Shrine Maiden Ch.3

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 3

Returning Home


My home is a 10 year old detached house built in a residential district located a short distance from the main city. I can still remember the tension of moving to a newly built house when I was in the first grade of elementary school.


The layout is a 4 LDK, the first floor is the kitchen, living room and guest room, the second floor is my parents room, my imouto’s room and my room.


Living in the house was my father Ikuo, my mother Yukiko, my imouto Yuuna, and me. With me having gone to a different world it should only be three people.


Though, my father often was abroad for work and was rarely at home.


— I was relieved when I saw my house for the first time in a year and it still looked the same as I remembered it.


The only difference appeared to be a faded missing persons paper that was attached to the fence. On it was my name and picture along with my mothers cell phone number. My chest hurt as I realized how much worry my disappearance had caused my family.


Another thing that had changed was that the intercom now had a monitor.


I pressed the intercom call button.


… I hope someone is here.


「… Yes, who is it?」


It was my imouto, Yuna, who responded.


The voice sounded very suspicious.


I guess it can’t be helped with my present figure. I’m thankful that she didn’t just pretend to be away.


「I know the whereabouts of your onii-san. Could I talk with you?」


「… If this is about religion we don’t have the time.」


As expected, she was vigilant. I had heard stories that there are religious solicitors that will come to your house when there was a misfortune. There are many such stories.


… It can’t be helped, I’ll use my trump card.


「I heard an interesting story from your onii-san… On a summer night in sixth grade you couldn’t fall asleep due to a thunder storm and went to visit your onii-san’s room. And, with the loud thunder rumbling in the background, you couldn’t even go to the bathroom…」


When I start telling the story of my imouto’s black history, there was signs of a trembling voice on the other end of the intercom.


「Wai!? Wait a moment!」


A loud noise was heard from inside the house and the front door was flung open. Yuna, wearing a high school uniform, came out from inside.


「… For now, come inside.」


The room we entered was the living room on the first floor. It appeared that my parents were absent based on the lack of shoes at the door. It was necessary for my sister to take precautions when allowing a stranger into the house without the rest of the family, or so I thought, does she feel safer letting me in because of my current form?


『So this is Ikuto-san’s house.』


I heard the voice of Alicia for the first time in a while. Incidentally, both of us had kept silent after that awkward situation in the restroom.


Even so, I had missed it…


The layout of the living room was almost the same as when I had left last year… However, because my line of sight is now lower, there is a small sense of discomfort.


『Ah. The person in front of me is my imouto, Yuna.』


When I had left, Yuna was in her third year of junior high, now she was a high school student.


Her hairstyle that used to be black shoulder length hair was now slightly brown and reached down to her waist.


Her height that used to be around average for a girl was now around 10 cm taller, the legs extending from the uniform’s skirt were long and supple.


It seems that some parts filled out with the growth of her body, my imouto has a good look.


『So, this person is Yuna-san. She is younger than me…』


Even though I am supposed to be a year older, my body looks like one that could easily be mistaken as an elementary schooler, I wonder what I should think.


『… Alicia will also grow bigger.』


『Ikuto-san. Haven’t I already told you, that these are your affairs now?』


I was urged by Yuna to sit at the dining table. However, the seat was too high and I had to jump to get on it. I feel uneasy since my feet don’t touch the floor at all.


Yuna sat across from me at the dining table and was observing me who appeared to be in cosplay.


「… So, what do you know.」


「You were still in elementary school, you were scared of thunder and didn’t want it to leak out?」


「Why is it that…!? Onii-chan, you promised not to tell anyone…!」


… You have an amazing facial expression, my imouto.


「I told my onii-chan that if he told anyone I would kill him and then myself, I wonder if he’s forgotten… Hey? You, you told me you knew where onii-chan was…」


It seems we must solve this misunderstanding soon.


Rather, what are you going to do when you learn about your brother’s location!?


「There seems to be a misunderstanding, your onii-san didn’t tell anyone your secret.」


「… Eh? Then why…?」


「Because, I am him.」


Yuna freezes at my words.


「… No, No, No, that’s impossible. How could you be my brother. You’ll have to come up with a better lie than that.」


Well, that’s how it is.


I would think the same way if I was in her position.


「Then, ask me something only your brother knows. In that case, would you believe it?」


「… I understand. What is onii-chan’s favorite food?」






I quickly answered the question she asked. I was nervous about her asking a question I wouldn’t know, and sighed at her persistence. After all, I don’t know things like my little sisters three sizes.


「… Where did you go on your junior high school graduation trip and who were you with?」


「I went with Souta, Hisui and you to the hot springs for 2 days and 2 nights. The plan was initially for only the three of us to go, but you felt left out and started crying… It wasn’t even your graduation.」


「… I was not crying.」


「Well, I didn’t mind. It was fun for us to all go together. Because there wouldn’t be an opportunity for everyone to do something together after that…」


And, I was summoned to a different world on the first school trip I had as a high school student.


「You really are onii-chan… right?」




「What have you been doing for the past year? Father, mother, me, everyone, we were all worried about you. Besides, how did you become like that?」


「It’s a long story, do you think you will be able to listen to it all?」


「Yeah… Let’s hear it all.」


After that, I explained what had happened after I fell off the ferry during the school trip.


All the things about the other world, about me and Alicia.


「I see… Then, it really is you onii-chan…」


「… Do you believe me?」


「I can’t help but believe it when the real thing is in front of my eyes… You both speak and act exactly like my onii-chan.」


When I look back on it calmly, it’s an absurd story.


… It’s good that Yuna has already seen similar stories in manga and anime.


「Anyway… Welcome home, onii-chan.」


Tears were forming in Yuna’s eyes.


I felt the familiarity that was always directed towards me as her brother, I finally felt like I had come home.


「…Ou, I’m home now, Yuna.」

TN note: I used onii-san and imouto instead of brother and sister because they have slightly different connotations than their English counterparts. If you want to know more then just look it up.


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