Shrine Maiden Ch.18

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 18

The Future


「It will take around 1 month for your identification to be completed. After that, I will proceed with the school transfer process, you should be able to return to school in the second semester.」


Since it’s June now, that means it will take around 2 months. What should I do in the meantime? Besides watching anime and reading manga maybe I should take a trip somewhere… If possible, I want make up for what happened on the school trip.


「There are many things you have to do now. First, you need to prepare for the transfer exam.」


The excitement inside me was immediately shattered.


「… Transfer… Exam… ?」


「Isn’t that normal? You can’t enter a high school without passing an exam.」


I didn’t even think about that at all. Once last years entrance exam was over it was a huge weight off my shoulders, to have to do it again…


「After that, you need to study everything you missed from the first semester. Even if you manage to enroll it’s no good if you can’t keep up.」


… Isn’t this going to be very difficult to do alone?


「You also need to fix your words and gestures. It would be unbecoming for you to keep acting like a boy forever.」


Added mom.


「… I have to fix it… Right? Hey, can’t I just be a boyish girl.」


「It’s one thing to be a boyish girl, and another to act crudely. I’m not telling you to be a perfect girl, but when you’re out in public, I won’t allow you to act like a shamefully.」


「Fufufu, do your best, onii-chan!」


「Why are you acting like this is someone else’s problem, Yuna? Even though you’re a girl of marriageable age, your behavior is often quite crude as well. In this case, you will also take lessons with Ikutari.」


「Ugeh… I stepped on a landmine…」


Yuna also becomes a victim.

… Fuu, it’s because you laugh at others’ misfortune.


「Even if you say that, how on earth am I supposed to become more feminine…」


「First of all, you need to change the way you refer to yourself. Then, you need to stop using rough words, that alone will make quite the difference. You should listen to how Yuna speaks and gradually learn by imitating her.」


「Uu…. Do I have to do it at home as well?」


「Of course. Because there aren’t many chances for you to go out and speak with others, how else would you learn it other than with your family?」


「… I get it, I’ll be careful.」


「In the future you will also need to learn to be called Alice. This is something you should become accustomed to over the next couple months. Everyone agrees with that.」


Thus, to my name that I have been called for my entire life, I bid you farewell.


「… Let’s do our best, Alice!」


It seems there will be many difficulties in the future. As my daily routine has been decided, I sigh at the huge number of tasks I need to complete.


… Eh? The first person pronoun is watashi now? … I will forgive myself for not using it in my mind. (TN: This is Ikuto arguing that he should be able to use Boku instead of Watashi while talking in his head. Since both of them translate to “I” in English, this is pretty irrelevant.)


After that, I looked up the details of the transfer exam with Yuna until dinner time.

When we checked on the website, it seems the transfer test will be on July 29th, the subjects on the exam are Japanese, English and Math, followed by an interview.

When I asked my father about the transfer qualifications, I was told not to worry about it. It seems that my identity will be made so that I am ¼th Japanese and that I went to a local Japanese school, that way I will acquire credit for the first semester.

The contents of the exam is almost the same as what I studied when I first applied to the high school while in junior high school.

After missing a year of school it seems I had forgotten a lot of the content, I was honestly glad that I had Yuna, a student from the school, there to help me. … It seems she is excellent, this imouto.


「… Yuna, why did you decide to go to Hira High if you excel in studying so much?」


Yuna is smart enough that she should have aimed for a higher level school.


「It’s because it was close to home, it’s also the school where onii-chan went. Also, you see, at that time I couldn’t care less about studying for entrance exams.」


Yuna averted her face as she talks.

That’s why I noticed… it was because of me.


「I’m sorry, it’s my fault… Because I had disappeared during the time when you would be taking entrance exams…」


I apologize while lowering my head, suddenly, there was the feeling of something soft — Yuna’s hand was gently resting on my head.

When I looked up, Yuna smiled at me.


「Really, don’t worry about it. I’m the one who chose Hirayama high school (Hira High). The people and classes are good and the uniform is cute, I don’t regret it at all.」


… Is that so, it’s good if you are able to enjoy the school.


「Besides, because I went to Hirayama high school (Hira High), I can help Alice and we can go to school together. I’m really happy.」


Yuna pats my head while saying this.

My cheeks become red as I get emotional… This is dangerous, I was about to fall in love with my imouto.


「… Thank you, Yuna.」


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3 years ago

Hmm with Alicia’s telepathy and translation magic, tests shouldn’t be hard. I always love it when MCs cheat at life with magic, here’s hoping this one doesn’t fail me! dohoho