Shrine Maiden Ch.4

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 4

◇My Sister and I (Alicia)


「So onii-chan is sharing a body with a person named Alicia?」


「That’s right, is anything wrong?」


「I just thought that I should greet her properly now… I am Yuna, onii-chan’s imouto. Alicia-san, thank you for saving onii-chan.」


『I’m Alicia. I too am indebted to Ikuto-san. Nice to meet you.』


So said Alicia’s voice, but of course it couldn’t be heard by Yuna.


So, I got off of the chair, turned to Yuna, and repeated the words she said while imitating her tone as much as possible.


I take a further step and attempt to bow while lifting up the hem of the robe.


I feel like I was able to do it easily… is it because the body remembers doing these gestures?


「Eh, right now… Alicia-san?」


「No, since only I can hear Alicia’s voice I tried imitating what she was saying.」


「Eh… An angel?」


My imouto is strange.


「No, what should I do… if I look closely, onii-chan, is extremely cute!」


That alone overwhelmed my imouto.


… By the way, this guy has an eye for cute things.


「Hey, Alicia-san!」


『Y, yes, what is it?』


「Just for a bit, can hug you?」




「I didn’t ask onii-chan. What does Alicia-san say?」


『I, I don’t mind…』


「I’ll be troubled if that’s the case. Show a little restraint.」


「I see…」


Yuna exaggerates feeling sad.


「… Well then, can I hug you onii-chan? 」


「You haven’t changed the request.」


「It’s different, it’s merely skinship between siblings. Onii-chan is cold…. An imouto that has been alone for a year is asking her brother for a hug yet being is abandoned by onii-chan.」


She hit me where I’m weak.


『Alicia, is it fine…?』


『Ye, yes, I’m okay with it.』


「… I get it. You can do it.」


「Really! Yes, I love you onii-chan!」


Yuna quickly stood up from the chair and rushed to hug me.


「S, soft… Also, smooth…」


『… I’m sorry.』


While being swallowed by Yuna I apologize to Alicia to escape from reality.


『No, this is my first time having someone react like this, it’s a new feeling… And, I’m happy. Yuna has accepted me.』


『… Alicia is a good person. My parents will also like you.』


In the end, it took over 10 minutes for Yuna to become satisfied and let me go.

「So, what will you do after this? Are you going to let mom and dad know you’ve come home?」


「I’d like to spend the time to slowly talk to them when they get home from work… Because of my current form, I don’t want to only explain half way and leave them confused. Is dad currently overseas? If so, I should talk to mom about it first.」


「Yeah. I think that is good as well.」


「Also, I’m quite tired and would like to take a break. I also want to change clothes.」


「Well then, will you take a bath?」


Bathing is one of the top 3 things I missed in the other world. The last time I soaked in hot water was when I had entered into a natural hot spring in the Valley of Flame Dragons, my last decent bath was a long time ago.


「Aa, a bath. That would be nice…」


The words came out naturally.


「I’ll go fill it with hot water then… also, I need to get ready.」


While my imouto went to go prepare the bath, I started to notice what it would mean to enter the bath with my present body and was in agony.


『It’s amazing that you have a bath in your home. I’m looking forward to it♪.』


It would feel awkward to retract my previous remarks to Alicia who appeared to be in a very good mood right now.

Besides, if I don’t do it now I would eventually need to do it sooner or later.


But, before that I want to double check with Alicia.


『Is Alicia okay with being seen?』


Alicia doesn’t respond for a while.


『I do not like or dislike being seen by Ikuto-san. Well, since it was originally my body it would be a lie to say that I wouldn’t be ashamed at all.』


Well, it’s my body now…


Although I don’t really feel like that yet, I can’t say that it will remain like that forever.


『Besides, it’s fine for Ikuto-san to see it, so it’s okay. I, in the first place, even when I was in that body, for Ikuto-san… I would not hate it…』


At Alicia’s words I felt blood run to my face.


… Maybe my cheeks have turned red.


After listening to her, I was finally ready to take a bath.

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