Shrine Maiden Ch.34

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 34

Hashimoto Ryouka (Part 1)


The next day, Jun and Fumika came over to my desk before homeroom started.


「Alice, I want you to listen to this calmly…」


Fumika begins to speak heavily. Both of them have a serious look on their face, what exactly is this about…?


「This is about that Souta-senpai from the other day, it seems that he is already dating someone.」


… Ah, so it’s that.

I had heard about this from Yuna already.

That he was dating the person I had supposedly confessed to.


「… I already knew that?」


The two people appeared shocked by my attitude.


「This girl, you’re so brave. To yearn for someone even though their heart is already taken by another.」


「I’ll keep cheering for Alice!」


「You know, I don’t really have any special feelings for Souta…」


While we’re talking about this, Yuna, who was sitting at the desk next to me, joins in the conversation.


「But, didn’t you go to see him yesterday? How was it?」(TN: In Japanese this is a gender neutral statement.)


「I only happened to meet Souta by chance…」


「Not Sounii, his partner, Hashimoto-senpai.」


… Nn? Ryouka?


「I’m amazed. How could you not have noticed it? I already told you all about it when we were at the mall. The rumors were that Hashimoto Ryouka had become a couple with Sounii.」


「… Ah –」


There was something like that. A piece of the puzzle was connected in my head.

The rumor of me having confessed to a school girl, Souta being in a club with only two people, her attitude yesterday when Ikutari was mentioned, the story that Souta had mentioned before we parted yesterday.


「… No way, you really didn’t notice it yesterday? That you went right in and interrupted the nest of two love birds yesterday?」


In response to Yuna’s words, 「Alice is aggressive」 and 「Regardless of her appearance, to strongly go after a man like that is also wonderful」, it seems that my two friends were leaking out their thoughts while completely misunderstanding the situation.


「After school today, I’m supposed to go and talk with both of them. Really, for it to be that Ryouka-senpai…」


However, Ryouka really didn’t seem like such a manipulative girl to me.

I wonder if my eyes are mistaken.

… Whatever. The fastest way to find out is to just ask her.


「… Are you going to be okay? Should I come with you?」


「I appreciate your feelings, but this is a problem between me and her. If you do come, I’ll seriously get angry… That goes for both of you as well.」


I give the warning, 3 people respond with 「Yes」 as they gave their promise to not interfere.


※ ※ ※


After school, I made my way to the 『Wizard’s Soil Association』 in the old school building. Hashimoto Ryouka, my purpose was to accomplish my promise with her.


When I knock on the door of the entrance to the club room, I am greeted with a 「Come in」.


「Excuse me.」


With those words, I entered into the room.


Upon my entry, I was hit with the strong fragrance of black tea.

In the room was a lady holding a teacup while quietly sitting at the table. A white table cloth was placed over the study desk that we had played Wiso on yesterday, on top of it was a complete tea set.

Her appearance as she sipped the tea was very dignified.


「Alice-san, please take a seat over here.」


However, imagining her preparing all this alone is somewhat heartwarming. Looking around the room, there is an electric kettle sitting on the of the side tables.


「… Is there something funny?」


That’s not good, it seems my thoughts were unintentionally reflected by my face.

I went and sat down at the seat across from Ryouka.


「Thank you for coming today.」


She takes the teapot and pour a cup of tea before placing it in front of me.


「Thank you.」


After I said thank you, I put the cup to my mouth.

As it was still hot, I just moistened my lips, the pleasant smell tickled my nose.


「Before we talk about Wiso, there is something I have to apologize to you for.」


She began to talk.


「Have you heard about the rumor concerning me and Kisaragi Ikutari-san?」


「… Yes, I know about it.」


The rumor was that Ikutari committed suicide after confessing to a girl and getting rejected.

The rumor continued that she apologized for it, and that she was the one who turned down the confession, I wonder if this is going to be that same apology.

… What kind of face should I have when accepting such an apology?


If she does decide to apologize for that, I won’t be able to see Ryouka as my friend any more.

A regrettable, sad feeling forms a lump in my throat.

Somehow, it seems I have unexpectedly come to like this girl.


「The rumor about how Ikutari-san confessed to me… It is caused by a lie I told that went around…」



Ryouka didn’t give a fake apology to me, instead, she apologized for having told a lie.

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