Shrine Maiden Ch.52

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 52

Cultural Festival – First Day (Tournament Part 4)


Pulling the card, Hisui quietly checks it, then closes her eyes. The spectators wait with bated breaths.


Hisui thought for a while, then ended her turn.


It’s Tanabe’s turn. He slowly thinks after drawing his card, thinking about what card Hisui drew and calculating the risk.

Eventually he announced that he would attack with his creatures.


「It’s my loss…」


Hisui drops the card she drew. It was a soil that has no effect other than giving mana, she didn’t draw the card needed to win.

Still, because Tanabe is a cautious player, there was still a chance that he would hesitate and delay his turn before attacking, so she held up her bluff until the end.

… However, he wasn’t the type of opponent who would fall for that.


Tears run down Hisui’s face.


「… Thank you for the match.」


Hisui, after managing to say that, stood up and ran out of the venue while holding her face.


While everyone was left dumbfounded,


「Alice, go after her!」


The voice of Yuna called out to me, I ran out of the venue after Hisui like I was told.

I saw her ponytail disappearing down a corridor that leads to the back of the building.

Perhaps she’s going to the Wiso club room.

I follow her.


The door to the club room was left open, inside was Hisui, who was crying with her face on one of the desks. Her black ponytail is hanging over the side of the desk.


「… Hisui?」


I call out as I enter the club room.

Although Yuna told me to chase after her, what do I say…?


「Ugu… Hikku… Uu… I lost…」


Hisui was crying like a child.

Such an appearance reminded me of the old days. I have a lot of memories of Hisui crying like this when she was little.


「It can’t be helped, your opponent was a professional.」


I put my hand on top of Hisui’s head and pat it. It’s just like old times, a nostalgic feeling comes over me as I recall often comforting Hisui like this.

I wonder when it stopped, at what point did I stop comforting Hisui like this.

It seems that she calmed down a little while I was patting her head. Hisui starts to talk with a grumbling voice.


「I thought I’d be able to go on a date with you if I tried my best… But I lost.」


Hisui carelessly let slip that she was trying her best so that she could have a date with me…

Don’t apologize, I’m overcome with emotions of appreciation towards her.


「Thank you, Hisui… About the date, if you don’t mind, how about we go somewhere together next time?」


Wanting to reward Hisui’s feelings, I made that proposal.

Hisui twitches her head.


「… Just the two of us?」


「If you want it to be only us, then that’s okay.」


「… The location?」


「Anywhere is okay. I’ll go with you to wherever you want to go.」


I don’t mind if it’s a shopping street, the library, or the zoo.


「… Really!?」


Hisui gets up as she confirms it with me. … The way her hair is sticking to her face with the tears is kinda scary.


「A, ahh… I’m telling the truth.」


When I said that, Hisui laughs with a smile.

… For some reason, I have a bad feeling about that expression, however, I try to convince myself otherwise.


「M, more than that, we have to go to the awards ceremony! Everyone will be waiting for us!」


It’s almost time for the school to close. There is a danger that the tournament won’t end fast enough unless we rush through the awards ceremony.


「Is that so.」


Hisui takes out a handkerchief and wipes away her tears, after she had arranged her hair, she turned to me and smiled.

It was a refreshing and nice smile.


… Yeah. It’s seems she’ll be okay.

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Thanks for the new chapter! Lol! I wonder if this will end being a promise to go to a love hotel with Hisui. XD

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