Shrine Maiden Ch.30

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 30

Sweet talk


We leave the restaurant and head towards the shopping street near the station.

After we had walked for a little bit, I was questioned by my two friends.


「… So, who was that good looking guy back there?」




I felt like I took take a hit from the question.

… What should I do, I wonder if I can just skim over it.

With them having seen my interactions back there, I can’t just say he was an acquaintance.

However, just because it’s a male friend doesn’t mean that they will think it’s anything other than that, so it should be fine.


「Give us a hint! Is that the person you’re interested in, Alice?」


Where did you get that idea from!?


「Th, there is no such thing…?」


「That’s a lie.」


Fumika counters with a single statement.


「Wh, why…?」


「Anyone would think that after seeing what happened at the restaurant.」


「When you told him to call you by your name with upturned eyes, it was foul play! It was so cute!」


It’s true that I got angry about being treated so rudely by my childhood friend, Souta, that’s why I told him that.


「That frustrated expression you had when he was looking at you like a child. It felt like you wanted him to see you properly…」


So, that’s why she thinks that. However, at that time the frustration was just from me missing how tall I was when I was a man.


I have to change the flow of this conversation… That’s it!


「I, incidentally, Souta is actually Yuna’s childhood friend!」


「Is that so!? No way, for there to be a love triangle between you sisters and him…」


「No no, while it is true that Sounii is my childhood friend, we don’t have that kind of relationship… In addition, I’m in full support of Alice!」


The two people got excited again at Yuna’s words. I am stunned at how Yuna turned on me in this situation. While Yuna talked to the two of them, she used telepathy while glancing at me.


『It’s 100 years too early for you to try and get me involved in this.』


In this way, to her friends, Alice became a girl that was earnestly trying to get Souta to see her as a girl.

… Well, at the very least it’s a good excuse to refuse if ever approached by a man.


Afterwards, we went to do a tour of the sweets shop like I promised Alicia. However, for the 3 people other than me, it seems that window shopping was naturally included in that process.

If it was the old me, I would have probably quickly gotten fed up with it, however, I’ve recently become accustomed to choosing my outfit myself, so looking at clothes while thinking about how cute it would look makes it feel less painful. It was also fun to buy accessories to decorate my room while consulting with Alicia.

When we finally arrived at the sweets shop, it was decided that we would have Belgian waffles that Alicia had learned about when we read the local newspaper in the library.


「… This shop has a good atmosphere.」


Fumika seemed relieved when we entered the shop. … I wonder if going to the pub was traumatic for her?


Everyone looked at the menu while choosing what to order.

After that, we sat talking about the clothes and accessories we saw earlier until our orders arrived along with a sweet smell.


『Hau… It’s sweet… So much sweet maple syrup and chocolate on warm waffles. With the strawberries and cold ice cream it looks like a jewelry box of sweetness.』


Alicia is in pure delight. I also think it’s delicious. Even though I had the rice bowl earlier, for some reason I can eat this without feeling full, perhaps there’s a second stomach for sweets.


「I’m glad I came today. I got to learn a lot about Alice.」


Fumika states while elegantly carrying a waffle to her mouth with a fork and knife.


「You’re a mass of unpredictability, Alice.」


Jun roughly cuts the waffle as her cheeks bulge while she eats.


「… Is that so? Am I strange?」


「I wonder if it’s because you’re from a foreign country? It seems like your sensibility is quite different from ours, yet fun. At first I thought you were a lady, but that wasn’t the case. The types of books you decided to borrow were interesting and you brought us to an unexpected shop, but it also seems like there is a maiden side to you, in a single day I’ve learned various things about you, it was very a interesting experience. I hope that we continue being friends in the future.」


「Likewise, I also hope for that.」


「It was also nice to be finally able to hang out with Yuna.」


「… Fue, me?」


「Ever since you entered school, it seemed like you had an atmosphere that rejected others, and that you didn’t try to get close to anyone.」


「Ahaha… Is that so… ?」


The description of Yuna that Fumika gives doesn’t match the Yuna I know. The one I know has always been a cheerful and outgoing person.


「After dying your hair, I was surprised when it suddenly got darker again back in June. Your troubled look also disappeared around that time, it was like you were a completely different person.」


June was also the time when I came back from the other world. So Yuna was rejecting others while I was missing…


「This girl came to my house in June and I became an older sister. I thought my state at the time wasn’t good and decided to change myself.」


「I’ve always wanted to become friends with Yuna since then, but after school you always refused any invitations and returned straight to your house…」


「Yuna, because you were helping me study every day…」


It’s because I was studding for the transfer test. Yuna had come straight home everyday to help teach me during that time.


「I did what I wanted to do… Alice shouldn’t mind it.」


「Yuna is a really good onee-chan!」


「I’m proud of my onee-chan.」


Yuna silently carries the a waffle to her mouth.

Apparently she is embarrassed.


「Well, now that Alice is coming to school, will you be willing to hang out with us from now on?」


「Yeah, from here on I will be able to be with everyone. Once again, I hope we get along, you two.」


「Here as well, let’s get along.」


「Let’s get along~!」


『Me too, let’s get along. Though I don’t think I will be able to talk with you…』


Alicia’s voice sounded a little lonely,


「Me too, let’s get along.」


Therefore, I put her feelings forward towards those two, even if those feelings were only transmitted though a single greeting.

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『Me too, let’s get along. Though I don’t think I will be able to talk with you…』

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