Shrine Maiden Ch.51

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 51

Cultural Festival – First Day (Tournament Part 3)


The tournament advanced smoothly.

Yuna was defeated in the third round by one of the hall of fame professional players, Nakasu. Although when she reported it she seemed frustrated, it seemed to have been a heated game as her expression had a visibly satisfied look.

After that, Yuna took the initiative to help out the girls who came to the beginner training seminar.


Following that, the guy who defeated Yuna didn’t pull enough soil, the source of mana, in the next game, this caused a so called soil accident making him lose the game.


At the end of the fourth round, the top 8 have been decided. Since there are 8 prizes prepared, everyone from here on will receive one.

It was surprising that there was a face I knew among them.


「… Why is Hisui there?」


Although Hisui had recently seemed to play a lot more during club activities. She shouldn’t have enough skill to have made it this far in the tournament.


「That Hisui, she’s been strangely motivated since this tournament was decided… Even at home, I was forced to keep her company all the time.」


Souta said this while uttering a sigh. Even this duel idiot, Souta, is getting tired, just how much have you been practicing…


「That’s not all… That fellow, even after I gave up, she spent her time arranging decks and playing by herself…」


… What, that’s amazing.

Even I would have regulated myself when practicing, what lead Hisui to go so far?


I watch Hisui’s game.

She was playing in such a dignified and calm manner you wouldn’t think it was her first tournament, she skillfully deflected her opponents attacks,  and defeated her opponent by launching a counterattack at the critical point of their offense.


After the game ends, we go over and talk to Hisui, who is quietly standing alone.


「Hisui, you’re amazing! You became so good all of a sudden. I’m surprised.」


「I practiced a lot.」


Hisui said that while smiling at me. I  am stunned by her eyes that seem to penetrate deep into my heart.


「There’s only a little more… I will do my best, so please wait for me.」


Hisui reached out and touched my bangs.

She continues to gently stroke my head, I keep standing there until she’s done. Because the touch of her fingers is pleasant and ticklish, I end up squinting my eyes.

Finally, Hisui’s index finger gently touched my lips before her hand left me.


「Umm… Hisui?」


To a puzzled me, Hisui returns a smile.


「It’s a victory charm…」


She cocked her head to the side while putting her index finger to her lips.

Her ponytail swings behind her.


While I was dumbfounded, I heard Souta calling for Hisui. Apparently, the next round was going to start.


「Well then, I’ll be going.」


While having a hazy feeling in my head, I watch Hisui’s next game — it’s a semifinal match. Hisui was still playing each card without hesitation. She continues an offense against her passive opponent, eventually snatching victory.


「That girl’s incredible.」


「I didn’t know there was such a player here. I want to cheer for her, that beauty.」


「It’s nice that she’s so cool. I also want to play against her, in various ways…」


Hisui’s personality and appearance seems to be getting people’s attention. The surrounding players are talking about her. Meanwhile, she continued playing while seeming indifferent.


「However, isn’t it impossible for her to win the finals? With her opponent being the professional player, Tanabe?」


「But, isn’t there a chance if her deck has good compatibility?」


「Still, the other player is Tanabe…」


「I will be cheering for her!」


… So, Hisui’s final opponent is an active professional player, Tanabe was a player who won so much that he was impossible to joke about.


In Wiso, each deck has a certain compatibility with each other, if a player brought a deck with a good compatibility their win rate could go from 30% to around 70%.

By selecting and playing with an appropriate deck, professionals generally start a game with over an 80% chance of winning.

In the semifinals, for example, Tanabe won without any possibility of losing.


Four tables are moved together into the center of the classroom to create the play area for the final match. The rest of the tables and chairs are cleaned up as the stage is prepared. The seminar for beginners has already ended, so only spectators for the final game remain in the venue.


「Thank you all for coming today. There is only one match left in today’s tournament. The final two players are, a member of the Wiso club and my unworthy self’s younger sister, Kamishiro Hisui, and the active top ranking professional, Tanabe-san.」


The two players shuffle their decks while waiting for Souta to give the cue. The tension of the players can be felt in the crowd, the spectators hold their breath.


「Well then, there is no time limit, please start the final match!」


When Souta declares that, the two players greet each other and the game begins.


The developments during the first game are fierce. The board advantage is swapped over and over again as each player shaves away the other’s hand.

When your hand runs out, you have to rely on the cards you draw from the top of your deck, Hisui, who got a strong pull, won the first game.


「It’s the girl’s victory if she takes one more game!」


「This, maybe it’s possible! Will this amateur girl win against a pro!?」


The hall became noisy.

The finals were a best of 3 match. Between games you can swap cards in your deck with reserve cards held in what is called the sideboard.


The second game started with Hisui attacking from the beginning. Tanabe doesn’t actively respond to her attacking creatures. Can she win? As I thought that, Tanabe uses a removal card to completely clear the board.


After that, Tanabe gradually took the lead in the game. Having predicted that the game would be prolonged, he kept the number of cards in his deck with a low cost to a minimum, instead, he added more effective heavy costing cards.

As a result, Tanabe won the second game.


Each of the players reviewed the cards in their sideboard. Following the crying and laughing of the crowd is the final game.


Wiso sometimes has games where a dramatic victory is produced like in an anime. However, most games end up finishing rather unexpectedly and disappointingly.


A dramatic match, or the unreasonable reality, I don’t know which one I’m expecting. However, sometimes the selection of a single card can overturn everything. That is the charm of Wiso, the players at the venue held their breath as they watched the ongoing match.


The third game starts, both players pass their turns rather uneventfully. It seems like both of them have a long term strategy on their mind, only soil, the source of mana, is played.


The first one to make a move is Hisui, Tanabe receives it and reacts accordingly. Both players are walking on a tightrope where one mistake could prove fatal.


And, it was Hisui who made the first wrong move.


It was a small gap that would normally be overlooked. However, being able to take advantage of those is what it takes to be a professional. From then on, Tanabe gradually cornered Hisui.


Hisui will probably have to bet it all on her next moves. She changed to a strategy that focused on cutting her opponent’s life by sacrificing her hand and creatures.


Tanabe’s life was steadily cut down, Hisui had pushed it to the point where she can win if she draws a card that deals direct damage to a player.


However, she only had one turn left before Tanabe’s board would be enough to defeat her. If the next card she pulls isn’t one that can deal damage, her defeat is certain. But, she is the winner if she draws it.


As she prays, she closes her eyes and breathes deeply, then quietly pulled the card.

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