Shrine Maiden Ch.26

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 26

Self Introduction


I literally tripped on the first step of my school life as Alice.


「I want to go home…」


I’m currently in the hallway, waiting to be called in by my homeroom teacher, Saeki-sensei, it’s the so called waiting game.

Since it is my first day since transferring, I had gone to the faculty’s office, after that I was brought in front of the classroom by my homeroom teacher, it seems I will be called into the classroom after he sets up.

I don’t know if it’s the result of my father’s efforts, but I have safely been placed in the same class as Yuna.

The inside of the classroom is noisy. The news that a transfer student is coming has probably already started to spread around… I just hope that the incident from this morning won’t spread.


「Well then, come on in Kisaragi imouto.」 (TN: Saeki differentiates Alice and Yuna by calling them Kisaragi imouto and Kisaragi ane)


Saeki-sensei calls me and I enter the classroom.

After a moment of silence when I open the door, the classroom exploded into conversation.

Listening to some of the content, ‘it’s a foreigner’, ‘that silver hair’, ‘her hair is beautiful’, ‘she’s so small’, ‘so cute’, ‘it’s a legal loli’, — Although some of it is odd, it seems like most of it is praise.

The classroom is full of excitement regardless of their gender.


「Quiet down you guys! I understand your feelings, but let Kisaragi imouto introduce herself!」


At Saeki-sensei’s words the students finally start to calm down, I stepped into the classroom. I understood that every single person in the classroom was paying full attention to everything I did.


I did not want to make another mistake on my first day since transferring.

I’m getting nervous…


I walked straight to the podium at the front of the class, turning my back to my classmates I faced the blackboard and picked up a piece of chalk.

The way I have to stand on my tiptoes to reach is cute, I can hear a voice whispering that.

I quickly gave up on writing my name vertically and instead wrote 『Kisaragi Alice』 horizontally in the middle of the blackboard.


When I turned around and stood behind the podium, it was tall enough to hide my chest, I shuffled sideways around it. I placed both hands in front of my skirt and gave a bow towards my classmates.

In the back of the classroom, I see Yuna waving out of the corner of my eye and felt a little relieved.

After finishing my bow, I give a greeting.


「I am the transfer student, Kisaragi Alice. From now on we will be studying together as classmates. It was decided that I was to join the same class as my sister-in-law, Yuna. As I have only been in Japan for three months now, there are still many things I’m not used to, please treat me well.」


When I finished my greeting I once again bowed, a cheer then broke out in the classroom.

‘It’s nice to meet you’, ‘you’re so cute’, ‘I want to hug you’, ‘marry me’.

I thought this a while ago, but it seems this class is made up of good people… Personally, I don’t hate such an atmosphere.


「Question, Question!」


One of the boys raises his hand while saying that. When I look a Saeki-sensei sitting at the back of the class, he remained silent, it seems like it’s okay to take questions right now.


「Go ahead.」


「Do you have a boyfriend!」


It’s a common question.


「I do not, and I have no intention of getting one.」


Even though he seemed to be disappointed by my sharp reply, I don’t mind. It would just create more trouble if I answered it poorly.

As hands continue to rise, I point to the next one.


「Are you from a foreign country?」


This one was from a girl.


「Yes, I was born in a small country in Eastern Europe. I am a quarter Japanese by blood.」


「Your Japanese is good, where did you learn it?」


This was from a boy.


「I learned it at a local Japanese school.」


「Yes! How did you become Kisaragi’s sister-in-law?」


This was another girl. This question, it was a rather personal one, but I had already spent a while thinking over how to answer it.


「When my parents died in an accident half a year ago I was all alone and in trouble, at that time, Yuna’s father, who was a family friend, took me in as his adopted daughter, hence me and Yuna became sisters… I’m sorry, since it makes me recall my parents, I would like it if people didn’t ask about the place I was born.」


So that it doesn’t become dark, I talk about the backstory plainly.

In my backstory the country I’m from is one that my father has visited several times during his job, it would be dangerous if people started asking me about it in more detail. Therefore, I decided to talk like this so that people wouldn’t ask about the country I’m supposed to have come from.


The effect of this was outstanding, the classroom that was full of excitement suddenly became quiet.

The girl who asked the question had a depressed look on her face, it made me feel guilty seeing it. After all, everything I said now was a lie.


「S, sorry, I didn’t know…」


「Please don’t worry about it, I am able to live happily with a new family now. I was also able to go to a school in Japan like I always wished for. I’m thankful that everyone can talk to me without hesitation.」


I say this while holding my hand to my chest and speaking with a little exaggeration. And, as a joke I did a guts pose.


At that, the class became rowdy again.

‘I’m so impressed’, ‘She’s so brave’, ‘Feel free to call me your onii-chan’, ‘I will also be your onee-chan’, though I feel it was a bit overkill, I was glad I could change the awkward atmosphere.


With that I took a deep breath and the chime signaling the end of homeroom went off.


「Well then, everyone please treat Kisaragi imouto well. I have prepared a seat beside Kisaragi ane, you can use it.」


As he says that Yuna waves me over… I would know where it is even if you didn’t do that.


Thus, my second high school life began.

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