Shrine Maiden Ch.50

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 50

Cultural Festival – First day (Tournament Part 2)


… Why did I say such a thing.


As I literally cooled my head inside the girls’ washroom, I instantly regret my behavior.

Imagining having to kiss the cheek of one of those guys, a terrible feeling comes over me.

I cover my face with both hands, my body leans forward as I bury my face in them.




『I’m sorry Alicia, I did something bad…』


『No, I don’t mind it, rather, is Ikuto-san okay?』


『I’m so ashamed that I want to bury myself in a hole. I got too excited and got carried away…』


I’ve never had an experience like this, I can’t deny that it is all my fault for carelessly going along with everything. The only feeling left is self loathing.


『However, isn’t it a good thing that you learned this important lesson now?』


Alicia responds to me.


That’s certainly true, if I acted in the same way when I went to something like a party in the future, the chance of me being willingly made into take-out is high.

Thinking like that, it can be said that it is fortunate that the damage is merely a kiss on the cheek… Maybe.

Let’s just say that this situation is a practical warning for my future self.


『… Yeah, that’s right. I will be more careful from now on!』


『That’s good!』


When I came out of the stall, Yuna was waiting for me at the sink.


「… Onee-chan, what’s wrong?」


「Alice, you brought your own deck, didn’t you? Lend it to me. I’ve decided to participate in the tournament.」


Yuna bluntly said that.

Yuna’s intentions are clear. If she win the championship then my mistake disappears. Since Souta and I are the only experienced people, we are both acting as staff members and it’s impossible for us to participate as players. Therefore, she will participate instead.


「Thank you, onee-chan.」


「I don’t know whether or not is is possible for me to win. Don’t expect too much.」


Recently Yuna has been playing against me at both school and at home. She was easily able to grasp the basics about the game, and was even able to pressure me using unique tactics. I think the chance of her actually winning a prize isn’t zero.

However, there is something more important that I have to tell her.


「Because I’m responsible for what happened this time, onee-chan shouldn’t worry and should enjoy playing the game. This is onee-chan’s first tournament after all!」


「… Really, even in a situation like this you’re still a card game idiot.」


※ ※ ※


Eventually the tournament began with a total of 118 people. If you lose a game, you’re out of the tournament, so there will be 7 rounds in total.

If we don’t finish by 5 pm then the remaining players will move to a neighboring card game shop to continue the tournament.

Since there are more people than expected, this measure is being taken because the tournament may take longer than the hours that the school is open, this was suggested by the owner of the shop.

The owner seems to have come to the cultural festival after hearing about the tournament online and had left a part timer to take care of his shop while he checked it out, after seeing how overwhelmed we were by the number of people, he offered to help us run the tournament.

As we have gone to his shop before, he was someone Souta and I recognized, he also seemed to be acquainted with Ando-san who frequented the shop while on errands from her master.

The owner quickly partitioned the classroom into multiple play areas making sure there was a clear walkway from the entrance and the exit, it was an arrangement that allowed for 8 games to be played at the same time and for the people who advanced or were defeated to easily make their way to the respective areas while at the same time filling the tables with new people.

Furthermore, it seems that he will also hold a seminar for beginners for the students while the tournament is going on, honestly, I feel indebted to him. After all, this should have originally been the job of the Wiso club.


「Because increasing the number of players ends up benefiting my store, I don’t mind doing it. In fact, I appreciate this splendid chance to advertise.」


Even though he says that, it’s obvious that the slightly chubby owner of the shop is a good person.


「Thank you all for visiting us today. I am Kisaragi Alice, the vice president of the Hirayama High school Wiso club, I will be your host for this tournament today.」


Souta and I each did our introductions in our respective classrooms. Beforehand, Ando-san had confirmed the rules for the matches with Souta and the shop owner and had given out pieces of paper with them to all the contestants. The Hashimoto family butler really is too good at her job.


When I asked if anyone had any questions, I was asked a similar question as before, this time I took a defiant attitude and hyped up the kiss. Festivals are something to be enjoyed after all!


Once the introduction was over, I took out my smartphone and checked the time. There is a short moment of silence before the games start. A comfortable tension covers the room.

Once the clock hits the prearranged starting time, I make a declaration.


「The time limit is 40 minutes, please begin!」


From various places in the room, greetings echoed as the matches started.

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