Shrine Maiden Ch.44

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 44

Becoming A Woman (Part 3)


Having learned how to properly apply a napkin, I changed into my gym clothes and left the restroom.

The napkin attached to my underwear is stiff and there is a sense of incompatibility with my crotch.

According to Yuna’s instructions, I have to change it every two hours. Since the amount is at its largest in the first 3 days, it seems I’m supposed to check it during each break between classes.

… Just listening to the instructions had made me feel tired.


After leaving the restroom, I was brought to the school infirmary.

Yuna explained the situation to the women’s health physician.

Yuna also told the doctor that this was my first experience, I was worried about whether it would be strange for me to have my first time at this age, I was relieved to hear that it occasionally happens with girls my age.


By the way, it seems that the underwear I’m wearing was borrowed from here. Of course, I don’t have to return it, it seems that I can give a replacement to the school at a later date.


I was told to lie down on one of the beds. Since lack of sleep was one of the reasons for my poor physical condition, I honestly appreciated it.

When I laid down in one of the plain white beds, sleepiness came over me along with a sense of relief.

Yuna pulled the curtain around the bed. The surrounding scenery is hidden by white.


「Try to get some sleep. I’ll come and see you again at lunchtime.」


Yuna says so while holding a paper bag. Inside are the dirty clothes, it seems that Yuna will wash the skirt then send it out for cleaning later. I really feel deeply indebted to Yuna right now.


「Nn… Good night… Yuna, thank you for everything.」


When I thank her, Yuna says「There, there」 while stroking my forehead.

Although I thought to complain about her childish treatment, I silently shut my eyes and entrusted myself to her.

The feeling of her fingers passing through my hair is pleasant, I notice that my face naturally forms a smile.


『This is so comfortable… I feel very relieved…』


While hearing Alicia’s voice in the distance, I slowly let go of consciousness.


※ ※ ※


At lunchtime, I left the infirmary along with Yuna, Jun and Fumika who came to see me, we stopped by the restroom before going to lunch.

While there, I took off the used napkin and replaced it with a new one while rolling up and throwing away the old one in the etiquette box in the corner of the restroom.

The old napkin that had absorbed blood was heavy and uncomfortable, so I felt a lot better having changed it out for a new one.


「Was everything okay?」


「Yeah, somehow…」


I respond while washing my hands with soap.

My stomach still felt heavy and the pain continued.

I nearly fainted as I think about how this will happen every month.

I want to smack the me of yesterday who had thought that women’s bodies were the best after the events of last night.


It was decided that we would all eat lunch together in the courtyard.

The food that Yuna had bought for me was a walnut bun along with hot cocoa, because it was delicious I managed to eat it all even with my diminished appetite.


「You should pay more attention to what you eat during this time. Caffeine and dairy products, along stuff that cools the body, you should refrain from eating things that have a lot of sugar and fat.」


It was Fumika who gave me this advice.


「I never follow that. When I feel depressed, I often eat cake or something delicious because it feels good.」


Jun replies like that.

Yuna was the type that would want to eat something delicious, then make a compromise and eat something in between.

It seems that the method of dealing with it is different for each person.


「My first time happened when I was in elementary school. Because a stupid boy in the class made fun of me for it, I kicked him before I realized what was happening.」


Jun says that while laughing. The rest of the lunch break was spent with everyone talking about their first time or other times when they failed.

I wonder if it’s because they’re worried about me who just had my first time, I really appreciated it.


I decided to take the rest of the afternoon off as well and went to rest in a bed in the infirmary.

My physical condition remained the same, and if I attended class right now it would be in my gym clothes, because of what happened today I thought it would be best to not stand out.


I spent the rest of the school day sleeping in the bed, after school Yuna came so that we could walk home together.

On the way, we stopped by a laundry shop in order to wash the skirt and send it for cleaning, we then went to a clothing store where I bought a new pair of underwear to return to the infirmary along with some special sanitary underwear for the future.

The sanitary underwear is made from a water resistant material, and is designed so that a napkin fits well in it. Although it is a utility item, I found one that had a cute design, it was a slightly good feeling.


An unexpected person greeted us when we finished our errands and returned home.

Our father, Kisaragi Ikuo.


「Alice, Yuna, welcome home.」


「Papa, I’m home~」


「I’m home, dad. Welcome back to Japan.」


「I came back suddenly due to circumstances at work… Alice, what happened to your uniform?」


「Ah… Umm…」


「Is someone bullying you? If so, please talk to me about it. If such a guy exists, I’ll make them regret it for the rest of their life, I’ll make them apologize to you while on their knees crying, just tell father if there is anything he can do?」


What is this monster of a parent, it’s scary.

Please don’t say such things with a smile.


「It isn’t bullying. I had my first period while at school today and my skirt became dirty.」


Though I hesitated to say it for a moment, there isn’t much mental resistance to telling my father such a thing. I’m his son after all.


「O, oh… I see…」


Conversely, dad seemed to be overwhelmed by my statement.

… I understand your feelings.


「Well then, my stomach hurts, so I’ll be resting in my room.」


「I see… Take care.」


I wonder if he thinks it’s a serious matter because I said that?

I spill a little smile at the unusual appearance of my father who has never shown such a shaken appearance, I then headed towards the washroom at the end of the corridor.


… Before going back to my room, I replace the napkin I’m wearing with that of the different type we bought.

Apparently, there are various types of them.


… Being a girl is hard work.

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3 years ago

Oh Boy~~ Many Many Thanks for the Chapter and also, First! (Sry cant resist it) XD

3 years ago

She/He should of just said to her/his dad that they are on their period as now he will have a massive misunderstanding

3 years ago
Reply to  Isaac

「It isn’t bullying. I had my first period while at school today and my skirt became dirty.」

Though I hesitated to say it for a moment, there isn’t much mental resistance to telling my father such a thing. I’m his son after all.

He did say it

3 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!
It was decided that we would all each lunch together in the courtyard.
eat lunch

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Thanks for the chapter