Shrine Maiden Ch.53

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 53

Cultural Festival – First Day (Congratulatory Kiss)


Everyone was waiting for us when we returned from the club room to the venue.

When Hisui apologized, ‘It was painful’, ‘It’s regrettable’, ‘The game was impressive’, it was accepted positively with those various reactions.

Because everything was getting out of control, Souta declared the start of the awards ceremony.


「Thank you all for coming to the tournament sponsored by Hirayama High School’s Wiso club. All of the games have successfully ended. As we don’t have much time, I would like to quickly start the awards ceremony.」


After waiting a little for the crowd to settle down, Souta continues.


「The winner of the tournament is the professional player, Tanabe!」


As his name is called out, the venue is filled with cheers and applause.


「When I saw the prizes on the net, I came here wanting to win, I’m glad I participated」


Will I be going on a date with Tanabe tomorrow?

As one of the top professional players that I admire for his Wiso skills, I don’t find it that unpleasant. Rather, I think it’s somewhat of a privilege. I wonder if we can play a few Wiso matches during the date.

… I also don’t really mind having to kiss him on the cheek. After all, Tanabe is rather famous for being a gentleman.


「Well then, what will you pick for your prize?」


「I’ll take the figure of Asunyan please.」


Tanabe made his choice without hesitation, it was for the figure of Asunyan, a character from an school anime that was popular a long time ago. It was something that Souta bought back when we were kids that he had offered up as a prize, recently it has come to demand a premium as it was only produced in limited quantities.

Come to think of it, Tanabe had, in the past, openly declared that he was a huge fan of the show.


… Why exactly did I have the assumption that I would be chosen as the prize?


It seems I’m far too self-conscious.

While Tanabe received his prize, I applauded while feeling agony in my heart.


「Next, in second place is a member of our Wiso club, Kamishiro Hisui!」


There are cheers and applause, Hisui happily moves to the side of Souta.

She seemed to be unusually happy. Because it’s rare for Hisui to openly display her emotions, for her to be visibly showing her feelings to others, means that this is a truly happy moment for her.

Seeing Hisui like this, there is a gap from her usual expressions that is truly beautiful.


「Thank you!」


Hisui waves her hand in response to the cheers.


「Well then, what prize will you take?」


「The rights to a date with Alice!」


Hisui immediately answers.


「Understood, Alice, come up here.」


I give a sigh of relief as I make my way up to the podium.

Being prompted by Hisui, we stand hand in hand.


「Here is your prize! Specifically, you get to go on a date around the festival tomorrow for around 2 hours. That’s it for the explanation.」


「Congratulations, Hisui!」


「Thank you.」


A generous applause is given to Hisui. Even me, who is just standing beside her, feels proud.

The crowd watches over us with rather heartwarming feelings.


「… What about the congratulatory kiss?」


Meanwhile, Hisui asked me that.


「Eh, you want it…?」


I thought it wasn’t going to happen since she’s a girl.


「Yeah, I want you to do it.」


This is a million times better than a man, because I promised, I have to do it, I take a second to prepare my heart…


「Actually, is it okay for me to give one to you instead?」


「Well, well that…」


Is it better to do it or have it done to me. — At that time, it was all I could think about.


「Well, I will take a picture of you guys.」


「… Why would you take such a photo?」


「We can use it in our club’s activity log. Since you’re both girls, I think it’ll be a heartwarming photo.」


Ryouka was standing holding a digital camera. Speaking of which, she was filming even when Tanabe was accepting his reward. It’s strange that she didn’t ask her butler, Ando-san, to do it. What a strange girl she is.


「Then, please do it when you’re ready. It’ll be hard to get a good picture if it’s too short, so try to take your time with it.」


Ryouka says that while reading the camera.

I just want to do it quickly.


「Well then, are you going to do it?」


Hisui is on my left side, she bends and extends her left hand, her palm wrapping around the right side of my cheek. Her other hand was on the back of my head.

I feel like my head is firmly fixed in place.


As her face approaches, I feel something soft press against my cheek.

Hisui’s face is at a distance where I can feel her breath, her body heat is transferred to me from her fingers and lips that are pressed against me.


… No matter how you look at it, isn’t this too long?


While I was thinking that, I felt something else touch my cheek and unintentionally let out my voice.


「– Hyai!?」


From between Hisui’s lips that were pressed against me, a moist and soft thing comes out and tickles my cheek.


「Wai, ah… St, stop, Hisui…!?」


Kuh, it tickles!


Hisui’s tongue, that’s poking through her lips, moves left and right along the area of the kiss. The breath that strikes my skin is hot, even though I tried to escape from it, my head is firmly fixed in place between her hands and won’t move.


Everyone is watching…


『… Nn… Fua…』


I can hear Alicia’s voice leak out in my head as it becomes impossible to endure.

I close my eyes and put my hands to my mouth in an attempt to keep a strange voice from leaking out.

As Hisui’s tongue wiggles, I understood that it became wet. My body trembles.


After an unknown amount of time passes, Hisui moves her face away from me.

From the red tongue peeking out from between her lips, I can see a string of saliva linking it to my cheek.


「… Thank you for the meal.」


As Hisui says that in my ear, I correct my appearance while trying to pretend nothing had happened. However, I felt my legs weakening, I couldn’t stand properly. Seeing that, Hisui supports me.


「Wai, Hisui… I, I’m okay!」


「Listen, it’s fine.」


My resistance weakens, like that, I was supported by Hisui’s shoulder as we returned to the classroom. The heartwarming atmosphere has disappeared, now the surrounding men all seem to be uncomfortable. I think the fact that many people are bending forward isn’t in my imagination.


「… This photo, it’s impossible to use it in our activity log.」


Ryouka says that while looking at the camera with a red face.

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Lol. Public erotic display. XD
Thanks for the double release!

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Didn’t see it ending like that. Well I guess Hisui getting that date went according to my prediction, but I kind of figured she would have to win for it to happen.

Oh well, what can you say, the ending was good 🙂

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Whoa lewd
I approve!

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you did WHAT in a school festival?

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Thank for the meal!

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Tanabe sure knows his stuff. Why waste your victory on some random girl’s kiss, when you can get an expensive (?) figurine?!
Also, Hisui has some guts (and kinky moves)!

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Tanabe sure got his priorities right

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Anywhere is fine for their date
I guess Hisui will want the hotel after all