Shrine Maiden Ch.48

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 48

Cultural Festival – First day (Maid Cafe)


The first day of the cultural festival has come.

I am acting as a waitress in our class’s maid cafe in the morning of the two days the festival runs.


My classmates were all very enthusiastic, as for the decorated classroom, it gave off a dramatically different impression than usual.

The rough part of the classroom is hidden as much as possible with a large quantity of curtains that were brought in, the desks were moved together and made into tables by covering them in matching tablecloths.

The chairs haven’t been changed, it is somewhat charming that there are places that still remain the same, it gives a handmade feeling of a school festival and I don’t really dislike it.


The waitress uniforms are full-blown authentic maid outfits, from what I heard, it seemed like they were borrowed from a connection of someone in the class.

Incidentally, a mini skirt maid outfit was prepared for me. I tried to have it replaced, but there were no actual outfits that fit me, so there was no escape.


「… But, today I have to make sure not to not let it slip.」


Just in case something like that happens, I have prepared a safeguard.

That is, I am currently wearing the same type of undergarment that is used with tennis clothes, the so called underskirt.

They were pearl white with a cute design. Because I didn’t like the rubbing under the skirt, I chose a conservative pair that went up to the waist line.


Though it’s bad for the men who are expecting something, today I’m not going to end up flashing anyone, fufun.


※ ※ ※


「Welcome back, master.」


After clearing a table, I guide a new master to the seat.

There has been a constant flow of guests since we opened in the morning, because we were always busy serving customers, it had quickly become rather disorderly.

Although we had been trained on the basics of customer service and greetings in practice beforehand, what really surprised us was the massive turnout that showed up.

At the core of our team was someone who was experienced from their part time job, a boy who was meant to be behind the scenes had come out instruct people to clean the tables or deal with the bills and was able to turn the situation around.


「Master, what would you like to order?」


It’s my loss if I become embarrassed while doing something like this.

I smile while waiting for the customer to respond.


「For the 3 people at table 12, 1 cola, 1 coffee and 1 iced tea!」


「The 2 people at the 8th table are ready to pay!」


「「See you later, master.」」


「Bring 2 new people to the 3rd table.」


「「Welcome back, master.」」


「There is no milk in this coffee.」


「I’m sorry, we’ll bring it over immediately.」


「You, come serve me, I want to order.」


「I’m sorry, our maids can’t serve any specific master in accordance with the shop rules.」


「Ah, customer, please refrain from taking pictures since our main is shy~」


… What is this, it’s so busy.


The prepared menu is only 「Maid’s homemade cookies ( I thought about master and put my everything into making them) and a choice of drinks」.

Orders only consist of the type of drink, because of that we can easily remember the orders, if there were multiple menu items we definitely would have failed.


Nevertheless, there seem to be a lot of male customers that came from outside the school.

Wearing dark clothes, many of them have backpacks, I felt like they had features I remember from somewhere, but I couldn’t afford the time to think it over.


「Ah, um… Is it true that someone can receive the right to date you if they win the tournament this afternoon?」


A master asked me that as I received his order, I remember there being such a thing.


「Yes. As one of the prizes for the Wiso tournament this afternoon, I am allowing someone to go on a date with me during the festival.」


The surrounding got noisy as I answered. It’s then I finally realize it.


… These people are Wiso players!


「I will do my best!」


「There is also other luxurious prizes — here’s your drink, so do your best.」


I didn’t think that there would be people purposely coming to participate from outside the school, suddenly I recall all the masters I’ve served until now.


… Huh? Hasn’t there been a lot of Wiso players?


When I was thinking about such a thing, Fumika, who was wearing glasses and a long skirted classic style maid outfit, approached me and started talking to me in a low voice.


「… Alice, from time to time you’re flashing your underwear? It’s been seen quite a lot.」


Although I have been taking care to try and not show it, it seems that it’s sometimes possible to see it when I’m busily moving around and turning.


However, that’s not actually my underwear, Fumika!


「It’s fine, it’s just an underskirt. So I’m not really concerned if people see it!」


Though I said that proudly, Fumika looked at me with a strange face.


「… Really. If you’re alright with it, I guess it’s fine.」


Jun seems to have heard us talking and comes by with a tray in one hand.


「I can only see it as normal underwear based on what I’ve seen…?」


「… Eh?」


I quickly hold down the back of my skirt.


「By the way, I think the underwear you’re wearing is cute.」


Jun continued towards a master while saying that.


「… Eh? … Eh?」


I’m at a loss. The surrounding people seem to think that I’m flashing my underwear…?

My 『Did you think it was my underwear? Unfortunately it’s just an underskirt』strategy seems to have been built on the wrong foundations.

… Still, there is an hour left in my shift, what should I do now.


「Its fine. It’s not embarrassing because it’s not underwear, right? It’s good that it isn’t a big deal.」


Fumika says that while putting a hand on my shoulder.


Not a big deal! Not a big deal!?


I feel like something decreased my mental hit points, they’re getting dangerously close to reaching zero!


「Here, a master is calling you? Let’s go.」


「Wa, Wait a moment… Fumika…!」


Once I was aware of everyone’s eyes I couldn’t calm down.

Somehow, it seems like there is a considerable ratio of people in the classroom that were looking at me.

And, the way that they were looking at the hem of my skirt, like they wanted to lick me, was a disgusting feeling.

While I used to feel like the underskirt I was wearing was reliable, now I feel uneasy.


I held the hem of my skirt down whenever possible, my attitude also became nervous, I was in a state where I couldn’t concentrate on the customers and ended up making several mistakes.


「You shouldn’t mind being seen in an underskirt. Acting shy like this is just making you stand out more…」


Yuna is amazed at my appearance as she tells me that, but as soon as I started thinking about it as underwear it’s impossible to not be embarrassed!


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