Shrine Maiden Ch.38

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 38

Swim Class (Part 2)


「Here we go.」


I arrived at the entrance to the girls’ changing room while being dragged by Yuna. From inside, the cheerful voices of school girls can be heard, I already want to leave.

Without hesitation, Yuna opens the door and pulls me inside.


「… E, excuse me.」


I entered the room following Yuna.

The design of the changing room was a rather simple one. There were several rows of lockers in parallel with showers that can be used by several people, there is a bench that runs along in the middle. The windowless room was rather humid.

The slightly narrow space was crowded with female students, a sweet scent unique to girls filled the room.


To my surprise, there was no one naked in the changing room.  Well, it’s obvious if you think about it. Even the number of men who would go fully naked when changing is very few.

There were girls in their swimsuits after changing, girls who were taking off their uniform, girls who were wrapped in a towel while changing, girls talking with their friends while only in a skirt and bra… the bare skin and underwear that appeared as they took off their uniforms, although the feeling it gave off was strong, I think I can somehow manage to get over this kind of stimulation.


『… Hey, don’t keep staring, start changing already.』


Yuna urges me to start changing my clothes using telepathy. Looking at Yuna, she already had her uniform unbuttoned and had her swimsuit in hand.

In a hurry, I also pulled my swimsuit out of my swimming bag, I looked at it in front of me. It was an ordinary one-piece school swimsuit.


… This, how do I put it on?


I understand that I need to start by put my legs through it. But to do that, I need to take off my underwear first, won’t I have to be fully naked in order to pass it over my arms?

However, no one else is naked.


… Ah, for the time being I should just put it on my lower body. That way, there is no problem as it’s hidden by my shirt.


I take off my blazer and skirt in turn, I then fold them and put them in the locker. So as to not be seen I hold down my blouse with one hand, then lower my underwear with the other hand. After that, I stepped out of my underwear one foot at a time.


… This is fine.


For some reason, it feels like the surrounding eyes have gathered on me.

I noticed the gazes while folding the underwear in my hands, at them, I startled and go stiff.


… Wh, what is this? I turn my head and looked at the situation.


… Waa!


I felt the surrounding air ripple, my body shivered.


When I listen closely,  thing like 「… I feel like I’m going to awaken to something bad」「This is criminal…」were being whispered around me.


「… Alice, your appearance is rather provocative right now.」


It was Fumika that spoke to me.

She had already finished changing into her swimsuit. Her trademark ponytail is held up in her swimming cap, so the impression she gives off is quite different from normal. Although she is a bookworm, her slender and tight body is that of a swimmer.


「I’m just changing clothes like normal though…?」


「When putting on a swimsuit, don’t you usually keep your skirt on when you remove your underwear?」


Oh, is that so…?


「M, my uniform is larger than my body! Just wearing the blouse alone is fine.」


「… It seems that it covers you well enough in the front, but your butt shows every so often from behind.」


「Huh…!? W, why, why are you watching me so much…」


「Because, you stand out… Everyone else was also watching? 」


I look around at the surroundings with teary eyes. The other girls unnaturally avert their gaze, I quickly continued changing my clothes.


『You now know how it feels to be seen…』


Yuna, who was watching me while changing her own clothes, told me such a thing with telepathy.


…Ah, mou!

I already know that even if you don’t tell me!

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