Shrine Maiden Ch.46

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 46

Becoming A Woman (Part 5)


After Alicia cut her conscious from mine, I went down stairs and knocked on the sliding door of the Japanese styled guest room.


「Dad, can I come in?」


「… Alice? Yes, you can enter.」


I pull the door to the side and enter the room.

There was a small dining table in the center of the 8-tatami sized room, dad was sitting there looking at a laptop that was placed on top of it.

Entering the room, the smell of incense was the first thing to hit my nose.


「… Did you offer sticks of incense?」


There was a Buddhist altar there — to Kisaragi Ikutari, naturally, the content is empty.


「Nn? Ah, that. If the smell is still around, then it seems that I didn’t burn it moderately enough.」


「Is that so. Certainly, it is the funeral of me as a man… Since I’ve had my first period I’ve now completely become a woman.」


I spit that out with a sigh.


「That’s unusual, for you to spill a complaint about your body… Is everything okay?」


「Ah, Alicia cut her connection with me and is taking a rest. So, I was wondering if you could give me a little consultation?」


「Ah, that’s fine… Give me a moment.」


Dad shut the laptop while saying that, he then stands up and leaves the room. It seems he went to grab something as there is a noise in the living room.

Eventually, he returned with a set of beer and snacks that he had brought back from when he was traveling.


「Thanks for waiting. Well, these should keep us company.」


Saying that, he handed me a non alcoholic beverage beer.


「I don’t like bitter things, but…」


When I was Ikutari, I had tried beer-styled drinks a couple of times, but I could never bring myself to like them.

… Well, it isn’t necessary to drink it all.

I make a sound as I pull the tab on the can.




I raise my can and tap it against my dad’s, a dull sound was heard. By the way, my father is drinking actual alcoholic beer.

I put the can to my mouth and take a sip.


「Bi, bitter.」


As I swallowed the liquid in my mouth, I unintentionally grimaced at the taste. It tastes even more bitter than when I was Ikutari.

On the other hand, dad drinks from his can with ease before letting out a satisfied breath.


「Kaaaaa, this stuff is the best!」


「… How can you think such a bitter thing is delicious.」


… I wonder what kind of reaction Alicia would give?

Imagining Alicia’s face as she drinks something bitter makes me smile a bit.


I reach into the small bag of snacks and take out a bag of assorted nuts from inside.

It was pleasantly refreshing to drink beer after eating a salty snack, although I’m still not accustomed to the bitter aftertaste.


Dad watched my reactions happily as he enjoyed his own beer.


「… It can’t be helped, this body isn’t as good at taking bitter tastes as when I was Ikutari. Getting back to the topic, can we start the consultation now?」


「We can.」


For some reason I was becoming embarrassed, I went right to the main subject in order to prevent that feeling.


「I’ve been feeling really insecure lately… I have always been a man, even when I was placed in Alicia’s body, I had continued to think that way.」


I talk while looking at my hand holding the can of beer. My hands are so small and delicate now that the can looks larger than it ever did.


「However, before I knew it, I had already become different from when I was Ikutari, I’m scared that sooner or later I will end up losing myself…」


Dad takes a sip of his beer, then opened his mouth after thinking for a bit.


「Last year you were a high school boy, haven’t you already changed a lot since then while you were in the other world?」


「That’s true… I do think I changed a lot during that time.」


The harsh experience of spending a year in the other world had a big influence on my personality.


「Well then, which one of those do you think is the actual you?」


Dad starts to inquire about a strange thing.


「Both of them are definitely me. I can remember all the details that lead to me changing.」


「In that case, then is there really anything wrong?」


「… Eh?」


「No matter how much you change, in the end you are still yourself.」


「… But, what has changed now is my body itself. And before I knew it, my mind started being changed by my body, it may someday even reach the point where I like men.」


「Didn’t similar things happen when you were a man? When a boy reaches puberty, does his mind not come to seek love with a woman in order to satisfy the needs of his body? Even men are dominated by their sex. Although yours has changed to that of a woman, it is still the same thing.」


「… So is it okay with you that I may be held by a man? That I may give birth to their child.」


「As you were a man, I understand that you would feel uneasy about it. However, that is a future that you will choose for yourself. In addition, not all women come to like men. Haven’t you continued to like women in particular up until now?」


「… But, in that case, you and mom would never be able to see your grandchild’s face.」


「The most important thing for a parent is their child’s happiness. Because we know the joy of raising a child, we always want to encourage it, and we want to see our grandchild. However, that is only if you are happy with it. It’s your life, you should do what you want to do with it.」


「Happiness… Is it.」


I should just do what I want to.

At dad’s words, I felt the heavy stone that was weighing down my heart lighten.


「… And, honestly, how was a woman’s body? Was it satisfying?」


Suddenly changing the atmosphere, dad asks about such a thing.

This is sexual harassment, dad.


「… It was good.」


I replied in a small voice.


「I see, I see. To be able to do what you like alone with your favorite girl’s body is a rare and valuable experience…」


Incidentally, it felt like I was facing dad as his original son.

Since Alicia was with me since I came back from the other world I was always holding back on speaking my mind.


「I am also free to enter the women’s bath. Isn’t it enviable?」


「That is good… Unfortunately , it seems I will be alone in the men’s section if we go to the hot springs as a family.」


「If you like, you could join us in the family bath. Well, Yuna will hate you for it though…」


「Really. Well then, let’s to to the hot springs for our next family trip.」


「I’ll wash your back for the first time in a long time.」


「I’m looking forward to it.」


After that, we sit in silence for a while. As we both silently drink our beer, I eat the snacks.

But it isn’t awkward, because we’re family.


「Someday, that bitter taste may come to be delicious. People change like that.」


Dad suddenly says that.

I tried drinking more of the beer-like beverage from the can — As expected, it still tasted bitter. I wonder if a day will come when I find it to be delicious?


「In any case, it will not change the fact that you’re my son… Even now that your body has become that of a woman, okay?」


Dad tilts the can vertical and finishes the rest of his beer, he placed the empty can on the table and continued with a serious look.


「So please remember that. I have always dreamed about drinking real sake with my son… so please come out with me when you are able to drink sake. It’s a promise between us men.」


Dad said that while holding his hand out to me.


「Ah, I promise.」


I take my right hand and bump it against his.


「Dad… Thank you.」


I don’t know what will happen in the future.

However… whether I’m a man, or a woman, I am still me. I am my father and mother’s child, I am Yuna’s sibling, I am Ikutari, and I am also Alice.

I am the person who has become my current self.

That’s why… Everything is okay.

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