they keep glancing at me and Hisui out of the corner of their eye, but, it’s my loss if I get worried about it.


Hisui keeps calmly working at cleaning up the room while seemingly indifferent to their gaze. When she notices I’m looking at her, she looks back at me and smiles, I turn my head away in a hurry.


What on Earth was Hisui thinking back then…?


Based on my memories of her from a year ago, I would have never imagined her doing something like that.

Or, maybe I just didn’t know, and she had this kind of nature all along? … When it comes to know the peculiarities of my childhood friends, I’m not that confident in my knowledge except for when it comes to Souta.

However, somehow I feel it’s different than that. Although I’m not confident, I’m starting to think it wasn’t her just doing it out of goodwill.


I kept thinking about it even after we finished cleaning up and I returned home, after having a meal and taking a bath I still couldn’t get it off my mind. So I decided to ask Alicia about it before going to bed.


『Hey, Alicia… Why do you think Hisui acted like that?』


『I think it was an expression of kindness… Whether or not it actually has that meaning, I don’t know.』


『… I guess.』


『However, though it may be my imagination, it feels like she’s angry at something.』


『Is that it? … I’m understanding this less and less.』


『… Maybe… No, I’ll stop with my speculation.』


It’s unusual for Alicia to speak bad about someone.


『Well, I’ll probably hear about it during tomorrow’s date… Still, that kiss was dangerous.』


Recalling the kiss during the awards ceremony, my cheeks turn red.


『Ah, that… Me too, I took the idea of a kiss too lightly.』


『Even though it was on the cheek… With only that much… It felt good.』


I put my hand on my cheek.

I can still vividly recall the touch of her warm and soft tongue on it, my cheeks started to become hot.


『I wonder how much better it would feel on the lips…?』


I trace my lips with a finger.

Considering how it felt with my cheek alone, how much better would it feel with our lips touching each other.

In addition, with Hisui’s tongue, if she were to lick the place that’s feeling painful right now…


『… Ah…』


Noticing the change in my body, Alicia’s voice leaks out.


『Th, that… I’ll be cutting off my consciousness…』


『Umm, that… That would be helpful.』


This is awkward.

Even now, the mutual embarrassment when it comes to my sexual feelings was large.


Apart from during my period, I indulged myself nearly every day before going to sleep. Though it might have been noticed by Alicia, we have a tacit understanding that we wouldn’t talk about it.


『Well then… Good night. Ikuto-san.』


『Ah, good night. Alicia.』


For some reason, Alicia’s words felt lonelier than normal.

However, my body has already become hot, and before I was aware of it, the discomfort I felt had soon disappeared from my mind.


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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

2 years ago

thanks for the chapter!

I wonder how long it will be until they get more comfortable with each other. Are there perhaps points where Alicia doesn’t turn of the senses? could it be possible she never had the ability to turn it off at all?

If she was locked in that state before puberty, or at least menstruation, does that mean she never had any sexual urges? in that case, suddenly having another one touch your body, would probably quite … freaky?


2 years ago
Reply to  Chris

No no no… it was said before that she had “relieved”herself in the other world alredy and understood what it was about, if I’m correct that was said in the first night she cut off consciousness so that Alice could “relieve” herself

2 years ago
Reply to  Vretzel

ah yes, she did say that, didn’t she?

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

2 years ago

I wonder how close to reality this is. Like do real girls think and act like this?

2 years ago

Angry at something huh, it seems like she really does know who Alice is then.

2 years ago

Thanks for putting out an awesome story and great translation

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!