Shrine Maiden Ch.16

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 16



When I arrived at home, I changed my clothes to the black spats and a yellow dress that I had purchased. After that, I lay down on my bed while trying to recover from my carsickness. Like that, I fell asleep before I noticed it.


When I awoke, I made my way down to the living room where I saw my mom preparing dinner.

Without saying anything, I threw my body down onto the living room sofa and opened the Alice in Wonderland book that I purchased earlier.


It starts off with a girl named Alice who wanders into wonderland after following a talking white rabbit, her body both grows and shrinks during the adventure and at the end she wakes up from the dream and returns to reality — That’s roughly the story of Alice in Wonderland.


『Such a strange story…』


The unique outlook on the world and characters in the story leave a strong impression on the hearts of children, even now I can easily recall the synopsis of the story.


「It’s an absurd and unjust view of the world, but it’s still fun. The story of Alice has so much charm that it makes you somewhat sad when it returns to reality.」


『… I understand that feeling. Even though I only read it for the first time today, there is a mysterious feeling of nostalgia.』


「Alicia was born in a world similar to the story after all…」


It is a masterpiece.


I had thought about this yesterday, it’s good to be able to talk about your thoughts right after reading the story…

Yuna also occasionally talks about things we both find interesting, but it’s usually only on a whim.


While I was thinking about that, there was a noise at the door.

I stood up and made my way to the entrance, where a person is present as I expected.

It was a tall figure wearing a suit, the appearance was no different from my memory — It was my father, Kisaragi Ikuo.




I ran over to my father.

Seeing my appearance my father was startled for a moment,


「… Are you Ikutari?」


And asks me that.


「I am, welcome home dad.」


「I’m home — You also came home as well. However, even though I heard the story from your mother, you’ve become quite small, you…」


While saying that, my father bends down and roughly pats my head.

I’m being treated like a small child.


… I should have been taller than my father.


When I had entered high school I had already exceeded his height, at that time, he was away on a long business trip abroad.

So, the next time I saw him I was looking forward to telling him that, but that opportunity never came, my body has become that of a little girl.


「Anata, welcome home.」(TN: An affectionate way of saying you. Said by Yukiko.)


「Papa is back!」


Yuna and mom came into the entrance.


「Ou, I’m home. The two of you haven’t changed… Did Yuna grow a lot?」


「Ehehe, that’s right!」


With both hands on her waist, Yuna puffed out her chest while answering. The result of that was emphasizing the changes to him.


「… Dad, that’s harassment. Yuna, you also shouldn’t respond like that.」


「This is just communication between a parent and child.」


「I also don’t mind it.」


I sighed. I’m not wrong… I think.


『Ikuto-san, may I also greet him?』


Alicia asks me.


『That’s fine.』


I added my father to the telepathy magic.


『Nice to meet you, father.』 (TN: This is said super respectfully.)


Alicia gives her greeting.

I match my movements to those that I think Alicia would do and turn to my father.


『I am Alicia. I’m very indebted to your son, Ikuto-san. I think that I have created a lot of worry in your family with what happened. I’m sorry.』


I (Alicia) lowered my head.


「No, I heard that my son was able to come back safely thanks to you. I wish to express my gratitude for that, there is no reason for you to apologize. I am Ikutari’s father, Kisaragi Ikuo. Also for my son, please treat him well in the future.」


My father says so with a serious attitude that he rarely shows those in his family, and lowers his head.


『Likewise, please treat me well.』


「… Oh my, that was a stiff introduction. Is Alicia-chan okay?」


『Ah, yes!』


「I heard the details from my wife. Thank you for everything you did for Ikutari, best regards.」


My father returns to his usual expression and holds out his hand to me (Alicia).

I (Alicia) grasped his hand while being slightly perplexed. The hand is big and rugged — it’s a father’s hand.


「Well then, let’s move to the living room to talk. I’ll make tea.」


Following what mom said, we move to the living room.

Dad was going back to his room to put away his luggage, so me and Yuna sat down at the dining table to wait.

In the meantime, mom prepared tea for everyone.


Once dad arrives, we all start having our tea without talking.

I reach out to the wrapped chocolate in the middle of the table and unwrap it, putting a piece in my mouth. I can hear Alicia’s voice when the nostalgic sweetness hits my tongue.


『What is this, it’s so good! It’s so sweet in my mouth… Ha… I’m so happy.』


『This candy is called chocolate. Do you like it?』


『Yes! I love how sweet it is!』


I wonder if I’ve gained Alicia’s sense of taste as I feel that sweet things taste better than before. While thinking about it, I take another piece of chocolate out of the wrapping.


Dad was looking at me with a strange expression.


『Ah-. Ah-. Test, test… Fumu, it seems like I can also talk like this.』


Dad is apparently interested in using the telepathy.


『So this is telepathy. I heard about it during your story, but it really is interesting. Ikutari, what is the effective range on it?』


『When I normally use it, it’s around 5m… However, if you can see the other person it can reach up to 20m.』


『Fumu, so it’s possibly based on direction… This is getting more and more interesting.』


『Being able to talk while drinking tea is also very convenient!』


『Ah, that’s right.』


『… Yuna, try not to talk so much while eating. It isn’t good manners.』


『… Yeess.』


Yuna shrugs her shoulders.

We spent some time chatting with such a feeling.


「… Well then. Shall we talk about what we will do in the future?」


When we had all finished our tea, my dad turned to me and started talking.


「Ikutari, you have two choices — You can either live as a Kisaragi, or you can live as a completely different person.」

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