Shrine Maiden Ch.36

The conclusion to the Ryouka’s chapters.

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 36

Hashimoto Ryouka (Part 3)


「… I’m sorry, Alice-san. I became distraught.」


… This is good. Ryouka is currently in a state where we can talk.


I stand there waiting for Ryouka’s words.

The sunny sky from this morning had started to become cloudy, it wouldn’t be strange if it started raining at any second.

The radiant heat from the concrete made the rooftop hot and humid, I was starting to sweat. It is a disgusting feeling to have your clothes sticking to your skin.


「… When I first met Souta-san, it was when I was mentally cornered by the rumor.」


With her back towards me, Ryouka gradually begins to speak.


「As the rumor continued to spread more and more every day, my daily life had changed into a gloomy one. Kisaragi-san died because of me, Kisaragi-san is pitiful… Such a voice was always being whispered around me, no one would get close to me. After that, I became more frightened of others’ gazes than before, when I heard others talking, it always seemed like they were accusing me, every day it weighed on my mind.」


Perhaps the situation was made to be malicious from the very beginning. It isn’t difficult to imagine that others were merely using this as an excuse to continue persecuting her.


「At such a time, it was Souta-san who appeared in front of me. He had heard the rumors about Kisaragi-san, he wanted me to tell him the truth about what happened.」


For his childhood friend that suddenly disappeared from the ferry, if there was a reason for the accident… I would have gone and asked her the same thing in his position.


「During those days, having constantly been blamed by others, I had started to think that maybe I was the reason that Kisaragi-san died. Therefore, under Souta-san’s questioning, the only thing I could do was apologize.」


… Because his figure and the look in his eyes make him look like a bad person, people who meet Souta for the first time are often scared of him. Because Ryouka was already in a bad position, being pressed for answers by Souta must have been a terrible experience.


「To me in such a situation, Souta-san talked to me gently. He told me that even if Kisaragi-san went missing due to me refusing his confession, that it was Kisaragi-san’s own responsibility, that I shouldn’t worry about it. At his kind words, I began to cry. To the me who was crying, he comforted me over and over again…」


Those words were probably very important to her, I can understand from her appearance that those words were what saved her at the time.


「It wasn’t only that incident. There are some people who have a lot of resentment towards my father, they had employed a group of gangsters to kidnap me. Thanks to Souta-san, who happened to  be there at the time, I was protected from the criminals.」


So that’s where the story about him beating up a group of gangsters came from.

However, when listening to her talk, Souta was made to seem like a hero from a Galge.


「Even my current appearance is thanks to him. Because Souta-san said he would like it if I showed my face and acted more confident, I split my hair in two, I got rid of the vanity glasses, and tried to go to school with my chest held high. Doing that I saw the gaze of people around me change, I was able to become confident in myself.」


「I also think that Ryouka-senpai is very lovely now.」


I think Souta’s honesty has done a good job in changing her. The Ryouka of today seems to live a vivid and happy life.


「Thank you, Alice-san too, you are very lovely. In any case, Souta-san has given me so much kindness. … However, I have rewarded his kindness with abuse.」


Ryouka turns towards me.

However, her gaze didn’t settle on me.

When I follow where she is looking, Souta was standing at the doorway connecting the stairway and the roof.


「… Souta.」


「… Hey.」


Souta stands there with his hand on the back of his neck, he greets us with an uncomfortable look.


「When I told you that Kisaragi Ikutari-san confessed to me… That, it was a lie. 」


「… I see, so Ikutari wasn’t actually troubled and suffering.」


As Ryouka told him that, Souta didn’t seem surprised, rather, he seemed to be in a state of understanding.


「I made Souta-san suffer because of my lie, I am truly sorry.」


「I never thought you were telling a lie. Therefore, you don’t need to mind it, Ryouka.」


「But! I heard that Souta-san was suffering because of it. It’s all my fault!」


「It’s different. I knew the truth all along… That there was no reason for the death of Ikutari, that it was just an accident. However, I didn’t want to admit it, I wanted to think that there was some other reason, that there was something that could have been done… Because I wanted to think that, I accepted your story. Even though both Hisui and Yuna, who heard the same story, didn’t believe it.」


… So it was like I was told.


「At Ikutari’s funeral, I was forced to realize it when Alice confronted me. The apologies and regrets I have when I think of Ikutari have only been for my own self-satisfaction as a way to escape from reality.」




At the time I had gotten upset and angry at Souta, hearing that my feelings were properly received by him at the time, my chest became a little hot.


「But, it seems like I finally have to face it. In the end, it was me who was using Ryouka all along… I’m sorry.」


「!! Such a thing, that isn’t true! You have nothing to apologize for!」


「If that’s the case, I will not apologize. I would like to receive a reward if you still feel gratitude towards me… Let’s see, let me rub your chest.」


… Ha? What are you talking about?


「… If that’s what Souta-san wishes for, I don’t mind it.」


Ryouka blushes at Souta’s words and turns her face away.


「… Huh? Aren’t you supposed to say 「What are you talking about, disgusting!」as you refuse me…」


You aren’t reading the flags right. If you were to look at Ryouka’s love points right now, wouldn’t they be at max!?


「I am prepared to respond to any wish you have Souta-san. I have to repay the kindness I received from you.」


Having received the exact opposite response of what he planned, Souta looks to me for help.


「… Alice, what should I do about this?」


「… Make sure to not hurt her as you rub them. I will be going back to the club room first.」


「Wa, wait a moment!? Don’t leave me here with such an atmosphere!」


I blame the atmosphere on what a certain someone said.


… But, to be honest, I also want to rub them.

Although I have touched my own, those… They’re big, right?


『… Ikuto-san, just now, were you thinking something very rude?』


Nothing at all, I’m sorry.

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a dog
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