Shrine Maiden Ch.15

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 15

Shopping (Part 4)


After we finished eating, we decided to split up to do our own things.

Mom and Yuna went to buy ingredients for dinner while, in the meantime, I went to the bookstore.

Mom gave me a Yukichi-san to spend on whatever I wanted.  (TN: Refers to the 10,000 yen bill with Fukuzawa Yukichi on it.)

I was told that it was my birthday present from when I was in the other world.


『Books! Books! It’s books! It’s full of books…! Wonderful…. It’s wonderful!』


As we entered the bookstore, Alicia’s excitement hit its max. Even I can’t hide my excitement after such a long absence.


「I will do this seriously…」


I pick up a shopping basket and use a small amount of strength enhancement magic.


Firstly, I check for new releases of the manga and novels I’m following.

As soon as I find something that was released in the past year I place it in the basket.


「This and this… Oh, the new Hunter X Hunter book is out! Also, the guardian of the fallen country!?」


『All these books are colorful with beautiful binding! The stories are expressed in pictures and words. To be able to make such a thing… Moreover, there are so many of them!』


The bookstore after being gone for a year was a goldmine.

Numerous other eye catching works were found in addition to the books I was already following.


「The novel of the anime we watched yesterday was also made into a manga. I have to buy it!」


The basket increased in weight with each book I added to it.

However, for the me who used magic to increase my strength, it’s nothing!


「Uu… I can’t reach the top of this bookshelf.」


Alicia’s body was a head shorter than mine. I can no longer reach the upper row of the bookshelf that I used to be able to.


「Ouch, what should I do…. Ah.」


I noticed that there was a small stepladder to the side of the bookshelf. I should be fine using this. I moved the stepladder in front of the bookshelf and climbed up it.


… Umm, how many volumes of this did I have?


While on the stepladder, I noticed that my surroundings were strangely noisy and turned around.

Apparently, everyone was looking at me, but, when I turned around they averted their gaze.




I jumped off the stepladder while holding down my skirt.

I had completely forgotten that I was currently wearing one.


… Uu, it’s been exposed.


『… I’m sorry, Alicia.』


I apologize to Alicia. It was depressing.


『I would have done the same thing… It can’t be helped that it was seen. From now on, let’s be careful!』


『… Yeah.』


However, how should I get books from the top shelf.


While thinking that, I suddenly hear a voice.


「Customer, can I get something for you?」


It was the voice of a clerk working for the bookstore. She appeared to be a high school student working part time. She was slender and tall. The long raven-black hair held up in a ponytail was impressive.


「Umm… Well then, could you please grab me that book.」


「『Love shines』right? Which volume do you want?」


「That is… I’m not sure which volumes I need. The last one I bought was around a year ago.」


「In that case, volume 13, volume 12, and volume 11 would probably be what you’re looking for.」


The clerk stands on her tiptoes a little and grabs the manga.


「Yeah, I wouldn’t know just from the covers…」


「It’s fine to remove the shrink wrap.」


「Eh… Are you sure it’s okay?」


「I don’t mind it.」


The clerk removes the vinyl easily with one hand and presented the contents to me. I quickly flip through it.


「I remember reading this story. Sorry, it seems like I have this volume.」


「No, no, it’s fine. Do you want to check the next volume as well?」


「It should be fine since I remember the pull of the next volume. Which of the heroine does the main character choose, the previous volume ended with that question.」


「To not know how it continues. I envy you, I want to forget what happened and read it again.」


「I understand that feeling.」


『I also understand it!』


Alicia also agrees in my head.


「Well then, please call my over if you have any other troubles.」


『「Thank you for your help!」』


「No, no.」


I lower my head to the clerk as she leaves.


… Well, it seems like I will run out of my war funds soon.


Also, I feel like I’m attracting too much attention.

A silver haired girl easily holding a basket full of manga and novels in one hand while talking to herself while walking around the store. Along with the incident on the ladder.

Objectively looking at it…. It’s not something you would normally see.

I don’t want to stand out any more, I should quickly go and buy these then go and join my mom.


However, before that.


『Is there any book that Alicia wants?』


『… Me?』


『It’s not a problem, I want to give you something. What kind of book do you want to read?』


『I’m fine with any kind of book… But if you’ll let me, I’d like to read history books and maps of this country.』


『Well, we don’t even have to bother ourselves buying something like that since I guarantee it will be in the textbooks at home… What else?』


『… If that’s the case, I’d like to read that story about the girl named Alice that Ikuto-san talked about during our journey.』


『I see. That’s Alice in Wonderland.』


『Yes, that’s it. It was a strange story, but entertaining… Does Ikuto-san already have it?』


『I used to have it, but I don’t know where it is now… yeah, I’ll buy it for you as a present.』


I looked for the book in the paperback section. There was both the original version and the translated version, looking at them it seemed that Alicia was able to read both. Language comprehension magic is amazing.

I decided to buy the translated version since both are fine. The reason being that I can’t read English.


I put the book in the basket and lined up at the checkout.


『Thank you, Ikuto-san!』


I felt a little guilty seeing Alicia so happy and thankful towards me.

Since the gift was bought with my parents’ money.


I want to work part-time soon, so that I can buy Alicia a gift with my own money… However, I can’t say whether I will be able to get a part-time job in my current state.


I received 2 large bags full of books while receiving worried looks from the clerk at the checkout and made my way towards the parking lot in a good mood while waiting for mom and Yuna.


I was unable to endure the wait while in the car and took out one of the manga I bought, causing me to get car sick.


The former me would have been fine with just this much…


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